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Gaze Upon This Fossil

Posted on 2015.11.22 at 22:17
It's birthday week! Rascal got sent home on Tuesday with small red bumps under his diaper that might have been Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease (but nope, just diaper rash).  So on Wednesday, his birthday, I got to stay home with him and E. Messily, which was lots of fun.

E. Messily made him a square:

and a circle:

and my mom bought him some books, and that's about it.

(Daycare claims that he is standing and taking steps unassisted but I have not personally witnessed such a thing.)

On Friday,

Ace got sent home, also with small red bumps under her diaper that might be Hand, Foot, & Mouth.  We didn't bother to get it checked out since it so clearly was not.

On Saturday,

Soccer was miserably windy. We pulled into the parking lot and opened the minivan doors and they all slammed shut again. We opened them a second time, and some kid artwork flew away. The kids burst into tears.
"I'll go get it," sighed Jammies, "what was it?"
"A little kite I made!" said Pokey.
It did a really good job flying away.

That photo was intended to demonstrate the perpetual bent angle of the corner flag - so windy! - but the squinched up kids at the bottom maybe do a better job.

Pokey was scared of the wind and so pissed off to be playing soccer that he kept kicking the ball out of bounds, deliberately. What with the wind, this was truly a pain in the ass. The wind was awful.  At the end of the games, the kids got hotdogs and medals to celebrate the end of the season.

That same day was Pokey's birthday party. We celerated at knock-off Chucky Cheese, where you get 350 extra tickets for being the birthday boy.

He got lots of Star Wars shwag and some fossils from my parents.

This one is 60 million years old. For the last 30 of those years, it has been on display in my parents' house.


Hawaii was stalling for time. She said her ankle hurt.
"It's my right. NO! It's my left!" she started, being kid-like, "Well, ok. It's my right, but it's really close to my left," she finished.

I bit my cheek and did not laugh out loud.

"I'M SO ONE!!"

Right now Jammies is in Amarillo with all four kids, driving them to Denver. That crazy fuck. I'll fly out on Tuesday and meet them there.

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