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4 kittens

Kissed a boy but no one cried.

Posted on 2014.12.20 at 13:24
Last time we chatted, Jammies was receiving berating yells in Korea, while I was parenting a five, four, one and a half, and a newborn. Actually, while Jammies was gone, the baby aged from three weeks to four weeks, so things matured.

Weirdly enough, this week kind of built my confidence. I have four children, like a boss. More importantly, the week is over!

Hawaii and Pokey wrapped up their soccer seasons:

December 20, 2014 (4) December 20, 2014 (3)

They each got tiny, out-of-focus trophies from across the gym. (I had to super-zoom to crop the other kids out.) They both played great and I fawned over them.

We celebrated taco cababanakkah:

December 20, 2014 (5)

which might be a new yearly tradition. Fiesta of lights, the miracle of gilt.

For the second time, Hawaii got in trouble for kissing a boy at school. She kissed him on the hand. Jammies and I kept strict poker faces and only snickered a little, dicreetly, off to the side.

Hawaii's class had a Christmas book exchange (at public school, no xmas war here), with the explicit instructions that "Boys bring in a boy book, girls bring in a girl book." I got pissy and emailed the teacher over that one.

Ace started peeing in the potty. They discovered it at daycare and we're all terribly excited.

** ** **

Meanwhile, my parents visited Madison. With my aunt and uncle, they set about devouring Grandma's old files and papers. They discovered a 3" stack of love letters from M. Aaron and my grandmother, written while he is still married to the first Beatrix.  So that settles one question - did the second Beatrix, my grandmother, know about the first Beatrix? Emphatically yes.

Lightening bolts have struck them both to their core, and they are powerless against the force.  They are in graduate school together. Much "I long to hold you in my arms again" and "oh darling, if only for an hour" and even a little "can you ditch your wife for a little bit on some fool's errand so we can hang out?" and "she must get the car when you guys split up. It'll be rocky, financially, but we'll darn our own socks and it will make us love each other even more." Those last two are paraphrased.

Then seventy-five years passed, and Grandma suffered what everyone thought was a heart attack, but was actually a brief, strange episode of sky-rocketing blood pressure. But she is still weak and recuperating. Afterwards, my uncle wrote this, in an email:
I want to tell you again what Mom said to me, because it was such a departure from anything she has said before:  "Rickey, when you were little you were afraid of dying. I told you that this wouldn't happen for a long long long time. Well, its been a long long long time for me." She said this with a quite peaceful, calm expression. We chatted and joked around. I asked her if she had any physical discomfort. She said that the only thing was that her right shoulder was cold, so I tucked her in. "There, how's that? Anything else you'd like to change?" She grinned at me: "I'd like to be young again."  I'll visit her in the morning and again the afternoon tomorrow and let you know how things are, but I think things will be fine now.

which makes me cry. Yes, yes, it's a terrible violation to quote someone wholesale without their permission and broadcast it on the whole web. But the rules are suspended if it makes you cry.

** ** **

Now we're in Denver:

December 20, 2014 (7) December 20, 2014 (6)

Will I write about my children equally? Hokey Pokey had his first trip to the dentist. I certainly wrote about Hawaii's first trip, possibly because she had four cavities. Would I bother to document Pokey's first visit if I weren't simultaneously musing about fairness? Everything is new when Hawaii does it.

Everything that happens to Rascal is the last time ever, and if I don't document it, maybe it gets lost forever and never recorded. Like Jammies, reclining with Rascal, cooing "Tummy-to-tummy time! Tummy-to-tummy time!" It's a fond memory, and I can swap out any of the Geeblets interchangeably.  He also admonishes, "Don't be cross-eyed!" when the newborn is still trying to get their focus straightened out. That is pretty much over.

Rascal: his baby acne is so intense that he leaves face dandruff all over my sweater. I claimed he didn't spit up, but I was wrong. He spits up all the time, like the rest did.

December 20, 2014 (9) December 20, 2014 (8)

Baby, that skin is ridiculous.

Sometimes Rascal looks like Obi Wan Kenobi:

December 20, 2014 (1)

and sometimes like the Dalai Lama:

December 20, 2014 (2)

Merry Cabanakkah, and to all a good night.


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2014-12-20 23:04 (UTC) (Link)


Why Denver?

I am jealous of snow.

That is one seriously adorable baby.
heebie_geebie at 2015-01-03 18:24 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Denver?

Denver ostensibly to save us travel distance over Montana, since plans were being formed when Rascal's birth was in the future. Of course, if you really want to make travel easy, they could have come to Texas, but I kept that thought to myself, and Colorado really is a lot prettier than Texas. Plus Jammies' family all like skiing and snowboarding and that kind of thing.
rebeccastob at 2014-12-21 01:30 (UTC) (Link)
Wow 4 kids like a boss! I like the taco thing - my new holiday tradition is listening to Dirty Projectors, Vampire Weekend and Handsome Furs on vinyl as "holiday music" . I don't document anything about either of my kids except what I put on Facebook so that's pretty fair!
heebie_geebie at 2015-01-03 18:25 (UTC) (Link)
That's a lovely tradition. I heartily approve. And I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.
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