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4 kittens

Car of Holes

Posted on 2015.05.17 at 21:46
Greetings from sunny California!

Not very sunny. But too-beautiful-by-half all the same.

We are on a 30-hour micro-vacation to Half Moon Bay. Jammies' good friend is getting married. We left the kids with the babysitter. We paid him a fixed amount, but I can't help translating every hour into an hourly babysitter wage.  I feel disloyal that I did not tell my favorite Bay Area people that we were coming, but such is the nature of micro-vacations.

The cops called at 6 am this morning, Sunday morning and woke us up, in our hotel room in Half Moon Bay. A neighbor saw a suspicious character at our house, the cop said, over the phone. This is, of course, our black male babysitter doing something suspicious like taking the trash to the trashcan in the pouring rain. I'm fairly livid that someone called the cops on him, and we're currently having an odd text message exchange where he is being very self-deprecating and calling me Ma'am and saying things like "The important thing is that the kids are okay" and me saying "They were never in danger! I'm totally furious about this and very sorry about the jackass neighbor."  I can see why he might not be in the mood to engage about structural racism over text messages with his employer, while three amped up kids pester him for breakfast.

We only took Rascal to California:

"I'm on a plane! Tomorrow I'm six months old. How'd that happen!"


Jammies was out of town this past week again. On Monday morning, bright and early, I had all four kids lined up at the door, ready to go to school, when I realized that Jammies' had taken the baby's car seat to the airport.
I had a dark moment where I truly believed I'd be housebound with all four kids for the next four days. "I can't get the carseat," I panicked, "because I can't take the baby to go get the carseat!"

Emerging from that nonsense,  I called and asked a friend to pick up Hawaii for school, and I went into the attic to retrieve an old ancient toddler seat. The kind where the instruction booklet has gotten wet and dried into a solid gluey mess.  Also it was raining. I struggled to get it installed and got very wet.

The whole week, I was very short-tempered and shouted a lot. I was unpleasantly cranky, the kids were amped up, and the whole week was a mess. Bleagh. The novelty of having Jammies out of town has thoroughly worn off after five trips so far this year.  Now it's just a second routine and the cracks are starting to show.

It has rained all spring long. All of these single-parenting weeks, you should imagine pouring rain intermittently the whole time. Also mosquitoes are getting in the car.


We are now home from California. It turns out the college student neighbors called the cops. They heard four gunshots, and then saw our babysitter in the kitchen window, and freaked out and called 911. The cops concluded the students must have heard thunder or something.

The neighbors were appropriately apologetic when they found out that it was the babysitter.  But they also discovered bullet holes in their car door and had the cops come back out.

The college students suspect a specific person. A few months ago, they found some guy in their front yard, wielding a machete. Or hiding the machete behind his back. Or maybe there was an altercation. It's unclear. The college students ended up pressing charges, though, and the guy got sent to jail for a little bit.

The machete-wielder just got out of jail, and lives down the street. So they think he now peppered their car. The cops dismantled the door and retrieved the bullets. Our kids were fascinated. I think I shall spare my parents the story of the time the neighbor's car got shot up and the cops got called on our very gentle, sweet babysitter.


Cute things from Ace:
1. Ace went and stood in her teacher's lap and caressed her face. Ace said, "I YIKE YOUR BWOWN SKIN!" in her shouty, barky voice. Ace kept stroking her face. "It's beautiful! Your bwown skin is beautiful!"  The teacher was very charmed by this story, and rightly so.

2. Later, when Jammies came home, he made a wrinkly face at Ace. She said, "Your forehead is a rainbow!" You know, the forehead wrinkles. Because we're old.


mistersmearcase at 2015-05-19 02:16 (UTC) (Link)
But but but but but
heebie_geebie at 2015-05-19 15:48 (UTC) (Link)
I know. I mean, I think I know.
heebie_geebie at 2015-05-19 15:49 (UTC) (Link)
I almost texted you "I'm having fun carrying a light sweater wherever I go."
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