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3 kittens

For salting and peppering.

Posted on 2014.02.15 at 10:12
It is the case that a lurker - Airedale - on Unfogged donated to the Veronica Mars kickstarter campaign at the level to get two tickets to the Hollywood premiere. Which is on March 12. It is also the case that she felt the second ticket ought to be used by someone who loves VM, and offered it up on Unfogged. I hemmed and hawed and debated, and finally declared that it would be ME.

I'm beyond excited. It shall be here:

which is the Mann's Chinese Theatre. Or it's also called Grauman's. The inside looks like so:

When would I ever go to a Hollywood premier of the best TV show that crowdsources funding to its long-awaited movie overnight? Never, holy smokes. (I can't rewatch the series in the next month but by god, I will read all the wikipedia summaries.)

(I tried on some of my dresses last night.  My back is a few inches broader than it used to be, and nothing fits.  From Crossfit, presumably. This is discouraging, since I already have the damned suspicion that I look like a linebacker. Maybe I can find an excellent pantsuit.)

Sartorial choices aside, I could not be more bonkers-thrilled. I will photograph it silly. There is an after-party, featuring at least parts of the cast.  Such an asymmetric way to meet a person - I might say that I adored the movie, and they will be gracious, and fin.  I won't tell them about my new method for assigning participation credit in my Introduction of Proofs class, nor about the wee Geebies, nor Jammies' new perm. (What? Stay tuned!)

What if the movie sucks? Will the chinoiserie, fancy pantsuit, and gracious company of Airedale, and the Hollywood sign render me unable to tell the difference? Maybe. I'm very gullible. That night alone, I'll pretend the cast are my friends and use the friend-metric instead of the real metric for judgement. (Whenever I show my parents a creative thing I've done, they use their real yardstick and they honestly tell me that it needs a lot of improvement. I get hyper-sensitive and huffy and heartbroken, in return. They kindly respond, "But didn't you want to know the truth?" At this point I'm usually too upset to contemplate explaining that no, I never want the truth. Nevernever.)  The next day I will revise my opinion, using the real metric as reality resumes. Because they are professionals who can handle it. And they don't actually read my blog.


Jammies returned, and balance resumed, and I found colors in the sky and cheek-apples of the saucy wee Geebikins.

Last night, we sat in our new-ish plastic Adirondack chairs and ate pizza on the deck. The bats swarmed up from the trees as the sun set.  The swarm gave a sense of altitude to the sky above, if you see what I mean.  Like snowflakes or dust in the sunlight - it's always awesome when you have a visual representation of the stuff of the air. Texture.

For Valentine's day, I got Jammies this unicorn:

Feb 15, 2014 (6)

It's quite heavy and beautiful.  Jammies got himself this perm:

Feb 15, 2014 (14)

Not for Valentine's day so much as just because. I for one find it rad.

For my birthday, I went to estate sales. Besides the unicorn, here are some other treasures from that day:

Feb 15, 2014 (7) Feb 15, 2014 (8)

Little metal bowl and kiddush cup for the prayers I'd never say. But it's pretty. And perhaps nice to have available, if I ever need a hail mary.

Feb 15, 2014 (4) Feb 15, 2014 (5)

Metal trashcan and assorted napkins.

Feb 15, 2014 (2) Feb 15, 2014 (3)

Winter coat for Jammies. Note toggle buttons. Also swanky clothes hangers, which makes me question my decision to show you every last purchase. Who cares about swanky coat hangers? (Answer: one cannot start questioning "who cares?" on one's personal blog, lest the spectre of narcissism prevent one from ever posting again. No one cares, but who cares.)

  Feb 15, 2014 (1) Feb 15, 2014 (11)

Banana leaf basket for holding, coasters for coasting.

Feb 15, 2014 (10) Feb 15, 2014 (9)

Wooden shakers for salting and peppering.  Blankets for cozying.

I actually refrained from photographing some jewelry and sweaters, because enough is enough. I should also note, while counting my blessings, that Jammies gave me an iPad cover for Valentine's day, to cover the iPad that he got me for my birthday. The kiddush cup metaphorically runneth over, if not in practice.


panisdead at 2014-02-15 18:57 (UTC) (Link)
WAIT, I LOVE VERONICA MARS TOOOOOOOOOOO. You have to hug her for me! And then get arrested for harassment for me too!
heebie_geebie at 2014-02-17 01:43 (UTC) (Link)
Abso-fucking-lootely. I'll bring you a lock of her hair.
(Anonymous) at 2014-02-18 01:46 (UTC) (Link)
Bring me back Logan. Circa 2005. Thanks! -- oudie
heebie_geebie at 2014-02-23 14:10 (UTC) (Link)
Oh my yes.
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