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Onto the Larger Carousel Structure

Posted on 2016.06.05 at 21:36
Hokey Pokey and I went on a special trip, just the two of us.

to Atlanta. Atlanta is such a great city.

We visited my dear friend S who teaches aerial ballet and math.

We arrived via airport, as one does:

and Pokey was inspired to build an airport. Or he started to.  He mostly worked on this luggage carousel:

See the black suitcase passing out the mouth of the converyer belt onto the larger carousel structure?

He hasn't yet built the terminals. Don't tell Jammies that S said she would mail the airport home.

We went to a museum:

I would like to learn more about megafauna. Like giant sloths:

and what is this carnivorous giant bird?

And this frightening boyish stegosaurus?

We went to a 33rd birthday party for a friend of S.  Of their circle, two people recently had babies. Both babies came to the party. They were cute and cuddly. The group of friends is clearly not used to five year olds, even ones who are relatively calm and well-behaved. Pokey was not destroying stuff, but he was climbing on me. He was not running through crowds of adults, but he did like the cupcakes. I remember finding full-blown kids a little unfamiliar and rowdy, when Hawaii was a baby and toddler.

Each evening Pokey wept that he hadn't spent enough special time just with me. Each time I was bewildered. I tried to validate his experience, but also I think kids are insatiable. Also exhausted - we spent a lot of time in the pool each day.

Apparently Hawaii missed Pokey enormously. I expected her to enjoy having some space, but it's quite touching that she felt so sad. They have not spent nights apart since Pokey was a baby, I think.

Ace had her first gymnastics lesson. (She wanted to do gymnastics all year long, and not ballet. But since she was not yet three, she would have been consigned to the parent-tot class which is kind of a drag.)

The next day she kept saying her legs hurt, and we realized that her little legs were sore from all that jumping and running. Is that the cutest injury possible?

(Ephemera trapped in my head: the lyrics to a song that my third grade teacher made us sing to the the gym teacher on the occasion of his retirement. We have run, run, run till our little legs were sore. We have jumped and climbed till we couldn't go no more. We have kicked and ...(mumble I forget)...till something rhymes with sore, for YOU Coach Vickers, for you! There were a lot of verses. I guess most of it is not trapped in my brain, after all. I remember not liking Coach Vickers very much.)

On Saturday my neck and shoulder blades were spasming again, and I was quite upset. I hadn't been on a computer, or using my phone, or hunching over. I thought I must have some underlying condition that will worsen and hurt me.

Then we went swimming after dinner. I threw the football as far as I could, to Pokey. My shoulder blade and neck lit up like they were on fire. I realized that I was just super ridiculously sore from throwing a football the day before, in the pool.   Much less cute than Ace's soreness, but I was very relieved to have located the trigger.

Hawaii ended school and started a summer program at the daycare. Which means we've entered the holy grail: a single drop-off location all summer long.  Amazing.

I am punting for one more week on the things that I mentioned last week that I would post about this week.


rebeccastob at 2016-06-09 03:01 (UTC) (Link)

yay summer!

That is a cool thing to do (take a trip with just one kid) I feel like I never get one on one time with my kids. I don't want to think about more than one drop-off location ever! Quite a few more years before P goes to middle school while M is still in elementary. I'm seriously considering signing the kids up for gymnastics classes (only 4 weeks) this summer. One of M's friends from school is doing it and I think he would be a complete natural and love it. I'm procrastinating on setting up M and P's birthday party because I'm having severe social anxiety! My kids still have 2 more weeks of school (school strike at the beginning of the year) and we are adjusting to going back to 50% custody with Eric moved back to Seattle.
heebie_geebie at 2016-06-13 04:12 (UTC) (Link)

Re: yay summer!

Yeah, our summer began weirdly early. I can't figure it out - it was still May. It's never been that early here before.

I think gymnastics would be great for them! it's not competitive, it's a little scary, requires strength and you get to do cool stuff. My friend's kid is somewhat on the competitive track of actual gymnastics, which is a whole nother thing, of course.

Hope that the custody stuff continues to match your inclinations! It would probably be nice to get a break from time to time?

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