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4 kittens

Documenting the cutest little grunty moans

Posted on 2017.04.23 at 22:59
It's birthday week!

Four years ago (and some change), Jammies and I were laying in bed one morning. Hawaii was almost 4, and Pokey was 2 1/2. They'd gotten themselves out of bed, turned on the TV, and were quietly keeping to themselves.

We marvelled that we'd reached a stage where we could sleep in, a little. I was 9 months pregnant with Ace, and so we also noted that we were about to ruin it. "What are we doing?" we muttered, "why would we plunge ourselves back into sleep-hell, when we're beginning to emerge?"  we said rhetorically, "Who knows how long it will be until our youngest is 2 1/2 again?"

The answer is: April 2017. Exactly four years later.  Now Ace is Hawaii's age, Rascal is Pokey's age. And it's true! Recently, on a Saturday, Jammies and I dozed until 7:30 or so, while the kids amused themselves!

We are on a four year cycle - our unit measurement is four years long. Hawaii and Ace turning four and eight years old, respectively, seems a little momentous. The little two have once again become the ages that the big two used to be.

Eight years ago (and some change), I was 9 months pregnant with Hawaii, and we weren't yet parents, although my belly was distended and drooping. My due date had come and gone. We were a house of adults. All these momentous changes were about to begin.

Basically we have had a five day bender of kid birthdays, this week:

Day 1: Wednesday
Here's what Jammies posted:

Here's what Hawaii wanted for dinner:

Corn dogs and tamales. She also wanted corn as a vegetable, but it didn't happen for dull reasons. So we only had two forms of corn.

And ice cream:

and a new bike:

Day 2: Thursday
we opened a care package from my mom:

I'm so sentimental about these shirts. My mom must have bought twenty of them in California in the mid-70s. She had them in every size. My parents wore them, we all wore them: they're ubiquitous in the photos.

(Mom and baby Heebie.)

My mom recently found these last seven, never worn.

I mean, now they're worn. (Hawaii's necklace is made by some friend of my mom's. Pokey's necklace was made by my Uncle W, when he was young.)

What else was in the care package?

My mom made this bed and bedding, when she was a girl. (She did not make the mini Mexican rug turned blanket.)  Apparently the mattress is made out of Kotex. (!!) My mom reports that she was not old enough to need her own supply, and so she must have swiped some from my grandmother.

Also she sent some legos, some antique Star Wars ship, some powerful fixit glue for Jammies, and this familiy of hedghogs:


Or maybe they're porcupines.

Day 3: Friday

I'm being overly documentarian about these days, and I'm kind of driving myself crazy. I have a blogging rule that I should bail on anything if I'm boring myself. This feels very tedious.

Let's pause for a plucky plant:

Look at that thing, surging through the concrete. This plant is the embodiment of grit, resilience, and growth-mindset - the holy trinity of public school reform. When we talk about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, seizing the opportunity, working hard and rising above your station, we should all picture this hard-hitting, never-quitting plant. Scrappy, thy name is cement planty.

Break over! Back to the regularly-scheduled bender!

Can I speed it up? Friday: Pokey is finally knighted. Daycare has a carnival. Elementary school has a carnival. The end.

(But Heebie, surely you have cute photos? Are you having trouble uploading them? YES ALWAYS UGH.)

This was the last knighting ceremony of the year. I was very relieved that Pokey was chosen. His virtue is Confidence. You might recognize Sir Keith from this very journal, in knighting ceremonies of yore.

Also on Friday, daycare had a carnival, with a petting zoo:

Rascal kisses a goat.

Rascal kisses bunnies.

Rascal kisses ducks.

Rascal is the kid who lunges around the neck of passing dogs. He really, really wants to love and be loved by animals.

Ace is a kid who puts up with a duck for a minute or so.

I like the picture on the left because I can hear the grunty moan he makes when he screws up his face like that. "Eyoooof." I hope I remember his little high-pitched grunty moan forever.

Also on Friday, the elementary school had a carnival:

The fake injury booth is always my favorite.  I really wanted one of them to get a head trauma wrap, but they both opted for rattlesnake bite.

Day 4 of the Grueling Birthday Bender

Will we make it, Heebie?  Saturday was Ace's actual birthday, Hawaii's birthday party, and I took Ace to a princess tea party.

