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4 kittens

Chamoy and Tajin

Posted on 2018.05.06 at 23:07
Pokey and I were at HEB. I said, "Hey, want a piece of fruit? Kids can take one free." He felt uncomfortable, but I pushed him because he'd been running around for two hours in the heat with some friends, while I touted a picket sign at a polling center for the local school board election. He was running low on fuel, for sure.  Pokey took a banana. (He didn't open it for a while - "won't they think I'm stealing it?" - and I reassured him that they know there's a box with fruit for kids to eat while they shop. He can be a bit nervous, but so would I have been.)

"There's a trash can," I pointed out, when he finished and was carrying the peel around. "I want to compost it," he told me.
"Really?" I asked, "there's not going to be any compost bins here."
"I'm going to wait compost it," he repeated, and I shrugged. It's not like we have any compost heap at home, although things get left in the minivan so maybe that counts.

When we got to the checkout line, he got in front of me and asked the cashier, "Do you have any compost?"

The cashier flicked a glance over at me. "For his banana peel," I said helpfully.

"Oh!" the cashier said, "Sure! Here!" and brought out his regular old trash can, enthusiastically. I composed my face to keep from bursting out laughing, and watched intently to see how Pokey would respond. Would he keep pursuing his lofty ideal? Or would he throw in the towel? I watched the gears turn.

Pokey sighed and tossed the peel in the trash can. I smirked to myself and was kind of relieved that Pokey knew when to fold.


Pokey had Cinco de Mayo celebrations all week long. Their first performance was at his school on Thursday:

I don't know why they put mustaches on all the boys, but there you have it. The high school mariachi band was also performing, and they played a hauntingly beautiful tune while wearing great outfits:

Pokey had another performance on Friday, and then again on Saturday at the town's Cinco de Mayo celebration.

No mustaches on Friday or Saturday.

Who will read this journal in the future? Anyone? Will my kids make it through? Will future readers know what flossing is? Flossing is this very simple dance step where you swing your rigid arms such that one hip pops through, and then the other. I suppose it's a craze. Something about it becomes very ingrained in one's brain, though, and the kids all use it as a nervous tic. I too have the urge to do it all the time! It scratches the same itch as jostling my leg compulsively, which, guilty.

ANYWAYS pre-performance screwing around, on Saturday:

That cracked me up. (Jammies independently video'd them too, and got a longer clip.)


Ace, after dance class, in a low voice: "Mom, I feel a little jealous of Bailey."
Bailey's mom was next to us and said, "That's a very mature thing to say!" Ace looked up, realized people were curious, and whispered that she would tell me in the car.

In the car, Ace began again, in somber tones, that she feels a little jealous of Bailey. I asked her what was up. Ace said, "Bailey has a snack bag at dance class every week." I was pretty sympathetic to that. "You must also want a snack bag at dance class," I told her, and Ace nodded woefully (while eating her car snack that she gets when I pick her up). "But I don't say anything," Ace said. "I just say it in my head.

Then Ace said, resolutely, "Next week, I might tell you this in the car after dance again...So! How was work?"

So, how was work indeed! I loved that segue. I told her briefly about my day, and she told me how she pictured my work - tan building, brown squares, windows. Basically accurate.


and a joke from Ace:
Q: why did the ketchup stand upside down?
A: Because a tomato stands right side up!

who knows!


and one more from Ace:
Ace lamented to Jammies, "I don't like how my life is going."
"Oh?" said Jamaal.
"All my friends are good listeners, and they follow instructions, and I'm the only silly one," she said plaintively.

(she was easily comforted but I'm enjoying her mid-childhood existential crises.)


Mom! Take a picture take a picture take a picture!

Sure, sweetie!


Mimi is watching Jammies' sister's kids for ten days. The kids are 6, 4, and 1. Jammies' sister and her husband went to Hawaii. I'm mildly jealous, and Jammies and I were kicking it around, and the thing is that we don't exactly want a ten day trip to Hawaii anyway, without kids. I mean, we wouldn't turn it down but we'd never save our money for that. As Jammies put it, "I wouldn't want to go on a ten day vacation without the kids. All I'd be able to think about is what a mess the house would be when we got back and what a hole we'd have to dig ourselves out of, to get back on track." I basically agree.

Later Jammies said, "I figured out what my perfect vacation would be. I want Mimi to take our kids to Hawaii for ten days. Then I can sort the toys, clean the house from top to bottom, finally organize...[and he rattled off a list of things I can't possibly recreate]."

Basically, we both just like our routine, and it'd be nice if our routine allowed a few more hours for getting shit done. Jammies feels like the world is off-kilter when the house is trashed (which unfortunately has been the case since 2013). I feel like the world is off-kilter when I'm sleep-deprived (which is an easier thing to prioritize, somehow, so I don't get in quite the same state of off-kilterness as Jammies does.) (Also when the house looks trashed to Jammies it still looks pretty clean to me, but I at least now can tell when he'd see it otherwise.)

I am not a garbage customer! YOU'RE the garbage customer!


Hawaii had another round of violent throwing up for two hours at bedtime. This is the second or third time since Spring Break.  My classes ended, and so I stayed home with her the next day:

and she was completely fine, so we walked to the river. It's very strange but who knows.

On Saturday morning she made us all breakfast:

Mine was one of the nutella kitties. It was pretty good!


Cinco de Mayo was also election day:

Me, outside the polling station for an hour or two, screwing around and waving to cars. I got in only one bizarre conversation with an elderly man, who had only one question: "What would your candidate say is the effect of the schools on the economy?"
I paused and then said something roughly like, "Our schools are big on both votech training and college readiness. We're hoping to give kids the skills to enter the workforce and get a good-paying job. I guess that's the future economy and not the current economy?"
He talked to me for a while. He's very concerned that most local people aren't aware that there's a bill in committee in the House to take the US off the floating dollar and resurrect a gold standard. He has a building and he wants to start a Heebieville Economics Club to help inform people. Despite the bizarreness of the conversation, he turned out to be a lefty, so whatever.

That night, we went to a Cinco de Mayo election party. Do you remember last year when I got pepinos locos at the Cinco de Mayo festival?

They were bizarre. Cucumbers, peanuts, chile lime seasoning, jicama, gummy bears, salsaghetti, and who the fuck knows what else.  Anyway, I researched pepinos locos and decided to make a more standard version for the party.

Then you stuff the holes with peanuts rolled in the sauce. I basically had an audience of two in mind - our friends who are from El Paso - as I was making them.

At the party - completely unsolicited! - they congratulated me on hitting the nail on the head, and I felt VERY EXTREMELY PROUD and full of myself. I gloated openly.

I forgot to take a picture of the full platter, looking pretty. Here's the leftovers, looking soggy.

The key ingredients are Chamoy and Tajin:

They are both delicious af. Chamoy is a pickled fruit taste, Tajin is a spicy thing.

All partied out:


and Pokey and Hawaii were also asleep, but I didn't snap photos. 


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2018-05-07 04:26 (UTC) (Link)


Your Garbage Customer joke cracked me up. I laughed inordinately, all alone here in my living room.
heebie_geebie at 2018-05-14 03:56 (UTC) (Link)

Re: J/k

This is the kind of response I most adore and crave! Hooray!
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