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It will become a chrysalis and then hatch.

Posted on 2014.05.10 at 15:49
Why do I feel bursting with things to post, bright and mundane? I just do.

The One That Killed a Bear When He Was Only Three

We took Hawaiian Punch to tour the local elementary school, where she'll start kindergarten in the fall.  Is it named after a member of The Stirring Defense of the Alamo, Heebie? Why yes it is!

In the front office, Hawaii and I sat on padded benches, with a fish tank, while administrators looked over our immunization forms, emergency contact information, food and allergy forms, repetitious forms, after school care forms, and so on. I heard the lady place a surreptitious phone call asking someone to verify that our address is indeed within their school district.

I felt ever so mildly fradulent, like I'd been caught sneaking into a wealthier school district than I deserved. (That was exactly the implication. We have an anomalously fancy house in a rather poor neighborhood. Heebieville doesn't have a wealthy side, but this elementary school is considered to be the good one. And the district has this odd little finger which stretches into our poor neighborhood.  There used to be an elementary school a few blocks from our house, but it was shut down for being sufficiently shitty, and our neighborhood is now farmed across town, presumably for economic-evening-out reasons. So the phone call was being placed because our street is far away from the elementary school, and in a poor section, but don't cry for us because we're not representative of the economic struggles of this street.)

Does that mean the elementary school is good? I don't think it means much. They have art once a week, music once every two weeks. They do a lot of worksheets. Recess gets cancelled often, especially to punish kids who have too much energy (which is not Hawaii "I'm going to pick out my clothes for tomorrow before dinner, so that after dinner I'll have more time to play" Punch).  I suspect that their elementary school experience will be extremely similar to what I got thirty years ago. (What I think is that the other elementary schools in town have super high rates of poverty and all the associated problems that accompany super high poverty. Alamo Hero Elementary is more solidly middle class. It's all depressing if you think about it for very long.)

There are five kindergarten classes. The school has an upstairs. Hawaii did look very small in the middle of these relatively giant hallways. She was fairly petrified but also very interested.

It occurs to me that Hawaii will be finishing 11th grade when the last child graduates from this elementary school.  (Assuming we are stationary people. We seem to be.) We will be enrolled in this single, same building with its stucco covered drop-off area and bricks with tiny metal Stars of Texas cut-outs, from the fall of 2014 until the spring of Spring of 2026. There will probably be a new principal and mostly new teachers, and just one or two of the teachers will remember way back in 2014. Hawaii, Hokey Pokey, and Ace will be 17, 15, and 13 years old. I am a touch superstitious about overplanning a kid while they are in utero, because things can easily go so very wrong. But if nothing does, this one will be 11 and graduating from elementary school in merely twelve years. Heebie, you'll be 48 years old.

May 10, 2014 (1)

I'll be 13 years old. Where does the time go.

Squeezing under fences and through culverts

Jammies and I started dating eight years ago.  We had kids five years ago and then got married a little later.  But I think he is now officially a part of me: he has recently started showing up in my dreams. Welcome to my brain, sweetie.

My dreams generally have no people besides me, which probably means I'm a self-centered asshole in real life.  I have big meandering dreams but I never, ever meet anybody, or at most there are people-as-incidental-furniture, who get almost no attention but may cause a plot point. Mostly I dream about elaborate houses and elaborate paths through swamps and woods, vaguely YA-ish.  BUT. Lately Jammies seems to live in these houses with me.  We occasionally discuss the layout of the houses, even.

(Perhaps this would have happened sooner, but when I'm sleep-deprived I stop dreaming very much, and we have a lot of sleep deprivation in our lives.)

I do hope he's right.

Hokey Pokey is newly full of elaborate theories on life.  He painted a flower pot containing a marigold for me, for Mother's Day. "It will become a chrysalis," he explained, "and then it will hatch out of its shell." It's the kind of theory where we follow up with questions, trying to get him to contradict himself, but the theory becomes fractal-like and repetitive and we let him keep it, in the end.

May 10, 2014 (5)

"All cookers live together," he said, and by cookers he means chefs, "they live in the same house together, because they're cookers, and then they go to work." We all nodded. Hawaii said, "What about the cookers in Spain? How could they live in the same house?" Hokey Pokey fumbled and said there'd be a Spain cooker house but reasserted that all cookers live together, and the basic problem is that Spain doesn't mean much to him.

Calculus II Has Been Graded

Yesterday ten Heebie U students and I went to SeaWorld.

May 10, 2014 (2)

I parked myself in Rosita's Cafe and graded Calculus II tests for five hours, with a Sesame Street music in the background. I could see roller coasters through the window:

May 10, 2014 (3)

It poured off and on, particularly when it was time to meet the students at the gift shop near the entrance. My feet turned brown from my sandals, wet in ankle-deep rivers of run-off.  Cracking lightening so close that you feel uneasy carrying your metal umbrella. I guess it was better than taking the students camping last year at 8 months pregnant, but that's a low bar.  (Fortunately I will be handing off this administrative program! Someone else can take these students on outings and nurture their intellect!)

For Mother's Day I bought myself this, to hang on the wall:

May 10, 2014 (4)

I also got a marigold from Hokey Pokey. I'll find out on Official Mother's Day what other goodies I scored.

Today I had to go to a baccalaureate preachy sermon thing this morning, and then I have graduation tonight. Right now Jammies has the kids at a mammoth four hour birthday party, thrown by some masochistic parent for their three year old. PSA: birthday parties should be two hours, max.


puzzlement at 2014-05-11 22:40 (UTC) (Link)
Happy Mother's Day.

I love kid-projection arithmetic! Assuming we stay in NSW, V starts school in January 2015 (in the US, he'd have to wait until September) which he is not looking forward to. A starts in January 2019. (Actually, as with all children with birthdays in January to July inclusive, technically we could choose to wait an additional year. But we won't.) They graduate high school in 2027 and 2031. The latter is the year I turn 50.

Ace is so big! It took me a re-read to work out that it wasn't an inexplicably old photo of Hawaii (although in that photo, I think she looks more like Pokey).
heebie_geebie at 2014-05-17 13:08 (UTC) (Link)
ME TOO. When the last one graduates high school, I'll be 54 years old, and it will be 2033. I often daydream just putting events from the past in chronological order.
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