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4 kittens

Sowy, that's dust how I tolk.

Posted on 2015.10.25 at 12:26
E. Messily's mom sent us a care package, including this scalloped edge cardboard on a ring. (Who I never thanked properly. Thank you, Messimom!)

This is a flap book, by Hawaiian Punch.  Let's begin.

A flower!

This part is a heart, inside the flower.

The orange thing is the little kiss, sent by the heart.

See, there it is, on her cheek.

The end! "I'm the kiss," says the little orange square.  Obviously this is terrific.

Hokey Pokey also made a flap book:

Here we go!

You can find dinosaurs mostly in the desert. You can also find dinosaurs in mostly dry places.

Sometimes you can find dinosaurs in cold places. You can also find dinosaurs in places that are a little bit hot.  The end! Pokey's specialty is nonfiction reference books.


In Monster High, the zombies are inner city girls with sophisticated New York metro accents.  If you're six years old and have never been to New York, you think maybe that's just how zombies talk.

Hence this amazing bit:

"Hi. I am a zombie gole. Sowy, that's dust how I tolk."



Again with the dogged determination to portray our kids as siblings who play kindly together:

A hotel. The rooms on the ground are the administrative offices, kitchen, and restaurant area. The tower part is the guest rooms.


I wrote a story, too. This is a story of two shorts, one little and one big.

When they slept on top of each other, it was easy to see that the little pair wasn't just shorter - the waist was smaller and it was more fitted through the hips.

Oddly, the little pair of shorts was for 2T toddlers, while the big pair was sized for 18-24 month toddlers.

This is because the little pair of shorts was for girls, and the big pair of shorts was for boys.

That is why my two year old wears 3T in girls clothes, but 18-24 month or 2T in boy clothes. Draw your own conclusions. The end!


Remember my New Year's Resolution? It was to document the fight against fluoride being waged in Heebieville.

It's heating up. It's on the ballot this November.

Yet another story in this blog entry.

Probably not worth transcribing legibly.

I appreciate the general suspicion and skepticism, but why is it so goddamn misplaced?

Prop 2 is a reactionary proposition, limiting citizens' ability to get frivolous items like eliminating fluoride on the ballot.  I don't agree with that EITHER! Fluoride is good for our teeth, and citizens should have the ability to get their pet paranoia on the ballot, and other citizens should sensibly vote against paranoid delusions. I'll let you know how well it works out for us.

No really, this world is crazy:

Fundraiser time! First prize is a gun.

Here are some idyllic pictures of autumnal frolicking to prove we're still okay:

And an idyllic picture of the time E. Messily was five inches tall, and Hawaii held her in her hand, along with a four year old friend of ours:


We were supposed to go to the beach this weekend. But then there were two storms from the north and east, colliding with Hurricane Patricia from the west, and it has rained all weekend. So we cancelled. Eleven people in a condo during relentless rain sounds miserable!

The other company that also works on the racecar (palindrome) with Jammies is located in Denver. That's why Denver has been the principle destination all year, for Jammies to go and test the car.  The Denver company had weak 3rd-quarter profits, and cancelled the whole racecar project altogether. Killed dead.

For Jammies, this is frustrating because they are trying to wrap this project up by the end of the year, and now they can't access the actual racecar (palindrome) to get any data. They've had to rig up Jammies' truck, and they're doing the best they can.

For me, this is mostly fabulous. Jammies is most likely done travelling for the rest of the year. I'm so happy.

I am really not looking forward to this mastectomy. The silver linings are ringing increasingly hollow.

Here, have one more idyll:


panisdead at 2015-10-26 12:08 (UTC) (Link)
That flap book is awesome! Both of them, but particularly the kissing heart.

I'm sorry you've got the mastectomy looming over you. I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible.
heebie_geebie at 2015-10-28 14:50 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! I think so too!

And thanks. I hope so too. Boo.
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