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The most convenient messaging device available

Posted on 2014.06.21 at 17:17
Each summer I like to have a project. I think my project this year is sloth. I'm vastly underscheduled. It's a defensive reflex, recovering from the end of the school year, but I should probably get with the program, since it's been a solid month. But it's so goddamned lovely. On Friday, I planned meals for my parents' visit and went grocery shopping, and only that seemed like a reasonable amount of structured work. I had a lovely day.

I do have a real project - remember my grandmother's memoir? I am now blogging it biweekly. However, her name is very similar to my real name, so I'm keeping my firewall intact. (If you'd like the url, leave a comment. I'm happy to share it over email.)

My plan had been to start my sabbatical early.  Math sounded exciting and engaging, from the point of view of the end of the semester. "I'll read a bunch of papers, and tinker around with some ideas, and start my sabbatical already running," I naively predicted. I mused that perhaps I should have chosen a career path involving more research.

And the big answer is: nope! I have picked up math exactly twice in the past month. I am not pulled to it. Occasionally my mild sense of obligation pushes me into it. Teaching, with it's schedule and format, is actually a good choice for me for the exact same reasons it was a good choice eight years ago. after all. What a nice outcome for a sabbatical: to confirm my life choices.

I'll have to do something, because I have to account for the semester, although "see, I made a baby" probably gives me some slack. For this moment, though, I'm taking lots of naps.

Being well-rested is the best.

Hokey Pokey has a tendency to shriek "I NEED A WET NAPKIN!", horrified, when his hands are sticky. (Our kids detest having sticky hands.)

But when he hasn't been eating, we're not sure why his hands are so sticky. "Let me see your hands, what's up?" we say. When he shows us, they are covered with little sugar crystals: we put the sugar on a lower shelf in our New York Style Apartment, and he has discovered he can plunge his entire hand into a vat of pure sugar and lick it off.  When he has had enough, he shrieks in horror that his hands are sticky.  (So we moved the sugar.)

It's his cheese.

My parents are arriving tonight. I left a message with them, to double-check they weren't renting a car. Here's how my mom responded - she logged into Travelocity, and re-sent their flight itinerary to my email account, and in the little box where you can include a message, she wrote "Hi, No car rental. Will phone/text if delays. Looking forward :) Hugs, Mom"

I laughed (out loud, even) because:

1) sure, why not use the itinerary message box of Travelocity as the most convenient messaging device available in the year 2014. I can't think of a better way to get in touch.

2) See, Mom writes messages as though she's being charged by the character. The best was when I went to college, and she would leave messages conserving the number of words uttered. But not elapsed time. Nice long pauses, while she mentally shortened each sentence to its barest form. "Hi Heebie.....Mom....Out Thurs, call Fri?" Who actually utters "Thurs" and "Fri"?  (Oh mothers! what the dickens.)

Part of me is masochistically curious to find out what my children will mock me for, in a decade. The dorky way I open my eyes too wide when I'm sizing up a situation? I got mocked for that, once.


(Anonymous) at 2014-06-22 15:35 (UTC) (Link)
" sure, why not use the itinerary message box of Travelocity as the most convenient messaging device available in the year 2014."

This is awesome.
heebie_geebie at 2014-06-24 02:44 (UTC) (Link)
It cracks me up!
"my work is loving the world"
sun_set_bravely at 2014-06-24 00:18 (UTC) (Link)
Your mom's message reminds me of the old days when we'd avoid paying for collect calls by saying the pertinent message as our name when prompted, or leaving the phone number where they could call you back.

I'd love to read your grandmother's memoir -- she sounds like a fabulous gal.
heebie_geebie at 2014-06-24 02:45 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I do remember that "Hi, it's pickmeupatthegrocerystoreinten" trick. Heh.

Hooray! I'll email you the link.
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