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Nothing like a storm that's like the storm over Houston

Posted on 2017.08.27 at 23:11
Oh man, it's 10 pm and I haven't started posting yet, because it felt like a Saturday instead of a Sunday, because all of the schools are closed tomorrow.  "Last Saturday of the summer!" we all quipped, since the first day was postponed until Tuesday. (For the kids. My classes started this past week.) So we had a hurricane party today and drank beers, because we are all going a bit stir crazy with the lingering Hurricane Harvey drizzle. (We've had power this whole time, although some of the friends have been without since Saturday.)

Hurricane Harvey was very mild for us. Hurriboring. I did some hurribaking on Saturday and made some of my mom's cookies. My children will have the same memories of hurricanes that I had growing up: tons of anticipation and preparation and then a bunch of rainy days. There are some downed trees, a whole lot of down branches, and power outages, and that's about it.

 (Houston and further east are, of course, in the throes of wildly dangerous, destructive flooding right now, so I don't want to be too flip about it.) The eye of the hurricane stalled out over SadTown, where Heebie U is located, for much of the weekend. But we were on the far side of it, the mild side, while the north side of Harvey got pummeled, because that's how hurricanes rotate. Or rather, it's the counterclockwise face of land that gets pummeled - when they bend through the gulf and hit the west side of Florida, the south side of the hurricane gets the beating. I think.

I feel very disconnected from classes and my new students - Heebie U started last Tuesday, and then classes were cancelled on Friday and now Monday as well, and I just can't quite remember that I'll see them this coming Tuesday. They seem so distant.

My parents were in a full blown panic on Thursday, and basically badgered me into reserving a hotel. So we did have that in our back pocket, and if the hurricane had angled a bit differently, we might have used it.

By Sunday, I was so stir crazy that Pokey and I went on an epic walk through the beating drizzle. Occasionally it was quite gusty. We wandered all over for about two hours, on the edge of parks, spying all the swollen ditches and downed branches.

The first day of public school was supposed to be tomorrow, but will now be Tuesday. The big kids have been home with babysitters since theater camp ended. All of this feels a bit like suspended animation.

That's Darth Kylo Ren over Yoda. You can see Yoda's ears peeking out.

 Right now I'm watching Catastrophe with Jammies, and listening to a podcast, My Favorite Murder.  I have not watched any TV of my own selection (in any dedicated, continuous way) since I was home with Ace on maternity leave, four years ago.  Some dormant coccooned part of me is flexing its wings and remembering how great pop entertainment. People are so marvelous and funny.

Darth Kylo Ren showing off his princess slippers. But no Yoda ears anymore.

The opening song of Descendants is called "Rotten to the Core", and it's about how bad the bad kids are. They're the descendants of all the villains like Maleficient, Jafar, Cruella DeVille, and I forget who else.  The song is full of deliciously dated expressions like "A dirty no-good, down to the bone" and "They say I'm callous, a low-life hood" and "Call me a schemer." Yeah! You low-life hood, you scoundrel!  It's straight out of The Great Brain - oh no, you conniver! You've been hoodwinked!

The chorus goes:
I'm rotten to the core, rotten to the core.
I'm rotten to the core, rotten to the core.
I'm nothing like the kid that's like the kid next door
Rotten to the core, rotten to the core.

Isn't the third line divine? "I'm nothing like the kind of kid who is like the kind of kid next door. I'm more like a kind of kid who's like a bad kid who lives elsewhere." I take such pleasure in the terrible TV that my kids love. (My actual honest favorite song is It's Going Down, from Descendants 2. It's super awesome.)

Rascal is just really good at dressing up.

It's forever ago, but last Monday, Pokey and Jammies made these great pinhole boxes to see the eclipse.

They worked really well.

This week had a lot going on, but it's all so distant. (Harvey Cabin Fever has distorted time.) The big kids stayed home with babysitters all week. Hawaii got another infection, in nearly the same spot as her walnut-sized lanced chigger bite from July. We intervened much earlier. Apparently she's colonized with some sort of resistant staph. We're wiping the antibiotic cream around her nostrils twice a day; apparently it loves to hide out there. And after the antibiotics fully clear this wound, we're going to have to give her bleach baths.

One odd thing about having an eight year old is that I'm eight years older than I was when I started parenting. For a long time, your kid changes dramatically while you stay the same. But eventually, you've gotten a bit older yourself, along with them.

(I feel like I should tack on how I've grown myself, but intead I'm just going to wind down this sentence.)

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