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4 kittens

All Turtles Are Box.

Posted on 2018.05.20 at 21:50
Ballet recital weekend; Mimi is in town; we made a cat pole.

That pole was cat-scratched to high heaven. I'd like to install a crow's nest at the top for them to lounge in. (I had a carpeted-pillar-with-crow's-nest in my grad school apartment, and still have the basket.  We're debating whether there's enough clearance for that particular basket or if we need a different one.)

I actually kind of love ballet recital weekend.

I love watching our kids dance. Ms. K keeps the numbers short and upbeat enough to hold my attention. Not too many slow langorous ballet numbers. Is ballet the worst of the dances? When I was growing up, my mom took ballet classes and took us to the ballet about three times a year. It was deadly boring. I can't tell if I'm still an oppositional child or if it's true that literally every other single kind of dance is more fun to watch than ballet.

Hawaii's dance moves are crisp and on point. She's really great to watch. Above, she's dancing to Finesse by Bruno Mars and Cardi B, a song I adore beyond all reason.

She was in three dances total - two hip-hop and one jazz. I've long since resolved any weirdness I felt about the cultural appropriation of hip-hop and now I just love watching them more than anything.

Ace's class only had three children, and then one got sick, so there were only two there for the actual performance.

They danced ballet to Beauty and the Beast, and while I griped about ballet above, I still adored watching Ace. And she did very well.

Plus Mimi is in town, which is the best. She says, "Saturday is movie night. You guys go out on a date; I'm going to make M&M popcorn with the kids and watch movies with them." Then she slips Jammies some money to cover our date.

We went to a french restaurant in town and sat in their little garden area, and then went and saw Deadpool 2.  It was such a great date.

I had no idea there were actually good super hero movies!  I'd thought Deadpool was the same as Deadwood.  I was  so tired after eating a big meal that Jammies said, "If you're just going to fall asleep during the movie, let's watch something I know I want to see." I thought that sounded reasonable, so we agreed to Deadpool 2 (and then he explained what it was) and guys, it's such great fun.  You all probably already knew that.


Box turtle? I think all turtles are box turtles.

Rascal asked, "Want to know what my teacher says?"
"Sure!" I said.
"Transparent means ALL of the light shows through, translucent means SOME of the light shows through, and sillouhette means a shadow!" Rascal rattled off proudly.

It took a while to parse what he'd said. He pronounced things correctly but it was so unexpected.

I call this shirt of Rascal's his Rick Perry shirt.  SUPER SMART.


Ace and her friend A have a routine at school;
A sings, "In the light, in the sky..."
and Ace comes in growling like a low rapper: "I'm gonna punch your booty in the night!"

That line - "I'm gonna punch your booty in the night" - is really insanely catchy and easy to get chanting. If you'll recall, this isn't Ace's first catchphrase. She also coined, "SO LONG, SUGAR DIAPER!" last summer and nobody could stop harking it out.


My baby duckies are getting bigger!


I had a parent-teacher-Pokey conference with Pokey's teacher and Pokey.  It's kind of a disaster right now, but there's only two more weeks left. C'mon, Pokey. Keep your shit together for two weeks. Just two weeks.

Pokey's teacher spent the first ten minutes venting about how shitty Pokey's behavior has been lately. Here's a couple notable things:
1. She let things go on far too long without alerting us that he was deteriorating.
2. It was good for Pokey to hear her let the floodgates burst and hear exactly how fed up she is.

I repeated back to her all of his obnoxious behaviors and wrote them down, and she calmed down a lot. She returned to a place where she could remember that he's a little boy. She had shut down and disconnected - out of well-deserved frustration - but I think once Pokey sensed she had disconnected from him, he had sort of declared war.  What has  Pokey been doing that makes her so livid? Basically acting like a cranky teenager - rolling his eyes, huffing, answering "I don't care" when she addresses his behavior, slamming his papers around, etc.

(Of course, Jammies and I are high-fiving each other that he's not punching other kids or throwing chairs. He's using verbal communication to express big emotions! This is great! I kept a poker face about all that, though.)

We then devised a bunch of strategies for Pokey, wrote a list, and taped it to the table where he sits.  Instituted a star system where he can earn baseball cards for good behavior.  His teacher seemed to calm down a lot and hopefully she can find some actual warmth towards him, and hopefully he can get his shit together and we can all end the school year.

Fortunately, nothing Pokey does can keep the school year from ending.

On Saturday, Pokey and I went to the tennis courts and knocked the ball around a bit. That was super fun. Having bigger kids is so much fun. Today my hips kind of hurt. I kind of miss playing sports.


Mimosa trees in full effect.

It's been 1000 goddamn degrees this past week. (It's not full blown summer yet - I expect this heat to break before it ramps up again.)

The hottest place in the world is actually the sidewalk and street outside of our daycare. It's scientific. It's an oven and your feet melt off while your kid screws around casually and does everything to postpone getting in the car and getting buckled up.


Beginning of school year/End of school year.

Hawaii still wakes up at 5:50 every morning.  However, the bus usually arrives around 6:35-6:40, not the scheduled 6:45 time we'd been told.  However! there's an app that shows you exactly where your bus is and notifies you when the bus enters your preset radius. The future is so great.


The third kitten does need fixing.  I patiently waited three days, though.

This is the angle I withheld from you, last week.  The problem is that extra belly sac, attached to the hind foot.  What is that? Why is there a wobbly belly back so far like that?!

The good news is that this is easily fixable. Recall the original:

The extra belly sack is actually part of the hind quarters of the distant back leg. It just looks like a belly sack on my shoulder because of the anatomy of my shoulder forcing it to be prominent.

I'm pretty sure all it needs is to be darkened a little bit, to put it in the same plane as the foot, behind the actual belly.  So: easy fix.

I'm still generally worried that one of these errors will not be an easy fix, and I'll have to adjust to an actual sizable mistake. I am not a good tattoo person. I do not enjoy this adrenaline of handing over design of my body to someone else.

Still, this artist is doing a phenomenal job, for the most part. Three more cats to go.

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