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The Trouble With Things

Posted on 2016.04.17 at 22:27
This week was so much better! Let me count the ways (but briefly, because I'm zonked yet dedicated as a blogger.)

1. The dresses were REAL. They arrived and were reasonable quality. I am keeping one of them:

This dress has a weird feature: the fabric is upside down. All the birds are belly up. Look at the nest:

I'm generally relieved not to have been scammed.

2. The was a big to-do at the Planning & Zoning committee. All the old farts in town were up in arms and yelling a lot about a proposed development. They were completely in the right, in this instance. However, I did not know how my fellow commissioners felt (because of the Texas Open Meetings Act). I was super nervous that I'd have to argue and debate the other committee members during the meeting, on TV, in front of a giant crowd of people.

We listened to pissed off citizens from 6 pm until 8:30 pm. I sat very still and tried to pay attention, but good lord it went on and on. When the public hearing ended, the discussion opened, and the very first comment was, "I move to deny the development plan." Then someone seconded it. Then I went limp with relief that I seemed to be surrounded by sensible committee members. They made thoughtful points and we had a reasonable, short conversation, and then voted the plan down by a large margin.

(I made a single comment. Afterwards, the city lawyer came over and told me I'd made A Good Point. That's right! A Good Point was made, by ME.)

3. Hawaii won a Student of the Month thing, where they get knighted by a knight. She was knighted for having the virtue of Confidence.

Parents were alerted in advance. It was very sweet to see Hawaii light up when she spotted us in the audience and realized she was going to be selected.

Keith the Knight gave a weird speech to the kindergarten, first and second graders, about discipline.  "Discipline" doesn't just mean getting in trouble for breaking a window. It also means getting out of bed when your alarm goes off, every morning, on your own. That seems unlikely to resonate with 6 year olds. I think Keith was winging it.

Also, from their website:

At the middle school level, we teach Courage, Defense, Faith, Franchise, Humility, Justice, Largesse, Loyalty, Nobility and Prowess.

Defense. Franchise. Largesse. Prowess. Hoo-weee!

(4. I got a new phone, who cares, no one, except me.)

5. Hawaii lost another tooth. She put it under her pillow. We forgot to replace it with money. In the morning, she found her tooth, and we improvised, "You guys must have been too noisy last night! Tooth fairy must have come by and you guys were awake!"  (I wish she would have already figured out the truth about the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny and so on. I am done lying to her. And yet I lied my head off, in the heat of the moment, under the gun.)

The next night, Hawaii forgot to put the tooth under her pillow. We also forgot.

The third night, Hawaii remembered, but we forgot.  "The tooth fairy didn't come again!" she exclaimed.
"Huh!" we said. I started to feel really bad.
"I was really quiet last night!"  (Maybe the problem of the ongoing belief in the tooth fairy will resolve itself naturally.)

The fourth night, we finally remembered to give her two quarters. Sheesh.

6. Mosi has a funny nod when he's standing up. He bends his knees and hunches his shoulders and back. It does make his head go up and down, but his neck is not moving.  I need to get it on video before he outgrows it, because it's adorable and ridiculous.

7. It is birthday week! The celebrations kicked off yesterday with E. Messily's birthday, who cut her hair off in celebration:

Like a fuzzy duckling.

Hawaii made her a card:

with quite a lot of clever pointers and help from Mother Messily, who is visiting us, and is also exceptionally artsy and crafty.

Hawaii's 7th birthday is on Tuesday. For her birthday dinner, Hawaii wants: corn, corndogs, and baby carrots with ranch dressing. For dessert, she wants to go to a self-serve frozen yogurt joint.

I took her to Office Depot for her present. We picked out a huge stack of post-it notes, a leather-bound notebook, some markers, some pens, and some invitations.

Ace's 3rd birthday is on Friday. For her birthday dinner, Ace wants: she rambled about chicken and pizza and hot dogs, but never gave a clear answer.  (Jammies and I will miss her birthday dinner, actually. I feel pretty bad about this. We have a wedding in California on Saturday. I made us fly out late enough that we can at least have a birthday breakfast with her.)

Ace had a very small birthday party, with three friends. Here's one present she recieved:

"The Berensteins Bears Are Preachy Evangelicals and In Your Face."  It's a box set. We didn't yet have this one!

No thank you very much! This will go straight to Goodwill.

Pokey also hijacked Mother Messily, to help him make a present for Ace:

It is a little duckling village. There are little yellow play-doh ducks inside.

8. Other things have been made lately:


He's been making a bunch of these cute little birds.

E. Messily has been making papier mache boats with the kids.

E made:

A rascally tugboat.

A jolly steamer.

Together with Pokey, she made:

A wily catamaran.

Hawaii has been working on:

A watermelon boat topped with a licorice mast and pizza flag.

Really! See her design plan:

They will be painted and decorated when they dry.


(Anonymous) at 2016-04-18 18:27 (UTC) (Link)

Berenstain Bears

Did the Berenstain Bears get co-opted by Evangelicals? Because I was raised on the Berenstain Bears by atheists and I remember nothing about God! I was hoping to read these to my daughter but now I have concerns. I'm not opposed to God in books, but I wanted to avoid heavy-handed moral lessons.

(Anonymous) at 2016-04-19 03:49 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Berenstain Bears

I'm pretty sure that even when the subject matter is totally secular, the Berenstain Bears are always, ALWAYS completely committed to heavy-handed moral lessons. It's their favorite thing.

heebie_geebie at 2016-04-20 13:08 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Berenstain Bears

The "Living Light" series is the one that's unabashedly Christian.
(Anonymous) at 2016-04-18 21:19 (UTC) (Link)
Yay for real dresses!

Happy birthdays, everyone!

- jms

p.s., wow, captchas are getting harder and harder. One day soon I won't qualify as a real human anymore.
heebie_geebie at 2016-04-25 04:24 (UTC) (Link)
I'm so relieved I didn't get scammed. And also returning the dresses was straightforward and did not require international postage.

Captchas are so judgey.
(Anonymous) at 2016-04-20 06:27 (UTC) (Link)


The Berenstein Bears thing reminded me of this


heebie_geebie at 2016-04-25 04:25 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Berenstein

That is SO GREAT.
rebeccastob at 2016-04-21 04:59 (UTC) (Link)

tooth fairy etc.

My kids both know that the tooth fairy sometimes just forgets to come - and sometimes you have to write her a note to remind her. But the tooth fairy does come when Grandma is visiting! Which she was the week before last when M lost his first top tooth. I love seeing your kids creations - and wow they are getting old! Mine too - I'm planning the first big joint birthday party with school friends (P - 7 in June and M - 6 in July) Glad the dress and planning committee things worked out - sounds stressful. I just started a part time schedule this week - so now I have every Wednesday free to do all the things!
heebie_geebie at 2016-04-25 04:26 (UTC) (Link)

Re: tooth fairy etc.

That's genius about the tooth fairy. Of course she's flawed. She's human, just tiny and winged.

Part-time sounds like a sanity saver! I am soooo impatient for the semester to be done.
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