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3 kittens

Keep it short

Posted on 2014.04.19 at 10:23
Good riddance to this fucking week. I can't remember when I've been so ill. Hokey Pokey got a cough and felt awful for a day. Hawaii and Ace seemed to catch it, but barely. I spent the week completely knocked out. I did not get out of bed from after work on Wednesday until Friday (except I did, but I didn't want to.)

Monday and Tuesday were probably the worst. I wanted to stay in bed, but my Official Administrative Program had its external site review, where people from other universities come to visit for two days and learn your program inside and out, and give you feedback.  The site reviewer was very nice and I enjoyed her, but I also felt like the shit end of a stick.

Other times I coughed until I threw up. New experiences! I can't remember feeling so completely decimated.

Today Hawaii is five! I have not yet seen her, because Jammies took the big kids camping for the night. Tuesday Ace is one!

The cat just hopped on my lap and smeared poop on my arm. Good times. Better me than the furniture.

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