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4 kittens

Take a day or so to "cool" items down

Posted on 2015.09.07 at 21:12
We're at the beach with a bunch of (wonderful) families.. It's been four years since I was last at a beach, and I sort of forgot how much sand there is. Also we forgot the kids' toothbrushes. But on the whole it's very nice:

The refrigerator in our condo wrote a poem:

It's iambic fridgometer.

The interior decorating of this condo tends towards tactile:

On the right, those are birds and shells glued on the painting. I enjoy textured walls.


Last weekend, Jammies was in Sonoma for a Nascar race. He watched the race with Ludacris. Neither of them let on if they knew who the other one was. Jammies did not snap a stealthy photo. They did not do it in the Georgia Dome, on the fifty yard line, while the dirty bird kicks for three.


Can I go in the sand dunes?

Oh. How'd they get on a humid gulf coast island anyway? This doesn't seem like rattler territory but who's going to press their luck.

Thorn sent this photo to me and said, "Are these your kittens? Is Target stomping all over your tattoos?"

AARGH. How annoying would it be if my tattoos were on trend? Those kittens are not by Clare Turlay Newberry, but they're close. Target had better not get any wise guy ideas.


Things that E. Messily makes:


Hawaii drew the outfit, and E. Messily constructed it. It fits one of those Monster High dolls - those are not Messily's choice of sensible proportions.

2. Messily drew this:

Hawaii looked at it and said, "Is that Hokey Pokey?"   And it was!  Isn't that great?

It turned out to be this:

a game featuring the Geebily household.

3. Messily also made this for Hawaii:

4. And also a black felt dragon for Pokey, who was completely smitten and took it everywhere he went. "Except the beach and the pool," we told him, but it got lost on the beach anyway.  I hadn't even photographed it yet.

(I had a knot in my stomach when we realized it was lost. He'd given it to an adult, and it had fallen out of her pocket. We hunted around on the beach at night, and then again in the morning, but haystacks, needles, etc.  No more Toothless the Dragon.)

5. A thing that happens commonly: Hawaii or Pokey needs my attention - "Mama!" - while I'm talking to another adult, and so I ask them to wait for a moment. (Right, all kids do this.) They wait for ten seconds and try again, and I defer again. And then we do it a third time, ten seconds later again, and finally they lose their shit and get mad.  Of course, it's been thirty seconds total, so I never did finish the sentence I was in the middle of saying.  I usually break at that point and tend to them. (yes yes reinforcing the temper tantrum and not patience blah blah.)

When it happened this week, E. Messily said to the HP at hand, "You don't run out of nice.  Even if you're annoyed, you still have to be nice. You don't get to try three times and then all your nice is used up."

What a sensible thing to say. Of course they still have nice left, why haven't I been pointing that out? Manners. No jerk-being.  So that's the last thing that Messily made: sense.

Things that Hawaii made:

Hot air balloon, dream catcher.

Things that Pokey has made:

Do you get the feeling that Hokey Pokey has been phoning it in on the art projects?


He worked hard on his sand castle, though.

Things that Ace makes:

Things that Rascal makes:

Rascal makes: another baby mad enough to bite him. Look at that mark!

Things that I make:

the observation that this pan has a pretty bottom:

What a pretty pan bottom you are! The edge rim is a true flame red, the scorch marks iridescent.

A macaroni-taco for Ace:


Things Jammies made:

Not even smalltalk with Ludacris. Or at least nothing that I photographed. The world go 'round.

Happy labor day weekend.


(Anonymous) at 2015-09-08 13:17 (UTC) (Link)


I'm pretty proud of making all those things, but I'm proudest of making sense. This is a whole new experience!
(Anonymous) at 2015-09-08 13:18 (UTC) (Link)

Re: maker

(that was me, E. Messily, obviously)
heebie_geebie at 2015-09-14 03:22 (UTC) (Link)

Re: maker

I think it's funny when you ask me, "Why would I know?" (ie what desk Hawaii would like, whether your brain is being weird, etc.) and I can say, "You seem to know all sorts of things. Why shouldn't you know?"
(Anonymous) at 2015-09-08 22:10 (UTC) (Link)
Actually for real regretting not having enough children for a plausible memory game. Clever Geebies!

heebie_geebie at 2015-09-14 03:23 (UTC) (Link)
Your posts are resumed in my feed! I did bookmark your real site so that I could continue to see cute photos whether or not LJ supported it, but it's nice to have you show up automatically again.
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