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4 kittens

This is soooo comfortable.

Posted on 2016.07.31 at 23:13
Lake-related milestones: While being pulled by the boat, Hawaii and Pokey got thrown from the tube, into the lake. And enjoyed it! They also enjoy the slide, as opposed to merely tolerating it.

Ace went on a gentle tube ride and did not enjoy it. Also a gentle jet ski ride which she was neutral on. Also a floaty turtle, which she adored. Rascal likes throwing rocks in the lake. Ace also likes throwing rocks in the lake.

I'm not sure who gets the most improved award - last year Ace was only willing to stick her toes in the water, but Pokey had his broken arm in his cast. Right before we left Texas, Pokey officially also passed his swim test. He can successfully swim across the deep end. It takes him 15 minutes and is exhausting just to watch all that ineffiecient scrambling.

Or maybe me: I finally successfully water skied. For the past few years, I've gotten dragged by my face two or three times, and then given up. But this time I got up and found my balance, and cruised in an arc for awhile.


Scene - on the rocks at the beach of the lake.
Ace: Pick me up!
Me: Put on your water shoes! The rocks always hurt your feet, and you always want to be picked up.
Ace, stepping gingerly on the rocks: No, mom! This is comfortable. I'm soooooo comfortable.
Then she fell to her knees and crawled to the water.

My sister has rasberries on her fingers!

Sometimes the abyss gets me down.

So I close my eyes and dream...

about riding labrador retrievers.


Jammies, his brothers, and I drove up to Glacier National Park and went puttering around on a short trail.  Water can be so powerful, like when it carves out deep crevasses in rock:

It has carved out these deep round grooves. Somehow the scale shrunk in the photos.

Overall, it was very pretty:

I said, it was very pretty:

If I had to describe it, I'd go with pretty:

Things like this make me think "pretty":

But my in-laws' place is pretty too:

and one night the sky was ultra-glowing:


A month ago, I got a call from the plastic surgeon's office. I was visiting with friends, so I did not answer the phone. When I called back the next morning, the scheduler said, "I called you to schedule your surgery for October. But since you didn't answer, I went to the next person. October is all booked up now."
"What!" I said. "But I miss calls all the time!"  We discussed how I'd be out of luck if she called while I was, say, teaching.
I asked, "When will you be scheduling for November? Can I just call you that day?"
The scheduler said no, they don't know when they'd schedule for November. It could be a week later, it could be months. "We have people who have been trying to schedule their surgery since April," she said.

The conversation took a while because I could not wrap my brain around this idiotic, impossible scheduling system. But finally I said, "What if I call you every morning and ask if it's the November scheduling day?"
"That'd be fine," she said, and the conversation ended.

So I did. The next day, she said, "Well, it's not going to be this soon."
"I just want to get in the habit of calling!" I said cheerily.

There were two ways it could go: either I could piss her off and she could sabotage my appointment, or she could admire my pluck and help ensure I got scheduled for November. Or a third possibility: she would not give a fuck either way, and I'd get an appointment for November if I happened to get one.

Most days I just left a message on her machine. I had a little reminder set on my phone to go off every day. "Hi," I'd recite, "This is Heebie. If today is the day that scheduling opens up for November, count me in! I'm a YES! thanks!" and then I'd hang up.

And then amazingly, last Wednesday she answered and said, "Today's the day! It's scheduling day!"  It was hard to believe it actually came to pass, so resigned I was to my daily call.

She then said, "We actually had a cancellation in October. So you have your choice of days, either in October or November."  I chose October. So I think she admired my plucky determination after all. I'm all booked!

My mom has been encouraging me to get the fat injections along with the scar revision. "As you get older, you lose fat in those spots where you need extra padding," she said. "If it's bony now, it will only get worse." On my end, I want to get all the surgeries before I get tattoos. So I'm leaning towards getting the fat injections, too.


