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4 kittens

We are Willing to Try

Posted on 2016.12.04 at 22:56
I spent about three hours today combing nits (and the occasional full grown louse) out of Pokey's hair. I don't know how much detail you want me to go into, here - if you want to hear about tiny nits all over my fingers that I can feel, like grains of sand, but just cannot get to drop off my finger into the water? about straining my eyes to see if I've gotten every little speck out of the nit comb?

Pokey has been itching his head for over a month, and I've checked him a hundred times for lice because it seemed so telling, but never found anything. Today I still didn't see anything, but decided to take the comb to his head anyway. It turns out that this case of lice was brown - way more brown than any lice I've seen before. Usually they're a grayish-white color. Evolving bastards! Pokey had a monstrous infestation.

Despite that, none of the other kids have lice. This is more evidence to support my theory: lice are actually pretty hard to contract. We panic and act like they're cooties and that you have to bleach the place down, but that's based on the faulty assumption that you discovered your kid's lice very shortly after the time of infection. I suspect that parents don't know their kid has lice for a month or more, and then it's a beast to get rid of it. But it doesn't actually spread very easily.

Art by Rascal

Turkey on a cupcake wrapper, art on plate, green string on pumpkin.

Blue paint in Ziploc, Chameleon (traditional)

Fire Truck on Fire

Rascal learns to play dead.
No that's not it. Rascal learns to Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Monster Looking Askance

Hatchet Victim With Eyes on Foot; Forensics Scene.

Should I tell you instead how

...we were supposed to go watch Ace dance Saturday night with her ballet class, at the Heebieville Christmas Festival? It started raining on Friday, and the organizers posted peppy updates, "Sights & Sounds is still on! See you Saturday morning for the Fun Run!" (Isn't Sights & Sounds a dippy name? The whole thing is anachronistic.)

Saturday was cold and raining. Think how cold and wet the bales of hay would be getting, the bales on which the audience sits. How many umbrellas would be blocking the view of the kids dancing. How unpleasant it is to be sitting still while you're in cold drizzle. How the dancers would be freezing and dancing on a damp stage, even if it technically stopped raining.

Finally they cancelled Sights & Sounds, and so we were spared. Ace was kind of bummed about missing her performance.

Art by Ace

Series of three works, "Phoning It In," by Ace Geebie.

I could tell you about Friday -

Senior seminars, math department dinner, too many cookies.

A bunch of our senior math majors are really into weight-lifting. I hold office hours from 2-3 this semester. It's been a thing where they'd come in for help on Abstract Algebra, and then say abruptly, "2:30. It's lifting time."  I've coopted this phrase and love to ask them if it's lifting time yet, and to assign lifting along with regular homework. Remember, guys, 2:30. Lifting time.

Art by Pokey

This turkey is on an index card. It would be nice to carry it in your wallet so that you could flash it at someone to put them on notice.

That frog hanging from a moon is really nice. So is that goat. I don't think Pokey drew this on his own.


Next we explore a series: Colorful, Assisted by Pre-Drawn Outlines: Fall, 2016

That ram cracks me up: Forgiveness: Clearing the record of those who have wronged me and not holding a grudge. The essence of a ram.

We come to the partner series: Freehand on Manila Paper:

America With Purple Sky (subtitled: I do see color.)

Monkeys? Bugs? Thanksgiving Table? I should ask Pokey what's in this one.

Loves his Mama.

Still Life, Gourds, 2016.

I'm Not Sure of the Correct Orientation of This One.

A Gift, Aerial View

Millenium Pokey, Very Proud.

Probably nothing happened on Thursday.

All I take to work is my work bag, my purse, a lunch and a coffee cup. For lunch I just rummage through the fridge at the last minute.

I used to pack: my work bag, my purse, a lunch, shower stuff and towel, work clothes, toiletries, pumping machine, empty bottles, and a cooler to take milk home. I remember crying at the sheer number of different objects I had to remember to pack, just to go to work.

Earlier this semester, they told me to stop showering in our building. Our building is an old dorm. The mold levels have been hovering around uninhabitable levels, and so they got very strict in an attempt to keep it under control. That is why I no longer have to pack all that shower stuff - I have just been going home to shower. It's really pleasant.

Despite their draconian shower policy, they were unable to keep the mold from blossoming, and so we'll be moving out of our building at winter break. I liked our building, but it had it's drawbacks. The future is an open office.

Hawaii's Art

This is so wonderful, I can't stand it.  The most wholesome indoctrination.

This seemed a bit over-prescriptive. But Hawaii did quite a nice job within the constraints of the medium.

I really like these guys.

Now that one is just amazing:
Draw and color a picture on the other side of this paper of what you imagine it would be like to spend Christmas with a Cop (Police Officer). Dibuja y colorea una imagen al otro lado de este papel de lo que tu imaginas seria passar la Navidad con un policia.

I think both kids got this sent home. Should we submit this?


Or Wednesday -

...family night at Sights & Sounds. Halfpriced rides. The temperature plummeted while we were there and we were all bricks of exhausted ice by the time we got home.

Ace was interested in rides for the first time:

We even rode a small roller coaster, which she enjoyed at first and then hated.

Rascal would not ride any rides, which was surprising.

The arts and crafts tent was shlocky and undesirable.

Those are lightbulbs.

Pokey is the blur partway down the purple slide.

Hawaii is the blur partway down the green slide.

It was really cold and we stayed too late.

Before Sights & Sounds

I got my haircut.  Diana, circa 1981:

Me, circa 2016.  I printed out the photo of Diana for the stylist to use; this isn't a post hoc comparison. It turned out pretty good. I'm still working on my pouty glower.

It's definitely more work than the bob I've been sporting. Cowlicks to tame, feathers to fly.

Art by E. Messily

Cuddly black cat for Pokey's birthday.

Note the teeny pads on the adorable feet.

Dorothy doll sporting new haircut and new clothes, for Ace:

Apparently this snap basically entailed the precision of sewing one thousand angels to the tip of a needle. Sewing all their tiny wings together.

Art by Jammies

December! We are willing to try!


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2016-12-05 12:54 (UTC) (Link)


My head is itching just reading about the lice.

I love the art, especially the forgiveness ram!
heebie_geebie at 2016-12-12 04:30 (UTC) (Link)


I've checked my own head a DOZEN TIMES this week and I still feel as though I have lice, when I start thinking about it. I have a whole spun out fear about how my aging skin is too insensitive to actually feel the bites, and so the fact that I'm not itchy is misleading.
panisdead at 2016-12-06 03:46 (UTC) (Link)
Forgiveness Ram is a tortured reference to Abraham and Isaac, y/n? I forgive you for not sacrificing me, dad?

I agree with you about the lice. I think you have to work way harder to acquire them than the CDC would have you believe. Hoss had a terrible infestation when he was about seven--discovered while camping in Canada--and I never got them, despite sleeping inches away from him for days. Ugh.
(Anonymous) at 2016-12-11 02:18 (UTC) (Link)
Herbie, that is a super fetching haircut on you!
Turgid Jacobian
heebie_geebie at 2016-12-12 04:33 (UTC) (Link)
why thanks!! I'm super pleased with it, and very tickled by the compliment.
heebie_geebie at 2016-12-12 04:32 (UTC) (Link)
Hmm, I suppose! So you're saying it is not a reference to our high school?

On the plus side, I think I'm becoming lice-competent. Which is good, because apparently schools no longer send kids home for lice, and so the elementary school is just a teeming hell-mouth of lice.

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