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4 kittens

The air was brisk this morning

Posted on 2010.10.03 at 20:15
 Hawaiian Punch calls Jammies 'Mama'. Not the way some toddlers start off by calling all care-takers Mama; this is exclusively for him. It's rather sweet; if he walks by with his attention elsewhere, she holds out her arms and scampers after him, calling Mama! Mama!  (Even if I was holding her.  Sometimes her preference for him can be pretty blunt.)

On Wednesday I'm getting all my hair cut off.  I'm excited.  For a while I was very nervous and kept putting this off.  My fears were:
1. Showing up in my daily grind and getting fawned over,
2. Not having any way to pull it into a pony-tail if it looks terrible, and
3. Giving up something to hide behind.

But eventually you get bored of your fears, don't you? Anyway, here are the rejoinders:
1. What? I love being fawned over. And let's be real: no one ever notices anyone else's haircut, particularly. We all anticipate fawning that doesn't ever quite come to pass.
2.  Embrace the surprise. Cowlicks ahoy.
3. If I'm always pulling my hair back in a ponytail, I'm not really hiding behind it, am I?

Also next weekend is the Austin City Limits music festival, and it seems lovely to be outside with short hair. So Wednesday it is.

In my mind's eye I will be able to brush it into a Brian Williams style conservative accountant style:

but who am I kidding? I have thick, coarse hair with cowlicks.  But a girl can dream.  This girl dreams of the conservative male haircut, and how deliciously stylish it would be.

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