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4 kittens

It's Easy to Make a New Friend. But How?

Posted on 2016.01.31 at 21:15
Jammies is out of town. He gets back on Sunday. We miss him.

Adventures in housekeeping:

The kids now have two bunk beds. Rascal's crib slides in and out like a drawer under Hawaii's bed.

Visually the room is too cluttered, mostly because of those big blue tents. But the kids like the mix of cozy and private. It's like one of those Japanese hotels where you rent a little long drawer, like an MRI tube, to sleep in.

In accordance with my resolution to keep my clothes off the floor, I put lights up in my dresser and closet. This helps me see what I'm doing.

Boo-oooring! Sorry.

The roomie:

charted dinner preferences:

and made our refrigerator wholesome:

and built a six inch house:

complete with tiny wallpaper and artwork and beds:

and that is a wire birdcage hanging on the bottom floor.

Other roomies:

The Youngest:

...has been a total pill this week. Poor thing had massive ear infections and a fever for half the week. Recuperating made him such an angry baby. Everything would piss him off. Occasionally he'd get a taco and things would be all right:

The true intent of that video is to display his head wiggle. It means 'yes'.


Two weeks ago, Rascal burnt the crap out of all of his fingers, at daycare, by leaning into a metal door outside. Ten little blisters:

Poor baby!

Good kitty:

Look, I giffed:


I have a great video of Ace being charming but I'm running out of steam for uploading such things. Instead have a photo:

Here are cute things she says:
- "Last one who tooted!" in a big sing-song voice whenever she is the last one to have done so.
- "Tup of toto" for cup of cocoa.
- "toot toot, I'm cute!" when she is wearing this jacket and someone compliments it:

Hokey Pokey:

"Do you want to know how this car broke his axle? He was driving along and he didn't see a canyon. So he was racing and went off the edge of the canyon! Like this, "whoooooo!" So he was falling, and the driver unbuckled! And opened the door! And got out and was falling! He landed on the ground. And then he died, because the car landed on him. And the axle landed on the man. And that's what broke the axle."

An unpredictable narrative, by Pokey.


Wrote this book.

I have a lot of friends, and you should too. For example, Brynn is my best friend. Sadie is my friend. How can you make a new friend?

It's easy to make a new friend. But how? You could say 'Hi' and tell them your name.

It's remarkabe her ear for the dialect of user manuals.

A family member could be your new friend, too. My brother is my friend and we love to wrestle with each other. So get out there and make a new friend. "Yay!"

Hawaii was apologetic about this book - "They only let us use four pages at After School," she explained. She also phoned in the illustrations, clearly. But it's a nice handbook nevertheless.

The Grandmother:

My mother has been transcribing a trove of letters from 1937-1944. The letters start when he's still married to the other Beatrice, and then continue because my grandmother and M. Aaron lived in different cities the first few years of their marriage.

This week turned up:

(no envelope)
Late October 17, 1943

In an hour the lights go out. What are you doing now? I dare not ask. Darling, I still don’t know what has happened, but just feel dazed and all of me is crying though there are no tears left. I hardly can wait to be home and read your letters, for until a long time that’s all we shall have to repair something, something which I had thought was priceless. Do you think that is possible?

A little while back the conductor came thru with a telegram for Mrs. White, which I had misheard as Mrs. Wr/ght.I feel I ought to write something of the war, but nothing comes out. Good-night, now. That all I can write.

Your Bea

GOODNESS. The question is, had Grandma just found out about M. Aaron's secret identity? And secret family of origin that he secretly visited several times a year and secretly loved a lot?

And then later that week:

(no envelope)
Friday night, December 10, 1943

Dearest sweetheart, [Aaron],

Shall I write dearest, sweetheart, [Aaron] mine? I want to. So much. So much. I had kinda desperately hoped that there would be a note for me waiting in the office, or at home. There wasn’t. I had written something for you to take with you and keep next to your heart. Now I am alone and the tears come and blur my eyes. But my vision is already blurred. It doesn’t need tears. It is so blurred that all I can think of is how, before, the future was so much ours. Ours, because we had each other, and could laugh together, and get glee from the cool water as it hugged our boat, and glee from the folk songs that sang our hearts into one, and glee from the insight that hours of discussion brought, and glee from the warmth as our bodies coalesced. All this was ours. And it mattered less when sometimes our hoped for goals didn’t materialize, for as long as we were us, we were as strong, well, as strong as two hearts full of love. And as I think these things, the fear creeps in, that I won’t be able to laugh again, as bubbly free, that I won’t be able to, … and on and on. There are some things that swell in my throat, and won’t come out on paper. If you ask me, dear [Aaron], with patience and warmth, that only love can form, perhaps I shall be able to tell you.

