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4 kittens

Softness you can feel, Comfort you can count on, Quality you can trust.

Posted on 2015.10.18 at 21:20
Hawaii loves: Monster High, Spice Girls. I share her love of mainstream culture. Our friend's kid listens to Sleater-Kinney and even has a turntable, but not us Geebies. Pop culture and Top 40 hits till we die.

"How many letters are in 'library'?" Hawaii asks, before asking, "How do you spell it?" Always those two questions, in that order, while working on a story or piece of art. That is some careful planning, kid. She does not like to run out of space mid-word.

Pokey has had great fashion choices lately:

"Where'd you get those pants?" asked Jammies, about those navy shorts he's wearing in the photo above. "Have we always had them?" They looked great - fitted, knee length, athletic.

"Those are Rascal's pants!" I exclaimed. "Those are his full-length baby pants."  Rascal, Ace, and Pokey are all roughly the same diameter, with different lengthed limbs.

Also Pokey has been wearing his hair in a bun:

"Like Hans Solo!" he keeps saying. "You mean Obi-wan," we keep correcting. "Right! Like Obi-wan!" Pokey wants to be Yoda for Halloween. We have watched Episodes 4, 5, 1, and 2, so far (in that order. It's a thing to over-analyze the order in which your kids watch Star Wars.) We bake frozen pizza and eat dinner by the TV, per it being a special thing.

Pokey and Jammies are having parallel Star Wars experiences - both around 4-5ish, both infatuated.   Ace and I are having parallel Star Wars experiences -  "why do we keep watching these long, boring movies with incomprehensible plots?"  (Since we're watching them with the captions on, I'm better following the plot. It turns out that I tune out during plot-heavy artificial dialogue - "Commander! The Tattoooines have abandoned their starships and are about to crash into the Senate!"  My brain goes, "blah blah someone seems urgent". But when I read all that on the closed captions, my brain goes, "oh hey, they were trying to embed a whole lot of plot points in that wooden dialogue, weren't they" and I sort of absorb the content.)

More Pokey:
Pokey brought home some mending from school for E. Messily. Two sensory pillows - a dolphin stuffed with beans and a heavy blanket - both with small rips in the seams. "Our Messily is really great at sewing," Pokey told his teacher authoritatively. "She'll sew it." The teacher happily sent the two items home with us.

Messily did in fact deftly mend them in short order. Everyone at daycare was amused that Pokey had arranged to take some mending home for his Messily, but it was actually an expedient solution, highly preferable to the half-assed tape job that had been leaking beans.

"I wuv heavy dolphin," mourned Ace when it was time to return Heavy Dolphin to Pokey's classroom.


I had my last mammogram ever! On Wednesday. (I toyed with the idea of making a "Last mammogram ever!!" facebook status, but no. Too much explaining, too many disparate groups of people colliding.) Everything came back normal.

 I was given pink shwag bag - vibrant pink and white chevron stripes (of course) - with coupons and trinkets, to celebrate Pinktober. I intentionally left it behind in the changing room. It seemed excessively depressing to have breast cancer awareness trinkets at an actual radiology clinic.


hey there are kids playing in our backyard! Quick, document it! Weird!

Rascal has a word! The word is "uh-oh". It means "look over the edge of my high chair!"  Sometimes we say, "What did you drop?" and other times, "Dude, nothing's down there."

E. Messily shared the following story: it was in the summer, up in Montana, and Ace was about 15 months old. "She definitely wasn't yet talking," said Messily. Apparently she held a tissue up to her nose, and then to her ear, and paused with great deliberation. Then back to her nose, and then up on her head. "She definitely was waiting for me to laugh. It was a joke," said Messily. "A pre-verbal joke! I was impressed."

Me too!


We went to a knock-off Chuck E. Cheese.

Ace was uncertain about the tiny merry-go-round.  Hawaii was extra-certain.

We danced on the whack-a-mole:

or at least Rascal did.

Afterwards, the kids picked out their infant choking hazards:

As we left, there were about a billion grackles roosting on the trees and telephone wires, at sunset.


(Anonymous) at 2015-10-19 20:27 (UTC) (Link)

Grackles and Boobs

That is an insane number of grackles. I think I've seen three grackles after six years in Utah.

Do you also have blackbirds and starlings? Because with all three types of birds, that would be a crazy amount of congregating.

Congrats on having your last mammogram!

heebie_geebie at 2015-10-25 15:23 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Grackles and Boobs

I'm embarrassed to admit that I was using the word "grackles"...loosely. In my heart of hearts, I admit that they were probably too small to be grackles and I didn't think very carefully about it. They were black, though!

I hadn't really thought about which birds form big swarms. The birds that I see all the time are wrens, sometimes blue jays and cardinals, grackles, but none of those seem like big swarming birds. What's it likely to be?
(Anonymous) at 2015-10-28 19:15 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Grackles and Boobs

Oh, probably starlings or black birds then.

I miss blue jays so much. We have other types of jays, but I grew up with blue jays and I miss them.

panisdead at 2015-10-19 21:56 (UTC) (Link)
Ha! You and I have the same Star Wars experiences.
heebie_geebie at 2015-10-25 15:24 (UTC) (Link)
I very much enjoy cuddling on the couch with my ipad out during Star Wars. That's perfect - the coziness of a family movie and I can keep half an eye on Star Wars. It contributes to the incomprehensibility though.
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