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A Tour of Geebie Love for Material Things

Posted on 2016.12.25 at 22:20
Merry xmas! Ours was pretty merry. I picked out some great stuff to tell Jammies to tell his family to get for me. Like a new ski jacket:

Do ski jackets look odd as regular jackets? I can't remember. But I love this enough to wear it more often than I go skiing, which is twice: once on Friday, and once in 1996.

Skiing on Friday: it was fun? When it wasn't too scary? I'm notoriously chickenshit.  I want to ski well enough to function as a parent on the slopes. Otherwise I'll lose out on lots of good times. Or: I could learn to make a mean hot chocolate and read novels by a fireplace and fawn over everyone when they return with their aching shins and coo over their great adventures.  That sounds nice, too.

(Chair lifts: what the utter fuck. How is it that we sit dangling twenty yards in the air? We all resist the compulsion to hurtle our cell phones and ourselves into the air? Terrifying.)

The kids had a ski lesson and had fun, so I suppose they will be skiers. How weird that I'm raising kids who are comfortable boating and skiing.

I also got this sweater:

which is my kind of shlubby.

and Hawaii made me this bracelet-necklace:

which took longer to make than you'd think. The buttons are threaded in a careful pattern.

I got Jammies a bunch of shoes that I liked. He is keeping these:

and these:

but returning these:

because they rub his foot in a weird way. Which works out well, because those were thrice as expensive as the other two, combined.

Jammies already has great shoes - this was not some passive-aggressive move to improve his closet. I just got a wild hare.


Attack baby, with steamy safety goggles.

Rascal got Hungry Hungry Hippos. Also train tracks and trains, car tracks and cars. Spent hours playing with his cousin's new kitchen set. He plays a lot with ours at home, as well.


was the most expressive with glee. First she got this Elsa doll, on Christmas Eve. (Jammies' family does most of the presents on Christmas Eve, and then a few things from Santa on Christmas morning.)  She yelped, she was so happy.

On Christmas morning, she didn't bother to run upstairs with the rest of the kids. I had to go down and get her. "I already got everything I asked for," she told me, contentedly. She's very like that. I picked her up and took her upstairs.

On the stairs she said, in her dead-teenage voice, "Mom. Do we have to do the sorting thing again?"  I laughed and told her no. She meant the excruciating five minutes on Christmas Eve, when she had to sit still, patiently, and salivate, while the presents were being distributed to the recipients.

But then she yelped again, Christmas morning, when she saw what Santa brought her:

Six barbie-sized Disney princess dolls.  She is snuggled right in the crook of Capitalism's elbow right now, sighing contentedly.


We would not let him open his giant Lego set, and so he obsessively studied every page of the instructions all day.

He also pored over this Giant Dictionary of All Star Wars Lego Sets Ever:

 Mostly I didn't see him much this week - he played with his cousins and kept to himself, and came over to give me the occasional hug.


So excited about her Pokemon cards and organizational binder that she didn't get around to opening her other presents for a good ten minutes:

See her stocking and presents to the left on the couch? Cannot compete with the organizational passion due her new Pokemon binder.

She also got an EZ Bake Oven, and made us some salty brownies and some oreos. The pre-packaged stuff makes three cookies at a time.

This abandoned letter to Santa is killing me. What? What angle was she developing? Surely "Everybody thinks they try to be good all year, but..." But what? What?   There is also a half-written Christmas Book that I really hope she finishes writing.

The kids also got scooters, but those are still in their boxes. It was cold and icy out.

Thus concludes the Tour of Geebie Joy of Tangibles. Tomorrow we head to Dallas for a few days with my side of the family.

We Also Did a Hanukkah Thing:

There was Hanukkah gilt in each box.  There's another four drawers that we didn't bring to Denver, because we're leaving before those corresponding days.

We didn't do candles, because we weren't at home, and we didn't do Taco Cabanakah, because we weren't at home, and we didn't do Mow The Lawnakkah, because scripture dictates that you only do that when you have an E. Messily with whom to share your delight in the absurdity.

Before Xmas, there was ice skating

Hawaii ice skates:

Pokey ice skates:

They have distinctly different styles: Hawaii does not like to fall. She stayed close to the wall. Pokey falls hard, over and over and over again, and shakes it off.  Within their parameters, they both did very well.  (Hawaii is taking after me. Pokey is Jammies.)

Ace ice skates:

Just kidding. No she doesn't.

Not only does she not skate, she takes off her mittens, hat, and boots, and sits there stubbornly, freezing. Not whiny, but not enjoying herself.

Pokey skates:

He had a ball.


(Anonymous) at 2016-12-26 13:37 (UTC) (Link)
For some reason the abandoned letter to Santa really resonated with me as part of a dialogue in a hard-boiled Xmas mystery.

Also: I'm not looking forward to taking the Noser and Rilee ice skating this week. I always hurt my back keeping them from dying.
(Anonymous) at 2016-12-26 13:43 (UTC) (Link)
Oops, that was me (and what a lovely card, thank you. Cute little brood!)
heebie_geebie at 2017-01-02 05:04 (UTC) (Link)
why thanks!
heebie_geebie at 2017-01-02 05:04 (UTC) (Link)
My back hurts! And I haven't done anything! How was it?
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