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4 kittens

Pleased-with-self-level: 10/10

Posted on 2018.02.18 at 22:41
The Things I Did Not Purchase:

$400 worth of arrowheads. I didn't want to lift the frame out of the stack to get a proper photo, because some of the arrowheads had already been displaced from their mounting.

Plastic pig train.

Listen, I didn't even expect a thrift store outing for my birthday. My birthday was already well-celebrated. But it came to pass, anyway. To my delight.

No kind of longhorn has three face tusks.

I adore an antique science set.

Wicker mariachi saxophone player. That tired old trope.

Aren't these plates pretty?

Fleet of plastic deer.

Geebie Family Portrait of that time we were royal swans. (Nice lucite tray, Heebs.)

$40 worth of ravaging lust. So many seagulls!

Roping dummy. It was so small! Are they really practicing roping things the size of chickens? They must be very talented young men and women.

Selfie in gold teapot with white trim.

Burl three-tiered end table.

Cast Iron Mickey Mouse.

Phallic salt and pepper shakers. Japanese, I believe.

Look at the lightbulb in the circle!

I still fancy this candelabra.

I don't fancy this creep at all. The hair and stitching was convincingly antique, although I think the clothes are new-shabby-chic.

Pretty crane tray.

What?  I can't even parse the grammar. TO SERVE YANKEES. It's a cookbook!

Tu serve Ba.

Some one cut out a foot-long Ziggy cartoon and framed it.

No, wait. First, some newspaper editor published a foot-long Ziggy cartoon. Someone allocated a full 8x12" in their Sunday paper for this. Then the second someone laughed so hard at the line, "Boy, could that guy sell vacuum cleaners!!"  that they cut it out and framed it.  That Ziggy, such a dupe.


Hawaii came home for days talking about girl scouts. A lot of the girls in her class are in this one class. I pinged one of the moms.  She said that it's a pretty low-key group - they meet once a month, everyone takes turns hosting, and so on. Right after school on Thursdays.   But then she said that there is a no drop-off policy - something about Girl Scouts liability - so all the parents stay and participate.

We can't even do a drop-off, since we both work out of town on Thursdays. I'd been assuming I'd lean on another parent to pick Hawaii up and take her to meetings on our behalf.  It was kind of a relief - we don't need an extra commitment.

At any rate, I emailed the leader, an acquaintance. She explained that the drop-off policy isn't actually a Girl Scouts formal rule, just her own rule, but yeah. Sorry!

I explained it to Jammies. He was floored. "So wait," he said, "How many kids does she have again? Just the one? And they're not actually hosting these meetings?"  He couldn't get over it.  Jammies wants to join, and then stealthily take it over from her and run it like a boss. Infiltrate and then stage a takeover.

The thing that is getting his goat is the basic philosophy behind her strategy. Jammies offers to take everyone's kids to the school play for them, so that they don't have to do so. (He took them all to see Madagascar on Friday.) Jammies ends up coaching teams where our kids are out with broken arms, so the entire team is composed of other people's kids. He just generally believes in reaching out and taking care of other people's kids, and assuming the universe will provide when you're in need of someone to watch your own kid.

Whereas this woman is the opposite. She's overwhelmed and anxious, and her approach is to be in a defensive crouch, ready to shoot down any hint of a suggestion that she take on additional responsibility. I get it, but boy am I glad Jammies is who he is.


I have an orange striped sweater with ornate BR letters in the middle of a shield-thing. I like it because it's my initials (but it's actually just a Banana Republic sweater). Whenever I wear it, I get self-conscious at people staring at the ornate shield on my chest. In between wearing it, I forget that I felt so awkward.

Tuesday was the worst. I could not stop readjusting my fake boobs, every time someone stared at my chest.

When I got home, I discovered that I'd worn my bra inside out. So the flat square side of the fake boobs was facing the viewer, and the round nipple side was rolling around, all squirrelly, against my chest. Everything really was awkward!  It wasn't the sweater's fault! The sweater was partially exonerated. I still like it.


For her birthday, Hawaii has asked for a foaming soap dispenser. She wants to put orange juice inside, and eat/spoon/slurp the foamy mess that comes out.  Dream big, kid!


So what DID you get?

I love this mirror so much. I think we should store the kids' kindles in the basket and it can be a charging-station.

No, I love THIS so much. I don't know where this photo was taken. Or who the guy is. If you know this place - or that dude - please speak up.

I absolutely do not want Jammies' affection for the horned horses to turn into an automatic gag gift that clutters our house with shmaltzy crap. But when you find something as authentic and beautiful as this...well. You know what to do.

I bought an unremarkable blue nylon bag, with original paper still inside and covering the zippers, EXCEPT! It's the exact unremarkable bag that I almost bought last summer for $60 or so, just because it would be such a practical summer purse. Pleased-with-self-level: 10/10.

Also some old metal flowered light switch plates, and some place mats with ornate Russian buildings with all those onion dome.


There was a crack above our bedroom door.

So I fixed it.

The colors clash with the pink walls. It might drive me really crazy, but I can live with it for a while while I decide. While while.

I was the speaker at a Math Circle, for middle school teachers. We played with Parking Sequences, a fun little oddity. The premise is that you have a parking lot with spaces numbered from 1 to n, and then exactly n cars entering, one at a time. Each car has a preferred spot - perhaps in front of their apartment, or whatever. It's fine if several of them prefer the same spot.

Each car operates by the following rule: when it enters the parking lot, it ignores all spaces up to it's preferred spot. Then, if it's preferred spot is taken, the car will park in the next available parking spot.

So you can imagine - sometimes all the cars will find a place to park. Other times, some car will drive out of the other end of the parking lot without parking. That is a failed parking sequence. They have nice features and it's not too onerous to explore basic properties. LMK if you want me to show up with a chalkboard and make you do so.


The neighbors have a trampoline.

We pretty much never interact with the parents.

But both sets of kids use each others' toys constantly and without hesitation, so I think it's okay. Their son especially spends hours at our house all the time. Both their kids are very sweet, or at least what I know of them.

(I don't think they were even home at this point.)

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