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4 kittens

A Mantle With a Quote

Posted on 2016.01.18 at 22:23
We spent MLK weekend in little cabins with six other families.

Each cabin has a mantle with a quote:

Let me zoom for you:

"A Man Is As Big As the Things That Annoy Him."  Isn't that fantastic? The cabins were built by the CCC during the New Deal by Roosevelt's "Tree Army".

Here are the things that determine the size of Jammies:

Messily was here, too, but we didn't include her in the list of annoyances. (Also she was feeling increasingly shitty over the course of the weekend. That part was crappy.)

Each morning, we just kick the kids out of the cabin. Then they run in the woods until we call them for meals. It's so quaint. They play so hard and get so exhausted that they become brittle little violent monsters by dinner time. Then someone puts a movie on in one of the cabins. The kids all dogpile in there.  (Our kids don't last very long and we take them to our cabin to sleep.)

Except Rascal. We did not kick him out of the cabin and bark, "And stay out!"

That one would just pass out in someone's lap, late afternoon.


Jammies had a big week - his long-lost half-sister contacted him. Jammies' mom split from his biological dad when Jammies was a baby.  She married Jammies' dad when Jammies was five.  When Jammies was in college, his grandfather on the birth father's side was dying and wanted to see Jammies again. On that visit, Jammies saw a photo of his birth father with a new little family. So Jammies knew the half-sister and -brother existed.

One time, a few years ago, Jammies got a strange voicemail. It turned out to be a wrong number. But adrenaline and fear washed over him - was this the half-sister, reaching out? He has been waiting for the other shoe to drop, since he was 20. (Why fear? I don't want to put words in Jammies' mouth, but I think fear of getting ensnared and obligated to nurture a relationship that he does not care about. Or be forced to choose between endless polite niceties or hurting someone's feelings by not wanting a relationship.)

Anyway, the shoe dropped! She sent a facebook message. It was a warm, curious, perfectly nice message. The half-brother died a few years ago, in a helicopter crash, in his early 20s, which is pretty awful and sad. Jammies wrote back and forth with her.

(Did his fears come to fruition? I don't know. The charge of adrenaline was intense, I think. He has been ensnared into some conversations with her, but maybe not an overwhelming flood of them.)

She thinks Jammies resembles her dad's side of the family. I'm now facebook friends with her, too. I think Jammies has the same nose-mouth-chin as the half-brother that passed away.


I went jogging in the state park and did not wear any sort of bra, and I loved it. Free! Liberating! It turns out that my back jiggles. I hadn't realized that my sports bra had been holding in place both my front and my back.

Bastrop had terrible forest fires in 2011. It still looks mostly apocalyptic:

but in some places there is new growth:

Also, during the floods, a dam burst and washed a big bridge away. There is jagged asphalt, then a fifty yard gulch, and then jagged asphalt on the far cliff. It's dramatic.

I did not take this photo:

but it captures the scene. (That blog is super charming.)


And during the week, before camping, Pokey was Inigo Montoya some more:

So dapper.

Kittens are nimble.

Hawaii ambling:

And this is actually the size of Jammies:



(Anonymous) at 2016-01-19 16:03 (UTC) (Link)

J, Robot

Did I ever tell you that Mr. Robot has a very similar background? The big difference is that he re-engaged with his bio dad and met his half-siblings (two sisters and a brother) when he was 18. We see them about once or twice a year, and everyone acts like slightly distant cousins. It's funny--Mr Robot looks uncannily like pictures of his late, paternal grandfather, but then he also strongly resembles his bio dad. Go figure.

Also, yay for no bra! And for skipping recon--I'm still glad I'm doing it, but it hurts so fucking much, and I think everyone is probably sick of me bitching about it. I'm going to have to remember not to complain to my students when the semester starts.
(Anonymous) at 2016-01-19 16:04 (UTC) (Link)

Re: J, Robot

That should be, maternal grandfather.
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