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Thumbody Loves You

Posted on 2015.06.21 at 21:43
There were no shots fired next door this week, no flooding, no surgery, and no theme parks. Instead there was lice. That was unpleasant. Daycare called, "Pokey has a rash on his neck." So I took him to the doctor, who asked, "Why does daycare care about the rash?" I said, "They only care if it's contagious." She asked, "Has there been lice going around? Or scabies?" I said I didn't know. Then she pointed out a bunch of nits.

That was the worst evening - every inch of me itched and I was on edge, but it was almost worth it for those two photos, Ace sitting with lice shampoo and Pokey getting nitpicked section-by-section, a la Da Brat. By the end of the evening I felt like my lice-eradicating skills had been properly honed.


Both Rascal and Hawaiian Punch are growing teeth in the same spot. Kind of cute. But we could not get a proper photo of Rascal's new teeth:

No teeth visible.

Nope and nope.  Oh well.


On the radio, they mentioned that Egyption President Morsi was sentenced to death. Hawaii and Pokey, the grisly darlings, lit up at the mention of death. We're now having macabre ongoing conversations about methods of execution, and the trial and sentencing, and more generally how some leaders make really bad choices and kill people.


It's father's day, and so it's Jammies' hockey tournament weekend. I lugged the kids to watch him play:

Still don't yet need to put money in the machine to enjoy the game.

This air hockey game is of a menopausal age:

Dance dance dance:

Rattle rattle rattle:

On Wednesday we drive to Florida.   My mom is turning 70 and so we are gathering. Mom said, "What I would like is to gather somewhere not hot."  So we are going to Orlando in June. (Back in January, when this was all being planned, I did not record the jaw-droppingly uncooperative maneuvers leveraged by my siblings. There was actually a moment when the West Coast brother was arguing that they could fly to Denver but not Chicago, and the East Coast brother was arguing that they could fly to Chicago but not Denver.  Because of the extra hour spent hovering in the air.)(Also the West Coast Brother maintained that they could only travel Saturday to Saturday, because of the jet lag and not to disrupt two separate weeks of summer camp, and the East Coast Brother maintained that they could only travel Friday to Sunday, because they could not take a day off work. "We're not taking a day off work for my wife's mother's 70th birthday," they argued fatuously - the mother-in-law lives locally, so why on earth would they take a day off work?)(Argh I'm getting all worked up thinking about this again. I have grave misgivings about this upcoming weekend. This paragraph that should probably be deleted altogether.)


Jammies spent Father's day like this: Leave the house at 5 am to play hockey at 6:45 in San Antonio. Drive to Austin to help set up for his work conference from 9-10. Drive back to San Antonio to play in the championship game at noon. Stop at home and collect me and the kids and go back to Austin to help set up at work some more, and then play in his regular Austin league game at 5.  Come home and have ice cream. To me, that sounds like six hours of driving and three hours of hockey, but if that's what my sweetums wants, then that's what my sweetums is going to get.

He didn't get the last game, because the work set-up ran late. I horsed around with the kids in downtown Austin, with iron Willie Nelson:

Jammies' father's day loot:

THUMBODY LOVES YOU says that tie full of green thumbprints. Plus a homemade banner on the door, and the kids picked up the house while he was at one of his hockey games, and I got him a shirt.

Shut up, I like to wear my pants with one leg through the waist hole.


Don't laugh at my butt.


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2015-06-22 07:18 (UTC) (Link)

For Selfish Reasons

I am glad you did not delete that paragraph.

It is good to know other families are as contentious as my own. (Although to be fair yours does not sound NEARLY as contentious as mine. BUT STILL.)

Lice! That takes me back. My nephews' school got lice not once but twice. My SIL just shaved their heads, though.
heebie_geebie at 2015-06-23 15:06 (UTC) (Link)

Re: For Selfish Reasons

I have no problem with my readers reading about my crazy siblings! The only reason to delete it would be fear that the siblings might someday find this journal. If I remember to, I'll friends-lock this post in a week or two...
violetsnvalium at 2015-06-23 10:52 (UTC) (Link)
Can I make a Hawaii fan club? I think she should be a senator.
heebie_geebie at 2015-06-23 15:07 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, please! And she would very much like to be the boss and decision-maker, so senator would be an excellent fit.
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