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Pie Face and Other Sports

Posted on 2017.11.26 at 22:15
I am tired! I should have started this earlier! Let's see how it goes.

Last we chatted, Jammies had struck out across the southwest with the Geeblets. I had the house to myself from Sunday to Wednesday morning, but somehow I failed to have a leisurely rejuvenating time. I was productive and felt harried.

Jammies' parents bought a house in Denver last spring.  Denver was leisurely, full of food.  Jammies' youngest brother brought his girlfriend, so there was a fresh face. I liked her.

So this game is called Pie Face:

You spin the spinner, and then turn the crank.

If the trap is sprung, the whipped cream is flung.

in your face.

Then it's the next person's turn:

Everybody wins!

Jammies is a good sport.

They drug me to a hockey game:

I attended because I'm a good sport. Just kidding. I tried to bail but Jammies pointed out that we were all meeting the new girlfriend and it was supposed to be a nice group thing.

Hawaii ice skates!

Rascal wasn't trying at all to stand up.

He whooped and hollered and gamely splayed his legs every which way, not actually attempting to gain purchase.  Relishing in that cartoony scramble, legs akimbo.  Jammies crouched over for several laps around the tiny rink, because he is actually a good sport.

Pokey, looking particularly poetic.


Pokey got Battleship for his birthday:

My beautiful kiddos. How do they do that.

Jammies' parents' new house looks out over a golf course. It is a wee bit soulless and McMansion-y.

But still, Denver is very pretty.

Pretty ombre trees, with red tips.

Pretty medieval times ren faire building. Just kidding, that's the McMansionhood Clubhouse.

That double door leading to a balcony is a big double wooden arched affair, the kind with big triangular hinges. What the heck is going on in this neighborhood.

Pretty golf course sunset.

We left Saturday morning, and drove to Abilene Lubbock. [Oops. Thanks, Jammies.]

Back in Texas. Howdy yourself, authorization sign on the gas pump.

Howdy yourself, Crystal Pepsi?

Abilene Lubbock is known for it's three styles of carpet.  First, the stairwells, featuring a nested cross-hatch pattern:

and next, the halls and breakfast area, with its intersections of circles theme:

A little ugly, but at least it's bold.

and finally, the rooms themselves, with a stained glass church window pane motif:

 Probably my favorite of the three.

You'll notice that all three featured the same cream-teal-brown tri-color combination. In this way the hotel gained a coherence that lesser hotels might lack.

We awoke on Pokey's 7th birthday, in that hotel in Abilene Lubbock. Happiest of birthdays, Pokey! My 7 year old, my darling.

He spent his 7th birthday driving from Abilene Lubbock back to Heebieville. Pokey and I agreed that it was a terrible for a birthday, but really great for a day spent in the minivan.

For his birthday dinner, Pokey requested nachos. I made them with optional ground turkey, beans, jalapenos, and sour cream.  For dessert, he wanted mint chocolate chip ice cream with graham cracker crust and chocolate sauce, which is also my special birthday dessert, because it was also my dad's special birthday dessert..

Blub blub glub blug.


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2017-11-27 14:30 (UTC) (Link)

Your kids

You really do have good-looking kids.

But once again Ace is my spirit twin!
heebie_geebie at 2017-12-04 04:35 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Your kids

Ah, thank you. You're so kind!

So, wanna go ice skating?
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