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Mud Thrown Is Ground Lost

Posted on 2014.01.20 at 18:16
I am camping at Bastrop State Park, in little cabins built by the CCC during the Depression. The stone fireplaces have saying: "A Clever Man Is Good, But Not The Best" and "The Beautiful is as Useful as the Useful" and other charming things. To wit:

January 20, 2014 (6)

There were terrible fires here about two and a half years ago. My colleague's house burnt down. A great deal of effort was put into saving these cabins. So there are about twenty yards of green pine trees surrounding these cabins. Beyond that, the fire line is visible from our camping chairs.

When we walked to the playground, it was post-apocalyptic:

January 20, 2014 (8)

There were plaques in the cabins with the history, including the phrase "By staying in this cabin, you are fulfilling FDR's dream of a life of leisure through outdoor recreation." I believe someone included that just to fuck with conservative Texans, which pleases me.

I feel like I'm committing an injustice by insufficiently documenting Ace, who is such a thorough pleasure. She is smiley. They say so at daycare: "She is always happy!" She is good at imitating. You roll the car and she'll roll the car. You hold her shoes, and use them to clap, and she'll hold the shoes and use them to clap. She is cuddly.

January 20, 2014 (7)

She had a monstrous cold while we camped. (I just switched tenses, did you see that? I started this entry at the park, but we are now at home.  The truck is unpacked. The clothes are off, the kids are scrubbed, the house is tranquil because of the meditative powers of Disney.) Ace had a monstrous cold, though. She woke up in the morning with a thick snot glaze, which wrinkled when she smiled. Her poor nose was raw from being wiped with the gentlest of damp wipes.

She is at the stage where her cheeks are so full that they bulge below her chinline. She is a bigtime babbler. Various people have asserted that she has said Dada and banana and that she has echoed people's words, but I frankly haven't yet witnessed it.

On to Hawaii: Unexpectedly, I quite enjoy practicing piano with her. There is some squirminess and complaining, but she can also buckle down and concentrate. My rule is we have to accomplish something each time we sit down - she has to struggle and master some detail or part. I don't say this explicitly to her. Usually we spend about ten minutes a day. Maybe more if she's being ornery.

Hawaii is very fond of Mary Poppins and ballet and Victorian-style shows about prissy mice with excessive rules for decorum. I tease, but I can tap into my own love for such things, especially in concert with my favorite four year old.  I look forward to reading The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, etc.

January 20, 2014(3) January 20, 2014 (5) January 20, 2014 (4)

I know Hawaii is my daughter because we both found this hysterical:

January 20, 2014 (9)

A marshmallow roasting another marshmallow! While baby marshmallows frolic on inanimate marshmallows! These were really foul marshmallows, leftover from our last camping trip, which is its own proof that they were pretty gross. They did not roast and tasted too much like peeps, and afterwards there were a bunch of marshmallows missing a single bite.

(This Pokey is a pleasure, too, when he's not being such a goddamn three-year-old. Jammies and I often rub our foreheads and say "How long until he turns four?"  He is fond of forcing our hand whenever we claim there will be a consequence to misbehavior. I loathe enforcing consequences. I will do it, because blah blah good parenting, but what a fucking nuisance.

January 20, 2014 (2) January 20, 2014 (1)

Aside from making me enforce consequences, he is still my sweet boy.)

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