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4 kittens


Posted on 2017.12.10 at 22:57
What's up, nerds?

Let's gather up ye quotes from yon kids:


December 10, 2017 (8).jpg

snow boy!

1. "Is this our shone-tel?" when we pulled up to our hotel. (On the drive home from Denver.) He said it more than once.

I knew he was mispronouncing hotel, but it didn't quite click that shone-tel was actually as in show-and-tell, as in, "I'm bringing in my Lightning McQueen car to school for Shone-Tel".  When it fell into place I was so tickled.

2.  Rascal plays his last soccer game:

December 10, 2017 (9).jpg

The buzz of kids occasionally swarmed through and around Rascal, but he focused hard on having nothing to do with them.


3. Rascal gets out of bed after bedtime, wanders over to us, and just about the time that we're growling, "Why are you out of bed?" he responds, "When I wake up in the morning can I give you a hug and kiss?" and then we melt and he usually does in fact settle down and go to bed.

December 10, 2017 (1).jpg December 10, 2017 (3).jpg
December 10, 2017 (2).jpg December 10, 2017 (6).jpg
December 10, 2017 (5).jpg December 10, 2017 (4).jpg

December 10, 2017 (7).jpg


snow glee!

1. Noticed her ear tag for the first time. "I found something!" she exclaimed, so surprised, "A bump!"  It's funny, because it was perhaps the very first distinguishing feature of her life, which the doctor remarked on while we were still in the hospital. I suppose we never exactly sat down and chatted with Ace about it. What the doctor said was, "I don't mean to freak you out, but there's actually a very, very slight correlation between those ear tags and reduced kidney functionality, so we just need to make sure she's urinating well these first few days."  (Lo and behold, ye google confirmeth.)

(Nowhere near as hilarious as Pokey, age 2, in the bathtub, saying, "Daddy! Daddy! There's a hole in my bottom! See? right here!" We also had never exactly sat him down and chatted about his hole, I suppose.)

Played legit little kid soccer.  May have convinced Jammies that she will never play again.


2. Coined the exuberant tag-line, "SO LONG, SUGAR DIAPER!" It's so intrinsically gratifying to sing out theatrically that pretty much everyone in the family has adopted it.

So long, Sugar Diaper! Sing it proud!



1. "Ok, will you listen to my joke?"
"Sure, go."
"There's a boy from New York. And he tells his teacher, 'Look, it's a boid!'
The teacher is just from Texas, and she says, 'That's a bird!'
The kid from New York says, 'Well, it's shaped like a boid!' "  (ba-dum-ching!)

I think I see what he's getting at with the punchline. But moreover, I love so hard how Texas is used to indicate the nondescript, neutral speech pattern.

2. "The toilet moved! It did! Did you guys move it?!"

Pokey is used to seeing the bathroom looking like the photo on the left, and then when he came across the version on the right, he was completely bewildered. We must have moved the toilet! he told us vehemently.

We actually have a rotating shower curtain:

which bows out for extra shower luxury, and then rotates around again for optimizing compact bathroom size.

Pokey draws some art:

I believe the prompt was "you're spending a day with a police officer".  Political tensions aside, I love this picture and I think it looks like a wonderful day.

Pokey brought home his props from the community art class:

He spent months working on an elaborate stop-action claymation video. He has jabbered on about having to take five photographs for each second of video.  I am absolutely dying to see this video.



1. "Ok, so a meteorite took a test, and failed! What do you call a meteorite that takes a test and FAILS?"
"A meteorwrong!"

2. Art class goings on:

Not Kelly Ann Conway.

It occurs to me as I post this that Ace also attends art class, but I didn't see her bring anything home after the last class.


I guess I don't have a snow photo of Jammies. However, I love this photo so much:

Remember that time we coached a bunch of random kids we don't know?

I also love this testament to Jammies' bad handwriting:

That...is not our last name.

Anyway, Jammies asked me to please remind him not to coach next year. I intend to make an animated gif of Jammies explaining to future-Jammies not to coach. Squarely, man-to-man. (I also want to make an animated gif of Rascal wrestling the froggy umbrella in the wind.)

Jammies got us all out the door, to a Christmas tree farm, and we got ourselves a tree:

We all like the Frosty the Snowman top hat on top.

I also like the sunglasses underneath, like the invisible man or Mr. Potato Head.  It does detract from the overall prettiness of the tree though, so they might go.


snow me.

1. I have a vivid memory from childhood, a recurrent thing that spanned years. I would be 5 years old, or 6, or 7, and I would want to tell a story about an ongoing problem.  For narrative arc, I felt like I needed to use the phrase, "It went on for years!"  But I was lucid enough to realize that that would have meant I was 3, or 4, or 5 or so when the problem started, which was usually self-evidently ridiculous.

Everybody else - my parents, my older brothers - got to tell stories involving rueful claims of things going on for years. But when I did it, it was tinny, through no fault of my own. How enraging.

2. A flat tire! What!

That was exciting/delayed everything.

Private jokes I have with myself:
1. I like to tap the hands-free-sensors on paper towel dispensers. I like to pretend I'm well-meaning and daft and would say brightly, "They just work better this way!" if someone happened to question me.

2. To mentally insert "violently" whenever Facebook informs me that someone has reacted to my status.  Facebook has already forever altered the meaning of "liked" - I'm going to preserve "reacts" from their grubby likey fingers.  Let's preserve the startle-effect. Someone reacted violently and lashed out; they just were on edge.

3. To mentally substitute "dramatically" for "automatically" in phrases like, "Discounts will be automatically included at checkout." Yes they will! Included with flair!

4. R-I-D-I-C-U-L-U-L-O-U-S, sung as it is in the song R-I-D-I-C-U-L-U-L-O-U-S. This isn't a private joke so much as a joke that I foist upon the kids often. They are willing and eager participants to cheer-spell ridiculous when the moment presents itself.

OMG my initials!

That is the very edge of the chalk-tray on the chalkboard.  RIGHT THERE! BR in a fancy logo!

The Snow

It was really quite a shock to discover that the drizzle had transformed to heavy snow, on Thursday.

Heavy for Texas.  We let the kids go nuts for the better part of an hour.

Palm trees taking a beating!

Then lured them back inside for some warmed-over chocolate milk.

It all felt very magical.

The big kids' snowmen hung on gallantly through the morning,

but eventually were reduced to pairs of sticks, in the sun.  SO LONG, SUGAR DIAPER!

We got about 2" maybe. I think it even snowed in the Valley, and down into Mexico. There were no forecasts for snow and the whole thing felt extremely special.

Apparently the last time snow accumulated in this area was back in 1985.  They got 13" that time. Now that would be unreal.


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2017-12-11 05:28 (UTC) (Link)


I'm extremely jealous of your snow. Just bitter cold here so far.
heebie_geebie at 2017-12-25 03:26 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Snow!

Yeah, well, we've been in the 60s-80s since, so...
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