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4 kittens

See if you can smell this.

Posted on 2016.05.08 at 21:42
It's Extra Birthday Day! I mean Mother's Day. Here's the swag I got:

From Hawaii:


Is that self-explanatory? Her new markers are fruit-smelling; she rushed the poem over while the ink in the square was still wet.

From Pokey:

That is a penny from his piggy bank, and the flower is attached to a pen.

 Funny story about the flower pot: Hokey Pokey threw a violent tantrum on Tuesday and overturned the tray holding all the flower pots. A bunch of them broke. Jammies took Pokey to Lowe's to buy some more. He'll have to do some yardwork as a nod to the cost. They took them back to the classroom so that everyone could make Mother's day presents. By "funny" I don't mean "haha" so much as nervous laughter about kindergarten.

From Ace:

I think the first verse sounds like she's giving me the bird:

Fuck you, Mommy!

From Rascal:

Nothing but crickets, the little rascal. I got some slobbery kisses at least.

Also I opted out of the following tasks: changing poopy diapers, unpacking the groceries, and monitoring teeth-brushing time. Those are some of my least favorite things.

For a brief moment, all four kids were playing school together:

That's a pretty good Mother's Day gift.

Here's another time they were all playing together:

Then they all cried.

It was teacher appreciation week.

Hawaii wrote this to her teacher:

I love that sentence construction.  Also I'm amused that she called her teacher "Jennifer". We do not go to some crunchy montessori un-learning factory where kids call their teachers by their first names. We go to a conventional brick elementary school, full of extra pledges of allegiance to the state of Texas, extra worksheets, and sitting still and not talking. But I assume Jennifer - being a very nice person - took it in stride.  Probably the gift certificate helped take the edge off.

What else?

My colleague told me the following story: her nephew was raised in Snotty Austin Suburb. He went to a big Texas University out in west Texas, to play football. He was the freshman kicker, ie the low man on the totem pole.  A few weeks into school, he got on an elevator. One of the senior football players was on and said, "Get off the elevator. Freshman have to wait."
The nephew said, "But I'm from Snotty Austin Suburb!"
So the football player punched him out.
The end!

Note: mostly I love that my colleague told us this story with such relish.
Another note: I don't really know if the kid was knocked unconcious. Just that he got punched for being an ass.
Another note: don't punch each other, kids.

I have one more week until it FEELS like vacation, because we've got faculty workshops this week. They're such a drag. But not stressful.  They just occupy your  time and then they're over.

What else?

I really love this photo from yesterday's derby party:

Sorry B! You are being secretly posted without your knowledge because your pose is so great.

This is a super-zoomed in photo of Jammies, mostly to display his fantastic outfit. The tie is forrest green tatting over black silk, and the shirt was gingham:

Jammies, sorry to post a photo of you stuffing your face. You looked divine.

What else?

We took Hokey Pokey on his tour of kindergarten. We stayed to watch Hawaii's Cinco De Mayo performance.

"Many people believe that Cinco De Mayo celebrates Mexican Independence from Spain," began the narrator, who is the daughter of a friend of ours. I winced, because I'd trotted out that very misconception to the kids just that morning.

"But it is not. It actually celebrates when the Mexican People drove out the French from Mexico City on this day in 1862."  In hindsight, I knew there was something off about what I'd been saying. I never would have remembered the real reason.

Hawaii's group recited a poem called Mariposa, and performed a dance to La Bamba. Hawaii was right on cue, and clearly had been placed so that the rest of the kids could take their cue from her, and I felt smug. She did great.

There were a couple older kids who performed some Ballet Folklorico, which is kind of a thing here in town. You know, big flouncy skirts with bric-a-brac trim, peasant blouses, skirts swooping, high kicks...this kind of thing, except 5th graders:

The kids were very talented.

What else?

E. Messily had a seizure this week. It was scary and we went straight to the ER this time, where they said, "Often these things are a one-time, isolated occurrence!" and sent us home (after seven hours).  So that was not at all reassurring. Also it seems that the seizure turned a regular 3 day sick stretch into a weeklong sick stretch. Also shitty.


(Anonymous) at 2016-05-09 18:16 (UTC) (Link)

What the heck, husband.

poopy diapers, unpacking the groceries, and monitoring teeth-brushing time are also my least favorite parenting tasks, and I didn't even get out of having to deal with them on Mother's day. What the heck, husband. Extra dishes for you.
heebie_geebie at 2016-05-16 02:34 (UTC) (Link)

Re: What the heck, husband.

They're the worst! How did you get so suckered!
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