The kids found Jammies' sister's old dance recital costumes:

Rascal dances:

Ace dances:


When I got back from Illinois, two weeks ago, I couldn't find my heart necklace. It is my favorite necklace, for over ten years. I was very distraught and saw it as the end of an era, the era in which I wore this heart necklace, the one in which all four kids as babies liked to put in my mouth, and laugh so hard when I made exaggerated ptooey sounds to spit it out.

But then I found it!  In my jeans pocket. I can't tell you how relieved I was.

What a dumb thing to blog about. I think it's a testament to how attached I am to that necklace.


Pokey decided he wanted to make a bow and arrow. He spent a lot of time rambling about how he needed a rock for the tip of the arrow, and a feather for the shaft. He gathered up a stash of supplies, twigs and twine, feathers and rocks. I felt sure he'd have a meltdown when it didn't work out.

But then Jammies helped, and it actually worked quite well.

The arrow does in fact have a pointed rock tip and a feather tail.

The arrow flies about ten feet, fairly straight. (Like time, not like fruit flies.)


Ace cuddled up in my lap, the other night, and sweetly said, "I wish you were real." Oh honey, me too? What are we talking about?

Rascal is in mega-mynah mode. My favorite new phrase of his is a sing-song "Aah  aah AAAHHH!" which was cryptic until we realized it was paired with Ace's "What the heck!" The cadence and timing are the main clues. Now we say "what the heck!" back to him and he is gleeful.

We took away Rascal's pacifier during the daytime. It really emphasizes how many teeth he has. He looks like Stitch:

Not the ears.

He's got some complete sentences all of a sudden: I want some more pizza! I want to see the phone! You mostly understand through context, because his articulation is terrible: Iwa so mo peez! Iwa see pho! That kind of thing.


I told the kids that "hair" is an abbreviation for "head underwear". As in, H-(eadunderw)-air. Hair.

Later Pokey came up alongside me and asked quietly, "Does it
really? Is 'hair' really short for 'head underwear'?" (I told him the truth.)


Apparently Hawaii sings this song to her siblings at night, to the tune of "Hush, Little Baby":
Shut up annoying siblings, shut up now
Or else I'm going to scream out holy cow.
And if you still can't hear my scream,
Your sister's going to buy you some artichoke ice cream.
And artichoke ice cream is not all,
I'm also going to buy you some alcohol.
And if that alcohol's too sweet
Your sister's gonna buy you another treat.
And if you lose that other treat,
Sister's going to buy you something neat.

I think it peters out into a fit a giggles, canonically.


Our housekeeper was showing me photos of her grandmother's house, where her mother now lives. The house has been in the family for over a hundred years. It's in Aguacalientes. The walls are two foot thick adobe, white. It is a hacienda-style, with an open courtyard garden in the center. The bedrooms are all accessed through the courtyard. The door frames come up about halfway to the ceiling. They're currently renovating the house, and she is going back and forth with her mother, trying to get the mother to save and reuse all the original wood beams.

I would like a courtyard in the middle of a house. I would like to be the type of person who fills it with flowers, but I'm more likely to be the kind of person who does not get around to it.


On Tuesday, we start driving home. We stretched out our vacation this year because my mom will be in Denver on Friday, accepting an award on behalf of my grandmother. So we stayed in Montana for nine days instead of five or six, and we'll stop in Denver for three days. Total, we'll be away for 18 days. I can't remember the last time I was away for that long.

At hotels, here's how we sleep: Rascal goes in the pack-n-play. Jammies and Hawaii share one of the queen beds, and Pokey and I share the other. Ace puts her sleeping bag in between the two queen beds. Sometimes Ace climbs in one of the beds.

One time I was so smushed between Pokey and Ace that I got up, and laid down in Ace's sleeping bag. It's a dinky indoor sleeping bed, with a picture of Anna and Elsa from Frozen on it.  It came up just past my waist. I just needed some space long enough to fall asleep - halfway through the night I climbed back in bed with them.

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