I brought Snuffie down to the humane Society just before 5:30, and paid the man $1.50 for 3 days. On the way up to the house I met one of the boys from the University who is coming up later to read me a play he wrote. He’s a nice chap whom I met in the library once. God damn it, my dear one, I feel so lonely and I guess scared, that I am doing the stupidest things to get a feeling of companionship and joy. My dearest [Aaron], Oh I can’t write it. Probably there’ll be many times when we shall have to talk about us before we get back. This I’ll say, thought for the moment my pride makes it hard. I love you, [Aaron], dear. That love means that I guess you’re pretty much in everything I do. I literally mean it, but very literally, that when I am walking down the street, you’re walking with me, that when I am leading a discussion, you’re by my side and guiding me, that you are very much all of me.

Mrs. Steelburg came down + asked me to have dinner with her, her mother, and Doris. I wasn’t hungry, but was glad to be with people. She is a dear.

I think I’ll leave the car by the house, since it will be for only 2 nights, and tomorrow I’ll take the car + bus to the station.

Even two days away from you, right now, makes it very hard. I shall try to come back Sunday night. This is a little bit of a stupid letter. Maybe you’ll understand. Take care of yourself and be well.

I was going to sign off but something keeps drawing me back. Maybe I should strip my pride and defense and just tell you that I am riding with you this minute down to San Diego and love you with a deep, down deep, wide love. Dear [Aaron], do you know what? Won’t you write me a letter once a week? And with a little poem? If you like, I shall write one to you too and maybe with a funny picture like this.

I shall be glad to furnish the interpretation

Your Beppy

Well, goodness. Something major went down. She probably must have found out, but it'd be nice to have some solid evidence. The good news is that they worked it out and had a long, happy marriage. Good job!

This week is full of good things.

Jammies gets home Sunday night. The Iowa caucas freakshow is on Monday. I'm getting clothes in the mail.
(I'm on a stupidly-involved hunt for jeans. Ask me for my longwinded opinion about various rises.) And...

Birthday milk!

My birthday is on Wednesday. Next weekend is my annual birthday Estate Sale Celebration. All good things!


lolliejean at 2016-02-03 04:56 (UTC) (Link)


I'll admit I've just skimmed this entry but I'll be coming back for a more in depth read because. Oh! Your posts are always so interesting and weird and fun. :-)

But hey! LJ message says it's your birthday 2/2! Happy Birthday!!! xo ~L
heebie_geebie at 2016-02-08 04:26 (UTC) (Link)

Re: 2/2

Thank you, thank you!! It was a lovely birthday!
panisdead at 2016-02-03 13:03 (UTC) (Link)
WHOOOOOOO happy birthday!! Good luck estate-saling.
e_messily at 2016-02-03 14:58 (UTC) (Link)
Jammies spells it 'estate-sailing' which I really love.
heebie_geebie at 2016-02-08 04:27 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you!! The sales didn't yet sail. But they will.
rebeccastob at 2016-02-06 18:36 (UTC) (Link)

happy birthday!

Happy belated birthday! adorable pictures and videos of kid related things as usual! We used to have that bunk bed from ikea for the kids in San Francisco with the blue canopy and everything. Now I have a different bunk bed from ikea for the kids that I put together a few weekends ago (by myself which was a trick!) I also appreciate seeing the closet/drawers. I sort of did the Kon-Mari thing over winter break but not enough to keep my apartment tidy at all times - the chaos is less though and I gladly dumped a box of stuff to Eric at one of our kid hand overs (a whole bunch of Make magazines, a Coldplay record) We have parenting plan mediation next week Wed. which will be interesting.
heebie_geebie at 2016-02-08 04:29 (UTC) (Link)

Re: happy birthday!


I'm vaguely inspired by the kon-mari decluttering but I also really love my stuff. But the kids' room really is packed.

Good luck on the mediation thing! That sounds hairy but probably good?
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