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Gosh Darn Fucking Goat

Posted on 2016.03.13 at 22:38
Right now we are driving through rural Louisiana, because the highway has too much traffic, rain, and collisions. I mused that swamp poverty is more depressing than dry poverty. There are plenty of dilapidated mobile homes in both dry Texas and soggy Louisiana, but they seem moldier and softer and more rotten here, as opposed to just old and sagging and worn out.

In real life, the house on the right was picturesque and rotting out, with bright green mold, and through the trees you could see a super fancy yellow house, (which looks unremarkable here), and then there was the Christmas Tree in March to the left. It seemed highly poetic, but now it just seems hard to discern.

We stopped at Lake Charles for lunch. They had the most spectacular public park I’ve ever seen:

If you’re driving with kids along I-10, be sure to stop at Millennium Park in Lake Charles.

The park is right on Lake Charles:

That was the only part of Louisiana that was sunny. The rest of it looked like this:

as the Atchafalaya Swamp crept up and over the bridge in the lower spots:

Traffic was monstrous throughout Louisiana:

The whole place seemed soggy and wet.  It's funny - I've had plenty of flooding in the past year, but in a dry-ish climate. And I lived plenty of years in a soggy swamp, but it never flooded. A flooding swamp is really truly something.

Look how ferny this tree is:

There are branches that are sheer gardens themselves:

Packing for this trip was unexpectedly easy.  We got out the door at 5:30 am. It was all fairly smooth. I was struck by the notion that life is getting incrementally easier.


Rascal is done with baby bottles.

Somehow all our babies are done with baby bottles, and I barely noticed. Hawaii, Pokey, and Ace were all very attached to having a bottle of milk at bedtime, and they did so until they turned 2. But Rascal was less interested in bottles and it was not even significant when it fell by the wayside.


Last week I got this text message from Jammies:
Pokey got in trouble for saying “Goddamnit fucking god” today in school. He said his friend also said a bad word. I asked what it was. It was poop. I told Pokey he might have escalated that situation a bit too fast.

Indeed. I laughed.

Unfortunately, “goddamnit fucking god” has a good rhythm, and Ace grabbed onto it as a chant. I’ve semi-successfully morphed it into “gosh darn it flaming goat” since Ace’s teachers already had a panic attack over the word “heck”.   It’s mostly stuck, but sometimes she chants “gosh darn fucking goat”.

Pokey also drew this mouse and cat, which I love:


Hopefully we'll get to my parents' house by 3 am. My dad sent me a text about arrival plans, and said that my mom will be waking up at 3 am to go swimming. So we might cross paths with my mom then; I’ll let you know. (My mom has a complicated explanation about how the pool is too crowded for her to do her water-walking unless she wakes up at 3 am. It’s hard to see how this could be true; I think it’s more that she can’t sleep for an entire night post-esophectomy, and this is a convenient thing to get up and do.)



I had my first P&Z meeting last week.

The chairs are super comfortable - tall backed, soft leather, and swiveling. I have a nameplate. I have a computer screen. There are refreshments available. So cush.

I can see myself on the video feed, and it’s delayed by about five seconds, so I can see what I look like from a variety of angles. Everyone talked very fast and there was a lot to keep track of, so it would behoove me to stop paying attention to the video feed.


I wrote most of that on Saturday in the car. Now it's Sunday night and I'm inserting photos, and for the record: my mom postponed swimming at 3 am until Monday. And the reason she did was so that she could watch the kids when they woke up at 6 am, and let Jammies and I sleep in until 8.

The most depressing moment of the drive was when the phones updated their clocks from 1:30 am all the way to 3:30 am, because we'd crossed into the Eastern Time Zone and it was Daylight Savings Time, at the same time.

But we're here now!


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2016-03-14 14:02 (UTC) (Link)

Cussing kids

When my kid was tiny she used to cuss a blue streak. "Fucking dogshit," was one of her favorites, as I recall. Also, "Goddamnit!" and "Christ!"

We got her to stop by explaining solemnly that those were Mama Words and only Mamas were allowed to use them.

(This will explain to you where she learned the words.)

Now, of course, at seventeen, she cusses worse than I do. But not at school. SO FAR.

Louisiana is horrible. There is the wet. There is the mold. There is the air, which is mostly water. There are the bugs. People ask me if I ever miss New Orleans. I say hells no.
heebie_geebie at 2016-03-15 01:46 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Cussing kids

I can't imagine that Louisiana is wetter than the whole wet ring stretching from Houston to central Florida - it's all the same flora and mosquitoes. But I've never been in Florida flood before. In fact, I've never known Florida to have rainy days in general the way Texas (and apparently Louisiana) can - only those dramatic flash thunderstorms that start and stop.
e_messily at 2016-03-14 16:19 (UTC) (Link)

“Goddamnit fucking god”

Somehow I missed this story.

After you get back, we'll do a Signing Time session devoted to profanity. Make sure everybody feels equally comfortable swearing in both modalities.
heebie_geebie at 2016-03-15 01:47 (UTC) (Link)

Re: “Goddamnit fucking god”

Yes please.
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