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4 kittens

El en of ex.

Posted on 2016.10.03 at 20:48
September is dead! Long live October! September can die a fiery death.  I hate that stupid month.

Jammies extended his trip by one day, in order to stop in Denver and meet his sister's new baby. The baby is now two weeks old.  When the baby was only three or four days old, his bilirubin count went up, and he began having seizures. They went back to the hospital.

It turned out to be a virus - parechovirus - that got in his little baby brain. By the time Jammies got there, he was mostly off oxygen and generally doing better, so it can get filed away as a very scary incident. But: very scary. (It is possible there could be longterm damage, but they won't know for a while.)

How was the extra day that Jammies was out of town?  Not great!

Sunday night, around 3 am, E. Messily woke me up to go to the ER. She was having unusually severe back spasms - when laying flat on her back, her legs would fling vertically up - and some weird bladder symptoms.  (She's okay.) The next day it quasi-flooded, but did not get up to our house.

(Taking photos every 15 minutes to determine the pace of the water rising.)  (Our neighbor's house took on some water, just from street run-off. I worry about them, a bit.) Later my AC stopped working in the car.

Nobody had lice, nobody puked, nobody broke their arm.   One glass got shattered into a zillion pieces:

which seemed briefly devastating.

Jammies got home. The house returned to some semblance of order.


I took Rascal and Ace block-walking for a local election on Saturday. Not the councilmember for whom I'm treasuring; a newbie who is on P&Z with me but running for council. Block-walking is the worst!

Ace is holding Mr. Cheeserock, her new buddy, from someone's landscaping.  Some of the people wouldn't open their door more than a few inches for me.

One month of block-walking and then an election. (How is the election going? Future readers: I have not mentioned the terrifying undercurrent due all of us who dare to merely exist during this election season, but for posterity's sake, this captures my perspective:

This election is like if your friends pick dinner and 3 vote pizza and 2 vote "kill and eat you". Even if pizza wins, there's a big problem.

Constantly, this is how I feel. It is stressful. This country is susceptible to fascist conmen, in a way I didn't quite believe this until this cycle.)

I don't know why this tickled me. They're right, that is in fact how you read ln x outloud. It just looks so spanish. El en, el señor de logoritmos naturales.


Here is a joke from Ace:
"Do you know what chewed up tortilla is?"
"No, what?"
"CHICKEN!" with mouth wide open, to show the chewed up tortilla. I guess this is see-food for post-millenials.


At xfit, we had a day recently where the last thing we did was just to bust out your best time time for a mile. I felt crisp and nimble as I paddled out there. My gait is long, my stride has pace! But my time was 10:30. How terribly slow.


Mum season, finally.


We watched some terrible TV show that Hawaii knew from school. ("Hawaii, how exactly do you know this show?"
"Watching it on the ipads at school during ipad time," she answered. It was unclear if the teacher failed to realize the kids were watching TV shows on the school ipads, or if the teacher just didn't care.)

Anyway: in the show, the main character can talk to unicorns. The main character meets some new friends. The new friends ask, "What's your unicorn's name?"
The main character answers, "Her name is Lydia."
The supporting characters gasp and ask "How did you know that???" and the main character reveals that, ayup, she can talk with unicorns.

I'm mortally offended by this dialogue. People ask one another what the name of their pets are, all the time! Knowing your pet's name doesn't mean you're pet-lingual. It means you named them.


Hawaii reminded Pokey how much he liked wearing dresses when he was little. She did it in a mischievious, leading way, and I lit into her not to make fun of him. Then Pokey decided he'd like to wear dresses again. He and Hawaii went into her closet and fetched him a dress, and a separate silver sparkly tiered skirt to wear under it. He was pretty excited to put it on.

I was more nervous today than I was when he was in preschool - what if one of the adults was an ass? But he seemed content at the end of the day. Good.

For Rosh Hashana last night, we joined up with another family to throw some bread in the water and eat some apples and honey.  A new year sounds good to me; I'm pretty done with this one.


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2016-10-04 12:57 (UTC) (Link)

That Tweet

That tweet is so exactly right. Aargh.

Y'all have a sweet new year!
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