I loved her blue eyeshadow.  Hawaii wore her blue eye shadow to her birthday bowling party:

and her first sleepover with a friend.  (For posterity's sake: those two in the plaid shirts are identical twins G/eronimo and K/evin. Such great names.)

After bowling, I took Ace and Pokey a princess tea party hosted by the local high school choir.  This was basically an installation musical - maybe 150 Disney characters singing and accompanying small children through reception lines and balls.

Let's make a flip book:

Ace with each of Jasmin, Belle, Rapunzel, Snow White, Merida, Anna and Elsa, Tianna and Aurora, Moana, and Lilo (of & Stitch).  Basically it was similar to how I felt at the Veronica Mars premier.

We had the absolute best time. I couldn't get over how sweet it was for these high school kids to sing their hearts out for these small children.

I wish I'd taken Rascal instead of Pokey. Pokey was emphatically too cool and not impressed by any of it. But leading up to the party, Rascal was lethargic and sick, recovering from what turned out to be a three-hour bug. In hindsight, Rascal would have been back to full health, and he would have loved the characters. But who expects a sickness to last the length of the cruise from Gilligan's Island?

Day 5: Home stretch.

Honestly, we were all partied out leading up to Ace's birthday party on Sunday.

Funny story: Jammies emailed the parents of kids in Ace's class, with the invitation to Ace's party: Sunday, from 2-4.
Ten minutes later, a parent writes back: "But my kid's party is Sunday, from 12:15-2:15!"
So Jammies re-emails the group, "Oops! I guess we didn't check Ace's mailbox! We're pushing our party back to 2:30 so everyone can go to this other kid's party!"
Then the parent emails Jammies and says, "I might not have given Ace an invitation..."
and then the parent emails the entire group and says, "Oh yeah, you're all totally invited!"

So the other parent kind of threw an ill-conceived tantrum and got caught having only invited some of the kids. It's kind of amusing in that microcosm of preschool parent melodrama way. At least to me.

Ace was very, very clear for weeks ahead of time that she wanted a ballet party with a PJ Mask cake.   The party itself was a letdown - Ace was exhausted, things did not match her expectations, etc. Finally we let her open one present and she happily busied herself with that new toy in a corner, for the last half of the party. Like I said, we were all a bit partied out.

We're so close to the end! Don't stop documenting the dumb details now, Heebie!

Ace's birthday dinner: more corndogs. Also cheese pizza. more ice cream.

Hawaii's favorite gift was this:

A latch hook rug kit. She is obsessed.  When I was her age, I had one that had a house and said Home Sweet Home. I kept it in my mom's study, and would work on it in parallel while my mom painted.

I worked on it for months and months, it seems. Relentlessly. When I finally gave up, I had about two inches along the bottom done. So Hawaii is off to a much better start than me. (All I can figure is that my grid squares must have been much tinier? or else Hawaii is just much better than I was at this.)

That's a wrap, folks! I'm really sick of corn dogs.

Also Rascal has been sleeping really shittily lately. We're not sure why but he cries a lot throughout the night.  My guess is some sort of gastrointestinal distress but he's also in the pissiest of moods.


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2017-04-24 12:26 (UTC) (Link)

Birthday Parties

That was my LEAST favorite part of the kid's childhood. Dr. Skull and I had a deal, in which we traded off. He took her to one party, and I took her to the next.

Now she hates parties as much as I do, so we're cool.

(me, delagar)
Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2017-04-24 12:26 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Birthday Parties

Oh, cool -- I'm not anonymous anymore!
heebie_geebie at 2017-05-01 03:42 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Birthday Parties

You're known again!

I don't totally hate the parties? Sometimes they're a relief because they provide structure to an otherwise cabin-fever day. I took my grading to the party and totally sat myself down away from the small-talk section and cranked out two batches of homeworks.
pfgechoes at 2017-04-24 17:21 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, crap, I got to the picture of Rascal with chocolate ice cream all over his face and just had to laugh. And those rattlesnake bites! And blue eyeshadow! I kind of wish I had been so lucky as to spend my childhood in the Geebie household.
heebie_geebie at 2017-05-01 03:43 (UTC) (Link)
Like I said elsewhere, this is beyond kind of you to say. I am flattered and touched. And also, the week after this was a doozy in some ways, so peaks and valleys.
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