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4 kittens

Meticulous Searching

Posted on 2016.03.20 at 22:19
We are home again. Definitely more of a trip than a vacation. Hokey Pokey learned to ride a bike.

Rascal learned to sit on a bike.

We found sharks teeth in the creek. That was a favorite pastime of mine growing up. There's something about meticulous searching that I find relaxing, plus the creek is pretty.

We took the girls to the dress rehearsal of Carmina Burana. (Dress rehearsals are much better than actual performances.) Ace and Hawaii were both rapt.  When I was growing up, I also watched Carmina Burana, but I was bored out of my skull.  As an adult, I enjoyed it a lot, though. (One of the leads when I was a kid is still dancing in the corps, at age 63. That is some serious staying power. Also I'm pretty sure many of the costumes were unchanged.)

I did regret that the family split along gender lines - Pokey and Rascal stayed home with the baby-sitter, Hawaii and Ace came to the ballet. But we desperately needed to split up adjacent siblings by this point in the week. It felt like a reprieve.

We stayed with the secret cousins in Mobile again, on the way home. They are still very nice people, although I didn't learn any new family secrets this time.

I am sick. My sinuses hurt and my head hurts and my whininess hurts.  Actually Jammies and E. Messily took the kids out of the house for dinner, while I am home alone, which is the nicest thing anyone has ever done.

We listened to Hamilton in the car on the drive home. It moves me. When I listen to it, I want to be a passionate person who writes like they're running out of time. I want to be headstrong and brilliant, too.  Isn't that ridiculous? In actuality, I want to be a lazy person who gets a good night's rest and reads about land use codes. But that's how good the soundtrack is: it makes me forget that I enjoy being ordinary.

(If you listen to it enough, it starts to seem discordant that the founding fathers were actually white. That's how strongly you connect with the performers.)

I-10 was still flooded along the Texas-Louisiana border, so we detoured south along the gulf oil refineries.

E. Messily has been at work while we were gone:

Hello Princess. What are you looking at?

Oh nothing, just my big palace. Do you like my balcony?

Of course I do!

The palace has a little parking garage underneath it, for parking princess accessories. Also the entire thing disassembles.

The kittens have lots of fleas. They're itching a little. The main problem is that I become single-minded about finding fleas, to the exclusion of petting the kitties. Like I said above, there's something about meticulous searching that I find relaxing. That is the main reason that I need to eradicate the fleas.

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