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4 kittens

Loopy orbit

Posted on 2017.11.12 at 21:37
Pokey's doing very well at his new school. His remaining problems are at home: intense sibling rivalry with Hawaii, and this caged tiger snarling angry thing he does all day long.

Pokey's Dia de los Muertos alter to Big Kitty:

The plastic bag in the front symbolizes Big Kitty's obsession with chewing on plastic. The skeletons are for ambience and authenticity. Hidden behind the stuffie hanging skeleton is a photo of me, because Big Kitty loved me truly deeply madly. Also: a photo of our striped club chair (where he slept), the photo with baby Pokey, and some kitty treats.

What a good kitty he was.  Alters really are kind of touching and meaningful.

I had kind of a breakthrough insight around Pokey's restless snarling energy: he cannot handle being bored. Zero tolerance for boredom, and very little flexibility and creativity for coming up with things to do when he's in this snit.

Jammies had a lot of restless energy when he was little, or so Mimi tells me. And I certainly have an extremely low tolerance for boredom. Most of my worst moments - when I treated people poorly or was insensitive - have been when I was motivated to make the situation more interesting for myself.  So put us together and Pokey's snarling restlessness is not entirely surprising.

The lower dragonfly is the shed skin of the upper dragonfly.  Or it's just a blotchy photo of a window screen.


I was part of a faculty group involved in the aftermath of a frat party.  The various students...they sincerely do think we were born yesterday. They earnestly explained to us:
     - what it's like to take care of a drunk person - "they'll walk away on you! You have to really stay next to them!"
     - what pot is like - "No, you can totally smell it. Really, if someone is smoking pot, it's obvious"
     - what house parties are like - "There were a lot of people! The house, it has a lot of rooms. It has an inside and an outside! There's a kitchen and a living room and..."

My favorite bit was that last bit about how big the small, ordinary rental house was. I dryly repeated back to the student, "Oh really? It has an inside and an outside?"  I love that line. That kind of house.

OJ! Those aren't real goldfish!

He did actually eat one or two. OJ, I also am reminded of stale dead salty fish when I eat them. No judgment.

Jammies went to Phoenix to ride bikes with his friends. Mimi came to town to preserve my sanity. She's always the best. It's very relaxing to have Mimi running the show.

At semi-annual Sorting of the Seasonal Clothes;

That photo is pre-sort - what's stored in the attic, what's been recently passed down from other families.

Post-sort: we are sending about five garbage bags of clothes to other families. Let's call it a draw.

At Rascal's second soccer game:

He slept through the whole thing. We were there too early. Rascal ran around with the soccer ball with fifteen minutes, and then he was done. Done before it ever started.

Ace played all three 5-minute periods without fuss. She stayed far away from the ball.

At the last period, she was chosen to kick off. She stood opposite a little girl who was two full heads shorter than Ace.  The whistle blew. They both stood there. Ace looked around. Nothing happened. All the coaches and grown-ups shouted encouragingly for them to do pretty much anything. Finally the other little girl came up and gingerly toed the ball out of the way. Ace resumed jogging her loopy orbit outside the fray.

This is the best part: all during that last period, Ace had some song in her head, and she was singing, with gestures and facial expressions, the whole period. Grand arm sweeps, furrowed brow. She'd stop trotting to allow for some dance moves or grand poses, and then resume.  I assume either Taylor Swift or The Descendants.  It was so great. She was not aware of the audience at all - just the self-consciouslessness of young children.


Today we had a joint birthday party for the 3rd and 7th birthdays of Rascal and Pokey, at Peter Piper Pizza. It was great! By which I mean it sailed smoothly and happily unremarkably.

Hawaii counts her tickets.

Ace drives the truck.

Rascal is the passenger.

We are so cute.

Pokey concentrates on games:

We are so enormously serious and intense about getting those tickets.

In the family bathroom,  Ace was trying to get soap from the soap dispenser, which was higher than her outstretched arm by a few inches. She stretched with all her might.  I stood up from dealing with Rascal and pressed the soap dispenser for her, and it squirted soap all over her face and in her mouth.

Poor Ace! It was so slapstick and so awful. She took it gaily and was grossed out, but good-natured about it.

Hawaii is intentionally making that face, aimed at a camera that was facing her from the front. Goofikins.


lacachet at 2017-11-14 04:58 (UTC) (Link)
The photo of Pokey and Big Kitty is so cute :)
heebie_geebie at 2017-11-20 02:07 (UTC) (Link)
Oh thank you. I love it so much. Squishy Pokey was so wonderful.
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