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4 kittens

Make good kid pajamas, you.

Posted on 2018.05.27 at 23:43
Ace grew 2" over the past year. Her projected height is 5'8" according to the doctor. This surprised us all. Hawaii grew 2.5" but is only projected to be 5'7". 

I am 5'4" in my mind, 5'3" at the doctor. So someday I will be the shrimpy one in the family, looking up at everyone.  (This is a common fate for mothers, of course. It makes us adorable.)(Also my mom has lost probably two full inches as she's aged.)

"I'm a royal pizza queen! You must do what I say!"

A dress she made and uses for her dolls.


Remember the wallpaper that I picked for my mom?  The original:

My selection:

My selection is not my only selection. I love finding wallpaper choices. But I couldn't get my mom to tell me anything about what she wanted, so I was going on the original.

I ordered her a swatch and waited to hear if they liked it or wanted something different. When my mom got back to me, she said, "My friend told me that the best wallpapers are European! So I googled Paris Wallpaper and found one that I liked."

Here is what she found:

It's fine. IT'S FINE.  FINE, yes that is Paris Wallpaper all right.(I highly doubt it's European.)   Little Eiffel Towers and Lourve glass pyramids and puppy dogs. It'd make good kid pajamas, too.

They had leftover wallpaper, so they've decided to put it up in the bathroom nearest to my childhood bedroom. The existing wallpaper in this one not nearly so charming:

It's a Holly Hobby knock-off of a country girl with a bonnet doing in childhood pastural vignettes. I'm not that sad to see it go.  Here's another angle of the bathroom (tinted by heatlamp):

See those three plates on the wall on the right? They're three of many.  The bear plates were given to me over many Christmases and birthdays by my grandmother,

because I was tagged with TEDDY BEARS in that wretched way that kids used to get assigned a THEME that all presents must obey.  So, since I was tagged BEARS, my grandmother would give me bear plates.

It was the worst. I was probably 5-8 years old, and there was always a story about how each one could not possibly be the last teddy bear plate, because each one was not quite right. One was a koala - not a real bear! One was a panda bear - not a real bear, either! One was a black bear mama and cubs - nope! The library one (excuse me, libeary) wasn't a single true teddy bear. Winnie the Pooh - not quite right either.

 Eventually my mom interceded and explained to my grandmother that the sum total of all the plates was enough to count as a real bear, or a real teddy bear, or whatever the hell the elusive goal was. The end.

Anyway: As the wallpaper is coming down, my mom asked if I'd like to keep the plates.

I said no. I think I'll be able to remember the kindness of the sentiment behind the plates just fine, without the actual godforsaken 1980s commemorative shlock.

I found all these photos online - it turned out to be startlingly easy to find the exact commemorative 80s bear plates. They were not obscure.


This log has a puppy dog head, right?!


A former student of mine, T, died last weekend. I had him in precalculus a few years ago, and he worked for campus mail, and so I saw him regularly.

This past spring, his friend was in my calculus class. T came to my class with her a few times, just for funsies. What kind of kid does that? A really sweet, lovely kid. "It's 1 in the afternoon, I'm bored, and my buddy has calculus class, so I'll join her."  The class only had 6 kids in it, so he was really part of the group.

It's awful that he's gone. Apparently he went home after the semester, was partying with some friends, and OD'd.  My guess is that it was a burn-off-steam, celebrate the end of the semester and being back with old friends. His poor family.

I sort of want to post his photo here, so that years later when I look back, I can remember what he looked like.

(Heebie: You saved a photo of him in the May 27th, 2018 folder, under his name.)


I found the light green of the new growth very bright and pretty against the dark green of older leaves.


The last kitten is done!  This one is Hawaii.



The stencil made me super upset, because the head grew monstrously distorted when I moved my arm. I hadn't expected that. When she first put the marker outline on, I looked in her tiny mirror, but I didn't go out and stand in front of the big mirror to see what would happen when I moved.

Finished product:

It's so beautiful. I barely care about the distortion anymore.

In order of importance:

1. I am so relieved to have four beautiful done kittens. Whatever happens with Daddy and Mama cat is nbd from here on out. Go ahead, mangle them. My kittens are beautiful.  I am feeling so relaxed and happy.

2. Now that I am relaxed, I can nitpick. Happily! Here goes: these guys really look grayscale, and they were supposed to be black and browns. I'm not sure it's possible to add in golden browns, but maybe if possible.

