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Fourteen! Fourteen! Fourteen tigers!

Posted on 2014.11.23 at 20:31
I've got two simultaneous feelings:
1. My ducks are all in a row. All the babies are born. All the house renovations are complete. The weather is cool and bright. Vhat utter contentment, quoth my inner Eastern European.

2. Oh god, what have we done. (Rascal hasn't exactly made this worse. It's more how I feel when the big kids are stampeding around like a herd of whooping orangutans. You kids are harshing my mellow.)(You kids are harshing my ability to form a coherent metaphor.)

I will write out the details of Rascal's birth, but not in this entry. This entry is for catch-up and snapshot observations. (Such as: why on earth do we have family rules like "no tongue high-fives" and "no putting Legos in your underpants"? Obviously these kinds of gross rules are common to all families, happy or unhappy. But good grief.)


We are reading My Father's Dragon during storytime, (which I highly recommend). At one point, Elmer Elevator found himself in a clearing, surrounded by fourteen bright eyes. I asked Hawaiian Punch how many tigers there were.

She did great, concentrating and asking me to hold up fingers, and pairing them off. She sat and thought and tinkered with my fingers and hers for a few minutes.

Through the whole thing, Hokey Pokey was excitedly saying, "I know! I know how many tigers!" The first time, I actually looked at him in surprise. Perhaps he knows! "How many?" I asked. "FOURTEEN!" he squealed. "Fourteen! Fourteen!"

And then he wouldn't shut up, while Hawaii was concentrating as hard as she could, keeping track of pairs of fingers. "Fourteen! Fourteen! Fourteen tigers! Fourteen! I know, it's fourteen!"

"Can he please be quiet?" asked Hawaii, sounding like a tired parent. Eventually she kept track of her units - fingers represent eyes, pairs of fingers represent tigers - and correctly counted out seven tigers. I was proud of her and amused by the whole situation. Anyway, My Father's Dragon is great.


One night at the hospital, our nurse was all of maybe 24 years old, in contrast to most of our grandmotherly nurses. She was very sweet but very rigid about rules. She asked me, "Did you sign the form to get the DTAP and flu vaccines?"

I said, "Yes, I'd like the flu vaccine. But not DTAP - I got that vaccine when our last baby was born, a year and a half ago."

She said, "It's standard procedure to give the DTAP vaccine with all births."
I said, "The other one is still good. I only got it nineteen months ago."
But she would not budge. In theory, the DTAP vaccine was my choice, but etiquette-wise it was fast becoming rudely confrontational for me to decline.

So I got re-vaccinated. That whooping cough will be positively repulsed by me.  My arm is really sore now.


How is Ace with the new baby? She points at him and pronounces "Baby!" triumphantly.  It makes me think that she may have actually realized what we were trying to tell her, back when she would point at my belly and say, "Baby!" in agreement with us.

Sometimes when Rascal is nursing, Ace comes over and says, "Baby all done. Baby all done," and points at his chair. So she makes her opinions known.

It looks like we dropped the baby in an anthill:

November 23, 2014 (1)

but that is just good old-fashioned newborn rash.

I am so happy and content to be on this side of life, not pregnant and home with a healthy baby. (What have we done.)


rebeccastob at 2014-11-24 14:25 (UTC) (Link)
Ugh that DTap story gives me all the feels and flashback to my own hospital experiences. With M it really felt like being in jail - I felt fantastic after having him and he was fine - all I wanted to do was go home that day by I got some bullshit runaround that kept me there over night. I'd like to think I would have made a federal case with your nurse if it happened to me about informed consent etc but the conditioning about going along with medical professionals is strong. And to be honest an extra DTap here or there sounds like better public policy than an extra C-Section.

I honestly can't imagine having 4 children and being sane! But of course my baby daddy thinks getting engaged to much younger women from other countries is a good idea so that might be part of it!
heebie_geebie at 2014-11-30 17:25 (UTC) (Link)
I generally haven't minded the hospital - being brought food and told to watch TV or play online is great with me! But I'm usually over it by the time it's time to go home. I think this nurse was just green. But it is still ridiculous. (But minor, as you say. Nothing like getting an unnecessary c-section or something, which would be nuts.)

Right now things still feel sane. Ask me again when I go back to work, though.

Ex got engaged to a much younger woman? Sheesh. Do you like her?
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