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4 kittens

all incrementally older.

Posted on 2015.08.23 at 16:26
E. Messily arrived on Tuesday night. We now have a cat! I call her my rebound cat. I get to see a cat rolling around on the carpet, flitting around corners, without the till-death-do-we-part commitment.

We are all enjoying have a Messily and getting the hang of looking at her when we talk so that she can read our lips. Weirdly, the novelty right now is switching back and forth - when I talk to a hearing person, it seems sort of magical that they can hear around corners. E. somehow understands Ace when Ace talks, which is its own superpower.

E. has been very companionable with the Geeblets:

"The lizards are the doctors, and the moose and elk are the patients," says Pokey. Those are wee leather hinges.

Seeing things through E. Messily's eyes, I'm struck that it takes us a full goddamn hour to get out of the house whenever we get a wild hare to do so.

Pokey art

On the way to Back To School night

Hawaii was futzing with Jammies' phone and getting frustrated.
"Why does it keep going to the black screen?!" she yelled.
"I have it set to go to sleep so that it doesn't drain the battery," Jammies explained.
It was very hard to keep a straight face. Oh yes, that figure of speech "why does the screen go black". That old saying.

Pokey again

We are done with Rascal's old crappy daycare! It was fine. I never feared for his safety. It was just depressing - all these big toys, thick with gray dust, dangling from the dropped ceiling of the warehouse. (I intended to take a photo.) Hard tile floor with occasional rubber mats in the baby room.  Lots of babies crying at any given moment, seemingly more than at the other daycares we've attended. Not explicitly religious, but all the individuals very conservative and religious. Also it was on the other side of town.

Sometimes at the end of the day, the baby and toddler rooms would be combined, and I'd witness the teacher interacting with these tottering 15 month old little space cadets. When they misbehaved, she dove into lengthy explanations: "No, I told you to roll the ball and not throw it. Do you think that I'm the type of person who says something and doesn't mean it? When I tell you there will be consequences, I mean that you have to start listening or else there will be consequences..."  Just take the goddamn ball away. The tyke would be transfixed by the ball, in the teacher's hands as she gestures around. Waiting until he can throw it again. The scene drove me bonkers.

Hawaii starts first grade! Rascal will be a Daffodil, Ace starts being a Buttercup, and Pokey is a Marigold.  We're all incrementally older!

Ace art

Me, at work:

1) I'm free from directing my Awful Administrative Program!  This is mentally clean and simplifying. I found it taxing to have to compartmentalize my workbrain. While the kids are little, I need work to be straightforward. I felt so light and free that I cleaned my desk and labelled an entire bookshelf of notebooks from past semesters.

2) I'm no longer pumping milk! I can open my blinds and let the sun stream in, too. When I had 30 minutes to strip, hook myself up to the milker, drain my udder, package the milk up for the freezer, labelled, and rinse everything out, I ended up just leaving the blinds shut all the time. It was dismal and cave-like. Now I can admire dappled sunlight on a scrappy patch of dirt which is vastly prettier than venetian blinds.

3) Our favorite sign:

Red scrolls! what.  To sum it up:

1. 2. 3.

Ace sometimes asks, "Are we in the twuck? Or the minivan?" I do not understand how she gets confused. They are very different interiors. It's funny, right?

"I kept wiping my hair out of my face while my hands were covered in beans."

The time the shoe went in the toilet

I forgot to document this: when we were at a reststop in New Mexico, Hawaii threw her flip flops up and over a stall door, and one of them landed in the toilet. I fished it out, washed it, and made her put it back on. Thus concludes the dryest re-telling possible of the highlight of Hawaii's summer. I mostly am recording it because Hawaii was so doubled over with laughter and hilarity that I want us to remember that - how she was beside herself with laughter. How she told everyone, upon returning, the highlight of the trip. That part was adorable.

You know how it's so hard to bite a granola bar?

Thank god someone was working on fixing that.


(Anonymous) at 2015-08-23 22:03 (UTC) (Link)

Lecturing a 15 Month Old

I don't know what kind of 15 month olds that lady is used to, but with mine she completely understands the concept of "no" and that if she points at something while going "eh, eh, eh" I will give it to her unless it's on the banned list. Being bad for rolling the ball vs. throwing it is not even remotely a concept that she could grasp. I realize that's the point of your story, but it just boggles my mind how far off that lady is from reality. She might as well have tried to give a lecture on particle physics.

heebie_geebie at 2015-09-02 03:17 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Lecturing a 15 Month Old

I know! It is completely, completely ridiculous and it even looks cartoony in the moment.
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