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4 kittens

Must will be tired and weary.

Posted on 2016.11.13 at 22:26
Look what a normal week it's been:

Haha. Gentle posterity, I'm being ironic.

The shock can be blamed directly on the pollsters; the fear and anxiety can be blamed on Trump. These are two very different things. The pollsters' predictions were so abysmally wrong that I think they affected Clinton's campaign strategies into a self-propelling fake-out-prophecy. What I mean is: Clinton would have run a very different campaign if her team had thought it was a close race*. She ran a dismal campaign for a close race, but a reasonable campaign for a blowout - focus on increasing the landslide, not locking down the easy states.

*I know they seemed to realize in the last week that they were in danger of losing, so don't bust my chops over that.

What am I doing. I do not want to talk politics here.  Let me claw myself out of that spiral. (I am pretty obsessed with the clinically incompetent pollsters.)

'Tis the season of our apple-sized acorns. They pelt the house when the wind blows. They can really bean you, if you were to get hit.

The crazy and generous neighbors have taken in a mom and her four kids, ages 1, 2, and 4, 5. So now there are 12 kids  and 3 adults in the house next door. And two kittens and a bunny, but they're trying to get rid of the bunny. ("We think dad is allergic. Do you want the bunny? We don't want to just set it free, but if we can't find someone...") The house is three bedrooms, maybe 1300 square feet. They are seriously generous and kind, and also Trump supporters, according to their second eldest. (Who also said that they were friends with the Trumps, and that clowns killed a girl behind our house.) It's hard to wrap my head around it, but that's the theme of the week, so.

(We left Ace over there on Saturday evening by mistake. Friends came over, and our kids reappeared to play with their kids, and I hung out with the grown-ups. Some hours later, the second eldest neighbor kid rang the doorbell, Ace in tow. She'd been watching a movie, and when it ended, she discovered her brother and sister were gone. She was very upset. I was very upset. How could I forget my Ace? I'm still so upset that I debated not sharing the story, just to edit history. Obviously I edit history all the time here. I don't know why I am including this upsetting story. It's been a long, wearying week.)

Rascal will be two on Friday! Here is one thing we bought for him:

OMG SO CUTE.  Little groceries, little HEB brand indoctrination. Along with the little weiners and tortillas and milk, there's little nuggets, ice cream, pasta, canned beans, cereal, and little reusable shopping bag. It's really the HEB branding that I'm finding so adorable. It is all identical to the stuff cluttering up our pantry.

Pokey was born in 2010, and Rascal was born in 2014, both in late November. Thus Pokey will miss voting in the 2028 presidential election by just a few weeks, and Rascal will miss voting in the presidential election of 2032 by just a few weeks.  Sorry guys, that must be frustrating! (Must will be frustrating. Will must be frustrating. I guess there's no future tense of 'to must'. Will be must word soup.)

Unrelated to that, Hawaii spontaneously announced, "Mom, when I turn eighteen, I won't be like Bye, see ya! I'm outta here!"
"That's nice," I said.
"I'll wait a few days to pack up my things, and then I'll move out."
Okay then!

Jury duty is over for Jammies. They sentenced the guy on election day. It was a molestation case of an uncle on his mentally disabled 14 year old niece. The case was not as awful as it could have been - the girls did not appear to be traumatized from it, at least by the time of the trial? Terrible but not excruciating? Is that itself an awful thing to say about such a situation?

The other thing that eased things considerably is that the jury members were all more-or-less in agreement. No one went all vigilante on them. Still, it took seven workdays in all.

Isn't this a good approximation of normality? Way to go, Heebie!  Heebieville has been ground zero for some of the racist fallout - on Wednesday, the lede of a New York Times article was:

The fliers depicting men in camouflage, wielding guns and an American flag, appeared in men’s restrooms throughout Texas State University: “Now that our man Trump is elected,” they said. “Time to organize tar and feather vigilante squads and go arrest and torture those deviant university leaders spouting off that diversity garbage.”
There was a big protest the next day - 13 hours long.

Heebie U is tense, too. A letter went out on Friday afternoon, sharply bringing the campus to task for the spike in hate speech, although no specific incident was singled out.

Doesn't it look like spooky ghosts are watching over Ace and Rascal? (I love Ace's expression.) Also, they're only pretending to play.  They're pretending to kill Jurassic Park dinosaurs:

Here is a thing I like to do: sing out grandly, "My liiiiiiiiiposuction ittttttches!" Because it does. And I think I'm funny.

At my follow-up appointment, I asked how much fat they'd sucked out. The nurse looked it up. "About 800 cc," she said. "We put in 40 cc on your left side, and 56 cc onto your right side."   She said that was a significant amount of liposuction - I was very fibrous, so they had to spin it way down to get the good stuff for the fat grafting.  How nice for me. (I don't think it shows, but my waistbands are a touch looser.)

Let's assume next week will be better.  

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