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Amped & Manic

Posted on 2017.11.19 at 19:55
Jammies loaded up the kids in the minivan and set off for Denver this morning. Drive safer than you've ever driven before! Safe like your life depends on it, Jammies! Eek! My plan is not to leave the house or talk to anyone until I go to work tomorrow.

Three hours into his trip, he texted, "Pokey threw up twice. Ace once all over herself," so it's going swell, I think.

(I failed my vow of silence when the five year old next door came and knocked on the door, but it was minimal.)


"Hey Dr. Geebie! Your jacket perfectly matches the chalkboard!"

"Here, I'll pretend to write something. You take a photo of me!"

I also did the joke where I plastered myself against the chalkboard, as though I was a cat burglar trying to sneak by. Everyone politely laughed.

I sold Clutchy five years ago:

right before Ace was born. Clutchy had started breaking down a lot, and plus you can't fit three car seats across the backseat.

This car appeared the past week:

Now that I've got the two photos side-by-side, it's clear to me that this is not Clutchy. Perhaps Clutchy's cousin. At any rate, this car has taken a major beating and is held together by duck tape and wishful thinking.

Thank god I'm documenting this so we'll never forget the time someone had a blue volvo across the street that carried no significance.


Hawaii won a contest! They made Veteran's day cards in her school. She won first place out of third grade, which is about 100 kids, so that's something.

I have not seen the card. I'm curious to know exactly how much patriotism the Texas schools have instilled in our kids.

It turns out that Texas instills the recorder in your kid, starting in 3rd grade.  They cost $3.


Ace wearing a Minnie Mouse dress, skirt, leggings, bow, and carrying two Minnies:

Many minnies!

Ace wearing both of her red striped dresses, one on top of the other, and her red striped leggings:

I was super excited to dig out our candy cane stuffed animal, and Ace was super excited to take it to school.


Rascal turned three yesterday!

I mean this lovingly: Rascal is a metric fuckton of work. He's the most physical kid we've had. Just always barrelling against you, using his noggin as a wrecking ball, asking to be picked up and then writhing aggressively all over the place.  Good thing he's so cute.

He's the only one of our kids who gets amped up and manic when he gets tired. And being the youngest, we pretty much always keep him up too late. He is one chronically manic, amped up little hellion, is what I'm trying to say.

The flip side of this - every trait has a good side and a bad side, right? - the good side of that physical energy is that Rascal gives the best hugs.  He loves you so hard.

How did you spend your birthday, Rascal?

1. He played in his first soccer game! Ie it was his third soccer game, but the first time he actually got on the field!

The kind of soccer where you hold your daddy's hand.

It's a nice kind of soccer.

Ace, for her part, actually ventured into the fray, and kicked the ball. She was in the middle of the clausterphobic mass of small children clawing at the ball, and she held her own. I was so pleased.

2. Remember the Princess Tea Party on Ace's birthday in the spring? It's the high school choir fundraiser. This year they changed it to November, and it fell on Rascal's birthday.

I knew he'd love it! He told me he would not love it.

But I knew he would love it.

It turns out he didn't love it.

He was super bored and not willing to interact with the superheroes or princesses. Thus continues Jammies' and my streak at doing a bad job of kid birthdays.

(Ace loved it. Happy half-birthday, Ace.)

3. What do you want for your birthday dinner, Rascal?   Noodles!  With cheese!  So we all dined on noodles and parmesan. (NB: this is what I serve every night that Jammies is not attending dinner.  This or rice with soy sauce.)

Afterwards we went for ice cream.

My baby is THREE. welp/sigh/sob.

(I made the kids sit on the couch and do their two, four, six, eight cheer one last time on Friday night.)

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