The thing is: If we are going to add more golden browns to the kittens, that's a conversation I need to have now. Daddy is next, and he can have more golden browns included right from the start.

3. This last kitten hurt like a bloody horrorshow. It was stabby and electrocuting and sharp and prolonged, kind of like I was, well, having kittens. If Kittens 1 and 3 were a 1-2 on the pain scale, and Kitten 2 was a 4-5 on the pain scale, this last one was a 7-9. It's the thinness and sensitivity of the skin that is just brutal.

So: Daddy Cat is in the same place, on the opposite side. I'm quite a bit worried about the pain this time around. I haven't quite figured out what I could take to dope me up a little better. Tramadol?


I liked how they used Rolling Stones font for their Rolling Trucks emblem.


Pokey's English grammar is regressing slightly in deference to his developing Spanish, which is amazing to Jammies and I, because he's learning skills we never acquired. 

He said something like "It's happened since it's been 3 weeks" when he meant "It hasn't happened in 3 weeks", and he said something like "What happens when you meet an alligator and a python?" or something when he meant "...when an alligator meets a python?"


Look at these linocuts I found at Goodwill!

They were used for printing (obviously) but I don't know if it was shirts or what.


Pet your dogs!


I overheard Hawaii say to her friend, P, "It's ok! We just won't tell my mom that you have guns at your house!"

That heralds an awkward conversation I've avoided until now.  (With P's mom, not with Hawaii.) I assume they're planning a sleepover.  So far, Hawaii's only slept over at houses where we're friends with the parents.  So somehow I have to muster the fortitude to ask if they keep their guns locked up, and then I have to be willing to cancel the fun if the answer is wrong. Bleagh.

Hawaii wrote a comedy routine for a (different) friend to do with her, for a class talent show:

(Confusingly, Hawaii's friend's name starts with H, so I left Hawaii as "L" in the transcription and "H" is her friend.)

L: Hey everybody, it's me Mickey Mouse! Just kidding, no it's not, it's the comedy kids!
H: And we're here for comedy!
Both: The comedians!
L: In tune
H: God, I'm hungry.
L: Let's get lunch.
H: Mexican food?
L: Japanese.
L: How about sea food?
H: Yum!
L: Speaking of sea food, what kind of sea food goes well with peanut butter?
H: What?
H: That's so funny! Hey, what kind of beans don't grow in gardens?
L: What?
Both: (laugh)
L: Anyway, what do you want for lunch?
H: Fast food?
L: Ewww!
H: Oh! I have a gross joke! Why was the nose feeling sad?
L: Why?
H: He was tired of being picked on!
L: Ewwwwwwwww!
H: I know right, disgusting!
L: Well, that's all for now folks on...
Both: The comedians!
L: In tune

The end!


Rascal does puzzles!

He got the border done by himself:

but then got some assistance on the 50 states.


OJ loves a cat pole! (Orange blur behind the ladder.)

Fluffy loves a cat pole!

Just wait till we get the crow's nest in operation!


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2018-05-28 16:17 (UTC) (Link)


Ugh, I remember when I found out that the kid's BFF's parents kept guns. Guess HOW I found out? The kid came home and told me how the BFF's dad took out the guns and was showing the guns to them and letting them hold the guns and play with them.

Both kids were like five at the time. And nope, these guns weren't locked up.

heebie_geebie at 2018-05-29 01:45 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Guns

How did you handle it??
Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2018-05-29 17:13 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Guns

I knew these parents, and I knew talking to them would be pretty useless -- they'd promise whatever, and do nothing.

We'd had a big go-round with seatbelts earlier. They didn't make their kids wear seatbelts, and made fun of MY kid for wearing seatbelts. I said my kid had to wear seatbelts when she rode in anyone's car, and they promised to enforce that rule, but when I asked my kid, she admitted they were still making fun of her and teasing her until she didn't wear her seatbelt.

So I did what I did then -- she didn't ride in a car with them; and now she didn't play over at their house. The BFF came to our house when they wanted to play together.

Soon after that the BFF dumped my kid, for not being "cool" enough, which was upsetting for my kid, but frankly the happiest day of my life.

heebie_geebie at 2018-06-04 02:45 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Guns

Wow. That's great. I'm going to have to carve out my position and stick to it like that.
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