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Villager cow, Elsa kitty, Robot blogger

Posted on 2017.10.29 at 22:11
It's not worth it to squint and try to read the first paragraph of this silly thing:

because I'll just transcribe it for you:
Surprising fact! Most students don't drink. Only 64 percent say they drank at some point during the last 30 days, according to a 2016 survey of 31,512 students by the American College Health Association.

Surprising fact: I am rarely a mathematical pedant, but this managed to irk me! 64 percent indeed.


My mother's day present is finally framed and hung!

I am pretty annoyed at how reflective the glass is; I may take it back to the framers.

I know this for sure: when they make our sitcom, the opening credits will start with that photo, and then zoom out to the larger living room, and it will say The Geebies in cursive below.  Possibly diagonal cursive.


My lovely parents Dampa Ten and Dama Tollie came to town for a very short visit. We went to a pumpkin patch:

and a karate tournament:

What are karate tournaments like? Mass chaos for 20 seconds of action. All the white belts were supposed to compete at 3:30. There were hundreds of families milling about the middle school gym, and no one had ever done this before, because all the kids were white belts. There were probably 15 different rings, and there was caution tape around all fifteen, so everyone was confined to the edges of the gym. It was very crowded.

Hawaii was incredibly nervous, and kept clutching me on the drive up and inside the gym.

They announced over the PA which gender and age went to which ring, and we bid our contestants adieu. Then they were arranged by size and matched by gender and size, and there was a short demonstration, and then the sparring started.  All the rings spar at the same time, but we got lucky that Hawaii and Pokey did not spar simultaneously.

Sparring takes maybe 30 seconds? And then they give the winner a first place trophy and the loser a second place trophy, and you're all done and can go home.

But both Hawaii and Pokey did very well! They kept their composure, kicked their opponents, bopped the opponent on the head, and so on. They each won their sparring match, and it was very sweet and we were all happy, except for the exasperation of having to drive to a different town and pay $60 for two kids (plus $30 worth of spectator tickets) for 30 seconds of action. But mostly fine.


On Saturday night, we lugged my parents to a Halloween party.

Hawaii dressed up:

She's Mal, from The Descendants 2. It's eerily spot on.

Pokey as a ninja:

First Pokey wanted to be a Villager, which involved a cloak and weapons. I loved that idea. (I kept pushing him to be a Villager-Cow, because I love costumes-dressed-up-as-other-costumes. A robot wearing a hula skirt! A pig dressed up as a king! That kind of thing.) But a ninja is also fun.

What did Ace and Rascal dress up as?

NUTHIN'. They would not put on costumes.

 Ace, who literally wears her princess costumes to school once or twice a week, would not put her Elsa costume. (I tried in vain to get her to be Elsa Kitty Cat, c/f nested costumes above.) Rascal, who is a bunnyfly one day and a puppy dog the next, would not put on the Lightning McQueen costume.

Zip, zero, ztreet clothez zonly.

Even this little dude got into the spirit:

So the wig won't get tangled between now and Halloween.

It was unusually cold this weekend. It felt so good.


This is the local Frost bank:

It's an amazing midcentury building, with those bronze panels, and a line of palm trees out front. The guy who owns it will probably tear it down and sell it to developers. I can't stand that asshole.


How did pumpkin carving go? I'll let Jammies tell it:

Pumpkin carving. # fuckhalloween # fuckweekends # fuckI35
  (Ace, Rascal, Hawaii, Pokey)

Ace knew what she wanted and had me help and was done quick.
Pokey knew what he wanted and drew it himself and I had to help him carve it because his pumpkin was hard as shit.
Hawaii drew then redrew then redrew and ended up with the cat picture you see. Although she called it a wearwolf cause Pokey also did a cat. Anyway, the second whisker broke because they were too close together and that was the final straw. She sat there and just stabbed the pumpkin for awhile and then started cutting out chunks and licking them. At one point she referenced the pumpkin as my head.
Rascal was napping and woke up late and we started carving his when my phone went off we should be leaving for a birthday party that started at 3:30 but I thought started at 5.
We didn't have time to finish because it took us over 2 hours to get home from the birthday party because of a crash on I35.

(I was off driving Dampa Ten and Dama Tollie to the airport.) Hawaii's pumpkin is indeed lacerated with little stab marks.

Later, Jammies told me, "So at one point, I was helping Hawaii. Pokey and Ace were elbow deep in their pumpkins, just going to town squishing the goop and the seeds between their fingers. I looked over, and Ace had her feet in her pumpkin. So those pajamas are in the wash, now."

Git him! Wrassle that daddy.


"How old is Taylor Swift?" asked Hawaii.
"I assume she was born in 1989," said Jammies, referencing her album. "Same as Uncle Germ."
"They're the same age?!" squeaked Hawaii, thrilled. "Maybe they'll get married and she'll be my aunt!"


This semester is really, really tiring. Worse than usual. It's not very interesting to discuss. I do not like it when my days are 120% full, on end.

Not every semester is this bad. Last spring was great, and next spring should be good. But this semester is awful.


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2017-10-30 15:40 (UTC) (Link)


I've said it before, but Ace is my hero.
heebie_geebie at 2017-11-06 04:39 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Ace

She really does have a knack for being so utterly herself.
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