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4 kittens

The Goobers Go Camping

Posted on 2017.01.16 at 21:52
I am pretty run down and tired. Let's do this!

This weekend we camped in our CCC cabins.

We brought Goobers camping.  Not those goobers above, the Goobers that is swirled PB and J, together in a single jar. I finally decided I was waging a war against our children for being unwilling to eat PB&J.

The Goobers worked! The goobers are now eating PB&J! Pyrrhic victories for all!

Nothing In Excess

We did not have to work to make the goobers like tortillas and ketchup. It's so gross but they all love it. Ace said, "I'm going to call it 'cheetah skin and blood'." That does not make it less gross.

Clever Men Are Good But Not The Best. Deep down, I think we all know that's true.

Pokey spent the weekend with his gang:

Their bond was the stuff of movies like Stand By Me. They are all the same height. They never fight. Two of them are identical twins. They stayed immersed in their foursome imaginary turf for 72 hours. At one point, I heard Pokey yell, "I've got the power of BACKSPACE!"  That's some next-level control-alt-delete power right there.

Cobwebs Are Always Found in Dirty Corners. Of one's character?

Our friend's 8 year old said, "Jammies reserved all the cabins because he's the oldest and he takes good care of us." Jammies does take good care of all of us, but he's not the oldest.

No Man Sees His Shadow Who Faces The Sun.

On Saturday, Jammies woke up with the kids at 6 and cooked everyone breakfast. On Sunday, Jammies woke up with the kids at 6 and tended to them.  Then he announced that he was planning on drinking bloody marys (maries?) until he passed out at 4:30. He didn't make it that long. He got super day-drunk and I put him to bed by early afternoon.

This is how you know that Jammies needs a break. He was all worn out, and doesn't know how to just take a nap, like the rest of us goobers. Poor guy. Also he got to get rowdy-drunk, which is always fun.

Mud Thrown is Ground Lost.

Hawaii found this cool thing. It's about the size of a soup spoon, but knotty gnarled wood.

It was drizzly, we ate communal chili, one friend tore a bunch of ligaments in her wrist tripping over a suitcase in the middle of the night.  There were a lot of banjos and guitars and singing of folk songs.

Happiness is the only good.

Those are the only mantels I photographed, although there were nine cabins of families total. (No one stayed in A Man is as Big as the Things That Annoy Him, our cabin from last year.)

The kids ran around in a big unsupervised pack. I remember that rare feeling as a kid: being somewhere special where for some reason, my parents are letting us roam wild and free. Complete independence. It's pretty intoxicating.


Last Tuesday we had a five hour planning meeting. There was a very contentious alcohol permit. Ahead of time I prepared my thoughts on the matter, and presented them with gravitas. Basically I gave a pompous speech, on the dais.

Afterwards our councilmember texted me, "Nice work tonight on G-----'s! Good points on the plan the community adopted together is only as good as we as policy makers enforce it! You were inspiring!"  (That means she was watching our meeting on TV.)

AW SHUCKS! Me!  I felt like I got an A+ in civic duty.

My grad school advisor ran for Congress once back in 2004. Last summer, I asked his advice on how to talk folksy instead of mathematical, up on the dais with the planning committee.  He gave me very specific framings and phrases for several issues I tossed at him, and I wrote his advice down. The councilmember was specifically praising my advisor's language.  I still felt flattered. Knowing who to copy is most of life, right?


Here was my closet:

Hanging objects on the left, shelves on the right. This photo was taken after I'd removed most of the hanging items.

Ghost of hanging items on the left.

Muddled shelves on the right.

I asked Jammies to re-do my closet for xmas. While I was in Madison with Hawaii, and while Jammies was watching three kids, he also re-did my closet.

Now it looks like so:

Two rows of hangers in the middle.

Shelves along the far right.

Shelves along the far left.  I'm so excited, I'm not kidding.

Full of my clothes:

My, what nice clothes.

Shelves on the left.

Shelves on the right.

I have ordered a whole bunch of fancy clothes hangers, so if you're lucky, you might get another update. It's really very exciting. I don't know how to make that sound sincere, but it is.


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2017-01-17 04:52 (UTC) (Link)

Camping trip!

That sounds like a wonderful camping trip. We have CCC cabins near us, up at Devil's den. Maybe we should try camping!
heebie_geebie at 2017-01-23 04:19 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Camping trip!

You really totally should. These are so incredibly charming and durable and eccentric and lovable. I imagine those were the specs all of them were built to.
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