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4 kittens

The gaping maw of our fridgehole.

Posted on 2015.08.30 at 22:08
1. Hawaii really wanted to see Rascal's new baby classroom. So she and I stopped by. The babies were out for an afternoon stroller ride, and the room was quiet and empty.
Hawaii said, "Can I use a private word? Since there's no one here?"
I said, "Sure."
She threw her arms out and squealed, "This room is so fucking adorable!"  She went over to the baby bookstand and the teeny baby slide, "Look at these little books! They're so fucking cute! This slide!", clutching herself. Really, her mastery of private words is precocious.

Later, I stopped at a gas station. Hawaii unbuckled herself from the third row, stealthily clambored up to my seat, and picked up my diet coke. When I turned around, she grinned and deeply said, "Hey, baby!" (What's the opposite of falsetto? It was that.)  I laughed for a long time. She has been knocking it out of the park this week, I'm so proud. (Also, when she tells the story, she says beer instead of diet coke, which makes the story funny-weird.)

She also has latched on to the words awkward and hilarious, the latter complete with air quotes and an oddly adult lilt: "hi-lair-ious!"  (You've heard it - it's a sing-song pronunciation where you go up an octave for the "lair" and back down a third for "ious". It's much more 30something than 6something.)

2. "The moon is really bright," said Pokey, climbing out of the minivan. I looked around. "Where?" I asked.
Pokey pointed at the sun.
"That's the sun," I told him.

Also he sometimes uses Hawaii's toothbrush, which is a big problem because she throws a fit, and technically she has the moral upper hand, although in the moment I wish she would just use a damp toothbrush fresh from her brother's mouth.  Pokey, in general, is constantly eating other people's food and drinking from their cups and using their toothbrushes, and it makes other people furious. (I secretly understand Pokey very well on this. I mean, their food/drink is right there, being all tempting.)

3. Jammies is out of town AGAIN, although this is the last trip for a while.  But it's much better with E. Messily here. (The joke at the pool party last night was for her to introduce herself as Jammies, and maybe I say "he shaved," as explanation.)

4. I gave Ace some spoiled milk. ("I drank turtle milk!" she says, meaning curdled.) Our refrigerator is not working particularly well. In fact, we already bought a new one. The new one was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday, and so we moved the broken one out onto the porch.

The gaping maw of our fridgehole.

Then the new refrigerator failed to be delivered. So we moved the old, breaking one back inside:

Maybe this coming week will deliver.

5. Oh sure, there is a lot more to say. But I'm terribly exhausted. Having E. Messily as a co-parent meant that instead of an emotionally wringing slog, I genuinely enjoyed 95% of the weekend. That's fabulous. But I'm still super beat.


mistersmearcase at 2015-09-04 06:38 (UTC) (Link)
I would say the opposite of falsetto is chest voice but I'm not sure "opposite" is exactly right.
heebie_geebie at 2015-09-08 02:16 (UTC) (Link)
Comic baritone? It needs to sound fake-y.
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