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4 kittens

Stop and go, right away

Posted on 2016.03.27 at 22:04
Ace, mid-dinner:

Other places Ace has fallen asleep:
- while walking in the park with E. Messily (slower, slower, "I'm...going...to sit...now zzzzzzzz"),
- while riding on E. Messily's shoulders, ("Ace! Use your hands! Hold on! Is she falling asleep up there?" We looked. "Yes.")
- the normal assortment of watching TV or mid-playing.

The writing at the bottom of the page says "I'm going to draw the two circles of my butt". The arrows direct the reader's attention accordingly.  ACE! How did you get the teacher to write that on your paper?!

I too have fallen asleep while standing up. As an adult, no less. In Poland. On a tour of a castle. I tipped over forward, but somehow caught myself before I busted my face open on the stone floor. The tour guide was concerned and solicitous; I felt humiliated beyond reason, mostly because of the disorienting dream fog and not being able to make sense of what was happening. The tour guide was nice and sat me down on a bench, and told me they'd pick me up at the end of the tour, which they did. (I'm pretty sure I've told this story here before.)

I got snazzy sunglasses. I even took the tag off, later.

Ace, wrapping herself around my legs, idly singing to herself, "If you have to go potty, STOP! and go right away!" (which is a Daniel Tiger song). "Ace," I said, "do you have to use the potty?"
"No!" she said, "I was just singing."
It was the truest example yet of my favorite parenting metaphor. (She kept singing but I did in fact take her to the potty.)

Labeled by Jammies, yoinked from his facebook page.


On Monday, Pokey's teacher took me aside and told me about a full balls-out tantrum he'd had. He bit a teacher. He threw his shoes at kids. He shoved. He took over 30 minutes to calm down. It was a doozy. The teacher said that this was the biggest meltdown since November.

Then she said he'd been deteriorating over the past month or so, and maybe it was connected to the weather? The high pressure, or the low pressure, or the pollen? I had no idea and no answers.

T-ball season has begun.

Pokey has been asking for the past week or two, "when are we going to start up Mindfulness again?"  Over and over again. Then finally I had the thought: jesus christ, is he crumbling at school because I hadn't brought out the Great Candle of Zack Morris in a while? The timing would be about right - we completed our Level One training at the end of February.  He started throwing more fits at school about that time. Maybe, maybe not, but we have resumed counting our breathing every night.

I SAID, T-ball season has begun.

It's an obnoxious season - Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays for fourteen weeks. But at least they're cute.


At the Easter party, I tried to get a photo of Hawaii:

but she seemed to always be on the go.


There's SOMETHING I was planning on discussing here, and I can't put my finger on it. It's driving me crazy. I guess next week will be doubly interesting.

(Enneagrams? Half-made papier mache boats? Discovering that my occasional therapist has horribly prejudiced instincts when caught off-guard by a person with a disability? None of these seem like the right half-written blog prompt to my feeble brain.)

(Was it my sinuses? I got sicker and sicker until I finally stayed home Wednesday and went to the doctor.  She put me on antibiotics and I was transformed within hours. It was amazing. And I'd been so sure it would be a waste of time.)

(Was it this amazing photo of when Jammies was stripey on Easter long ago?

E. Messily: "For Halloween, you could dress up as yourself!")


What cute-tens. You're growing so big.

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