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4 kittens

G'bye 2017! Welcome to the Space Jam!

Posted on 2017.12.31 at 21:45
Well! I did not expect to be posting, because I had the flu. (I know for sure it was the official flu, because I got it from my dad, and my dad responded well to Tamiflu. Also I failed to get a flu shot, but the rest of the household did, and no one else has succumbed.)  Then I spontaneously healed around 3:00 this afternoon. It was truly the darndest thing: I'd spent the past 72 hours with a spiking fever in between doses of Theraflu, bones aching and self-pity aflame, and then it just wrapped up. Spontaneously.

While I was writing that paragraph, Ace got out of bed and came to the table, and said seriously, "Mom, the thing that usually puts me to sleep is staring at Rascal while he sleeps."   Ha.

It's New Year's Eve!

We forced the kids to watch Space Jam, everyone's favorite 20+ year old website. Cartoons were very...frenetic in the 90s. It's set at the height of the Looney Tunes craze. It's very manic.

Happy New Year!

Before that, and before I was struck down by 'flu, my parents were in town.

Pokey and I took my mom and Rascal to some of our adventure spots.

That is where Yoda lives.

I got my mom some eccentric socks for Christmas. It was a token thought, socks bought opportunistically. My mom wears nutty socks, and she always brings gifts, and I think she likes to be remembered.

She opened the bag, and gagged. "Not more SOCKS!" she wailed. I was taken aback. My first thought was, "Jesus mom, can't you keep that thought to yourself and just give them away later?"  She must have read my face, because she walked it back and explained that since it's become a thing, she has far too many socks and is trying to get rid of them.

The sting, though, lasted far too disproportionately long to the offense. I have to remember this, especially with Hawaii: things sting disproportionately when they come from your mom. Little slights from one's mom can really knock your breath out.

The thing is, even knowing this and being Hawaii's mom, you can't balance on the tightrope of avoiding these little slights. What, my mom's not allowed to have a tactless, honest response to a half-assed gift? Of course she is. I can't possibly avoid the little transgressions with Hawaii, and I can't fix them perfectly when they happen. Craving everlasting approval from your mom is a tough row to hoe.

Before that, it was Christmas morning, and the kids all waited restlessly in our bed:

This is before my folks arrived, and instead Jammies' parents were here.

Ace wouldn't come out, actually, to see what Santa brought her. (In Jammies' family, the family presents are on Christmas Eve. So this was just the last few bigger presents.)

I think she first decided not to come out, and then she balked because she became the center of attention and the situation spun out of her control, with everyone waiting and watching for her to come out. Eventually, when the present-opening had ended and grown ups had dispersed, Ace did in fact come see her presents.

She was really happy with what she got.

She is probably the easiet kid to shop for.

She tells you straight up what she wants, and then she loves it.

Ace, bellowing at us from the other side of the house: "I can walk in Belle's shoes kinda perfectly. It's actually like they're my own shoes."
(5 seconds later)
"They kinda hurt," she yelled as an afterthought.

This doofus is pretty easy, too.

During the Christmas Eve present exchange, where gifts are opened patiently and individually, Rascal heard Ace say, "You've got to be kidding me!" about something, and he adopted it when he opened his present, and got big laughs.

So then, every present he opened, with bigger and bigger aplomb, "You've GOT to be KidDinG ME!!" he'd exclaim, in that inarticulate gargle-exclamation way.  The more we laughed, the more embellishments he added. "WHAT!! You've gotta be kidding me!!" and my favorite, "You've gotta be kidding me, boyeee!!"

"I'm wearing all three of my PJ Mask costumes at once!!"  (Yes, some TV creator had the brilliant idea to name a children's show the audio-identical word to TJ Maxx. Everyone is confused the first time they hear three year olds say it.  However, I suppose we're all used to Paw Patrol, which is wildly unintelligible if you only hear a small child say it. "Pop a what? a Troll? Papa Troll?")

My mittens will eat this bar now.

I didn't take photos of Pokey and Hawaii with their gifts, I guess. Pokey got some giant Star Wars lego sets which took him a very short length of time to assemble. He was the most heartbroken of the kids on Christmas morning - "I didn't get a present!" he mourned to us. What he meant is that none of his gifts from Santa were wrapped in wrapping paper. The rest of the kids had at least one wrapped present, because we'd exchanged stuff from under the tree as we made last minute decisions of what Santa should bring.  (I get it, there is something special about a wrapped gift.)

Hawaii got an MP3 player so that she can listen to Taylor Swift whenever she wants, which she was very excited about but hasn't really started using yet. Also a big schoolteacher set that she was very excited about.

I got Jammies one of these:

It fires table salt at bugs.

Ace and Hawaii made ornaments for us, and Jammies got me a kitten Christmas sweatshirt.

Before that, Mimi made graham cracker gingerbread houses with the kids:

Hawaii's house.

Pokey's house.

Ace's house. There was a story about a tornado.

Pokey's house. The decoration festivities took place during naptime.

Also Pokey's house, after naptime.

The memes are true: the days have been a blur this week.

I don't want to jinx it, but the kids have been playing really well together lately. For hours, they'll be absorbed in a game for everyone. Hawaii has become more flexible. Pokey has a higher tolerance for frustration. They're able to find pleasure in each other.

Scene from playing the board game Life:
Ace, to Hawaii: You have a boyfriend?
Hawaii: There's no dating. You just get married. It's kind of sad.


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2018-01-01 21:14 (UTC) (Link)

Ace's House

Ace's House -- seriously, I love your kid.

Also, Hawaii's response to the Game of Life. Plus, all that heternormativity! (Though I suppose there's no reason the marriages couldn't be gay marriages, or even poly marriages. Plenty of seats in those little SUVs, after all.)
heebie_geebie at 2018-01-08 04:32 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Ace's House

If nothing else, it's very dogmatic about gender! Little pink people and little blue people. Choose one, got it?
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