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Posted on 2015.04.12 at 11:32
This next week is the Long Beach Grand Prix, which sounds like fun except I'll be home with the kids, instead of in Long Beach with Jammies.  (But he'll be home on Saturday!)

We had Hawaii's 6th birthday party yesterday.  We invited her whole class of 18 students and exactly 2 showed up. We ensured that our own friends and their kids would show up, instead. It was my favorite kid party to date.

"I'm so very nearly six."

I'm...at a loss for posting, oddly enough. I suppose I didn't jot things down this week. Just now I had this conversation with Pokey:

Pokey: Stop hugging me!  [while climbing all over my lap]
Me: But you're so squeezable!
Pokey: No. I'm hard-able.

...but that's about it.  The birthday party pictures are on Jammies' camera. I mildly sprained my ankle coming out of a handstand.

I went to a conference on Friday and learned that my friend's husband is a cranky jerk, which was a surprise.

"Hello, I'm unforgiveably ugly carpet."

I've been facebook friends with the spouse for six years. He posts a lot and I don't, so he has no idea who I am. Which, now that I realize he's a cranky jerk, is just fine with me.

He was adversarial during my talk, and I got the best of him. I'm so pleased. When it was time for Q&A, he said, "Can you go back to the slide with the Analysis Questions?" and it set off my spidy sense. He said it like he was about to deliver a blow.

But I'm great at public speaking! That's what I do for a living! So as I was clicking backwards, I joked to the audience, "Uh-oh, I feel like I'm about to get in trouble...hopefully it's just a typo."

Then he pointed out my error, which was real but tangential to the topic at hand. It was not a kind-mannered, "Hey be sure to fix this before you give this talk again!" but an accusatory "Hey, you'd better not be telling your students that error-riddled math." I thanked him for correcting me, and reassured him that in class, we do take care to handle the material correctly.

Then I declared, "Let's all call that a typo!" and the audience chuckled and I felt victorious. (His wife winked at me when I said that.)

I found the hotel furniture charming. Especially that green
tweed couch. Maybewhat I want is hospital furniture - I bet it's
durable, easy to wipe down, naturally looks dated.

Later that day, I went to a friend's talk.   As I walked in, my friend Jason was answering questions and appeared to be wrapping things up. An audience member explained "The previous speaker didn't show up, so the moderator asked Jason to move up a slot."

The moderator is, of course, an idiot, because now a stream of people were entering at the scheduled time, hoping to see Jason's talk, and Jason had given the talk to a group who had stuck around to be polite, but hadn't necessarily wanted to see it.

Someone suggested that Jason give the talk again. Knowing Jason to be a nice guy, I suspected this would in fact happen.

Then the cranky spouse arrived, and someone explained the situation. He threw a mini-tantrum and stormed out, without waiting to see if Jason would give the talk again. What a cranky sourpuss! Wow.

(Jason gave the talk again. He is a very nice guy.)

"My mom's friend's spouse acts like I do, but it's age-appropriate for me because I'm almost two."

(It should be noted that Ace has recently transitioned from Easy to Difficult. She can now be a fragile sourpuss for hours on end.)

"I'm now the easy one."

One of the daily daycare slips we got for Rascal this week said that he learned the baby sign for "please".  Give me a break. No one is signing "please" at five months old.

(Here's what's going on, and it's stupid and mildly embarrassing: back in February, I came in one day and three or four employees all asked me about being a math professor. It seemed that the paperwork with my profession had become gossip overnight. Since then, they are keen to spot Rascal's genius. "He's so alert and bats at toys! So good." While tut-tutting his lack of core strength. "He's got to be able to hold a bottle by six months," they say, "So we're practicing. But he's not close.")

Also from the conference, which was in San Antonio:

I think it is entirely forgiveable to have a hotel named after Robert E Lee if the hotel is simultaneously advertising that it is air-conditioned. "We're anachronistic! Not making a statement about 2015!" is the only way to handle it.


panisdead at 2015-04-15 02:07 (UTC) (Link)
Holy cow, six?? Happy birthday, kid!
heebie_geebie at 2015-04-19 17:27 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! So big (and so able to sound just like a upscale professional thirty-something when she wants to).
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