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4 kittens

My house is entertaining, fun and amazing.

Posted on 2018.06.04 at 21:43
I'm tired and feeling sorry for myself. I love posting but I also love going to bed. Let's see how this goes.

It's been stupid hot for May. That definitely figures in to my quaalude patheticness.

These are in reverse chronological order because of my sad self.  That's what the computer does on its own without intervention.

Hawaii made cupcakes for her friends' party! They tasted pretty good!

This is me, doing a sad zombie trudge.  It's a crop from the distant background of a photo a friend took of my exercise class.

It keeps cracking me up and I keep showing it to everybody. "Look how slumped over and brick-like I am," I exclaim repetitively, "I look like I'm about to faceplant over these twiggy little legs poking out from that big brick!"

Jammies guffawed, but then reassured me that it's not accurate, after he finished laughing and settled back down.

My dear friend R visited from Illinois with her 3 year old.

She challenged Pokey thus: "Using only a scissors, can you figure out a way to step through a single sheet of paper?"

He passed the test.

This is where I quit writing on Sunday night. I just had no will to say anything about this shimmery iridescent beetle. Now it's Monday night and I feel fine with my lack of commentary on the beetle.

Ace is ready to go to space.

Space toilet!

Hold on tight.

These are all from the children's museum in the town south of us.

It's pretty rad.

Teller window at the Frost Bank station.


Pneumatic tubes.


Hollywood Mermette.

Even a mermaid has to shower.

So does her brother.


My one dear uncle in Wisconsin. is getting treated for acute leukemia, but a different uncle altogether died this weekend. This is one of the New York uncles on my dad's side, who we're not very close with. He was also sick with cancer.  We have never been close with them.  Just noting it.


New cicada. It's hard to see, but it's shell is on the right, just below the lower knot in the wood.


There is lots and lots of kudzu in Gainesville, where I grew up. And all across the southeast.

I've never noticed it in San Marcos before, but it jumped out at me recently. I think it has arrived.  They say it grows up to 12"/day.

I emailed a parks and wildlife guy I know, and he emailed a friend who works for the city. The friend said he was reading up on it.

Through those kudzu vines you are looking at kudzu covering lots of trees that Pokey and I used to climb through on our walks, but I don't think we could get through it now. Or at least I would not want to.

  This link says that it's not nearly the invasive monstrosity that we think it is.


My favorite place to be is at my house.  My house is very big. I'm never even a little bit bored!

One of the things I love to do is play with my stuffies. I have exactly 42! I count every night to make sure. My dad said I have too many, but I don't agree!

Another reason why I love my house is because of my mom's cooking. It's always a good meal, well, most of the time. Some of my favorite meals that my mom makes are noodles, tuna salad, and ham and pea pasta. Yum!

Lastly I love my house because of the amount of privacy that I get. I am very surprised of how much privacy I get, especially since I share a room with all of my siblings. Can you believe it!

My house is entertaining, fun and amazing. If you went there, you would believe me. I love my house!

Did my 3rd grader just write her first 5 Paragraph Keyhole Essay? Where each paragraph must have three sentences to count? (And 9/10ths of it is utter bullshit?) It's very nice bullshit, but she does not get any privacy, does not like my cooking, and I don't know about the stuffies. That may be true. Jammies does say she has too many.


Pokey started nagging us about phylogenetic trees of cats. Excuse me, about the Family Felidae.

These were the rough drafts that got thrown out.

At one point, Pokey asked me, "Where would the Sphinx go on the phylogenetic tree?"
I said, "Well, it's mythical. It wouldn't go anywhere."
Totally peeved, he said, "I KNOW it's made up. But where would it go, if it were here?!"

I dunno, Pokester. Where would my aunt go, if my aunt had wheels, on the phylogenetic wagon tree?

Here was the best copy and the template. At least at that moment. Later on he asked for a more detailed print-out to copy.

Hawaii has been french knitting up a storm this past week.  She made her own knitting dolly, which is kind of neat. It produces a knit cord.  I think it may conceptually be the same thing as knitting on a round, only with only four stiches.

Pokey makes cows of varying horn length.

Pokey and I found this dead armadillo by the kudzu. I told him he couldn't take it home because it grossed me out, with its little decaying foot.  As a concession, I took this photo.

The reverse chronology has taken us all the way back to last Monday, Memorial Day.  Watermelon In a Bathtub Day!

Drunken toobers knocking over our mailbox day.

Hawaii got 4th place for 3rd grade AR reading points.  Nice job, sweetie!

Pokey's teacher was super checked out and DONE with the school year, and it was dreadfully obvious during their awards ceremony.  The four other first grade teachers supplemented the bare minimum awards with things like "Best Smile!" and "Mr. Athlete!" and "Craziest T-shirts!" but his teacher did none of these. Pokey was a little stung by the awards ceremony, and I sympathized.  Kids from other classes gave their teachers big hugs, but no one from Pokey's class did.

Pokey's teacher is super pregnant, which is (I assume) the central reason behind both being checked out and not hugging or receiving hugs.

Either way, the school year ended on Friday and we all breathed a big sigh of relief.


The first half of Daddy Cat is done:

I love the brown. I love the gentle furriness of the legs and how the stripes blur. It hurt a lot.

We are going to go back and add more browns to the kittens at the end. The whole thing has me happy.

These baby ducks just keep growing up on me, the darlings.


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2018-06-05 15:01 (UTC) (Link)

Daddy Cat!

I am super impressed by the Daddy Cat tattoo, even half-done. Also the education your kids are getting. That is an excellent essay and an excellent phylogenetic tree and I *love* that Pokey wanted to know where to put a Sphinx on it.
heebie_geebie at 2018-06-11 04:50 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Daddy Cat!

Thank you! I liked the essay, too!

I am really not sure where the impetus of the phylogenetic tree came from. I do like big cats, though.
(Anonymous) at 2018-06-06 00:09 (UTC) (Link)
I’m super relieved that Daddy Cat looks great so far. I was nervous when you said you were in a bad mood that it was because of the tattoo!

-J, Robot
heebie_geebie at 2018-06-11 04:51 (UTC) (Link)
Me too! It's funny - I was so nervous for the kittens, that once they were secured, I really did relax a LOT. But Daddy Cat is still looking better than I'd expected.
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