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4 kittens

Whir Soon.

Posted on 2018.06.10 at 23:45
It's summer! We've ditched all our regular activities (almost) and picked up new ones.

The big kids went to horseback riding camp this week.  There were only three campers. It was a very last-minute arrangement.

It's really a funny place - it's basically drop-in daycare on a ranch, where the owner is like, "As long as I'm cleaning stalls and mucking around, might as well have kids helping out." She's very easy-going and just puts them to work.

They fed horses, brushed them, cleaned stalls, and also got some riding in. They learned to canter. They came home filthy, exhausted, and even a little less cantankerous than usual. Therapeutic!

This week the camp theme was "Get the horses ready for the horse show this weekend" and so on Friday the kids rode over to another town with the horses, and got to help set up the stalls and such at the event park.

Dispatches from the Horse Show Event Park. (I also found out what a cowboy church is. I'd never heard of them, although I've certainly seen that metal silhouette of the cowboy kneeling. I just assumed the cowboy was protesting police violence. (No I didn't.))


This summer we ditched all the extracurriculars and picked up gymnastics.  The little kids are in a regular little kid class, but I don't have photos, I wasn't there.

Pokey is in something called Boy and Girls Ninja Class.

Think obstacle courses a la the TV show American Ninja Warrior, as opposed to stealthy black-clothed bandits with fancy weapons.

Very scrappy and competitive, without any emphasis on form. The constant aroma of competition is not great for Pokey. (Horseback riding seemed to be the opposite - just you grooving with your horse, cooperatively.)

Hawaii is doing an aerial silks class there.

Now she was fun to watch. The whole class, she was governed from within, working hard on her own to master the different beginner moves. Mostly ignoring the other kids and just intent on generating her own strength and coordination.

There's nothing better than watching your kid immersed and concentrating.

(Is Hawaii always so zen? Haha. She had an actual meltdown when she found out we'd signed her up for a Tuesday class, because she'd written Aerial Silks Class down on Wednesdays in her calendar for June, July and August. In pen. We'd intended to sign her up for the Wednesday class, but it filled up. She used some white out and we all survived.)


"We're pretending it's freezing!!"

And that is quite a feat.


Piano recital time!

It's held at our teacher's Lutheran church, and I kind of like the mid-century Norwegian trappings of this cross.

Pokey performed:

Who wrote that last song you played, Pokey?

Aww, that's pretty great.  Jammies and I were very proud of him.

Ace performed:

All year long, Ace has spoken the word "two" outloud, every time she held a half-note for two beats, on the second beat. On the very first phrase of her first song, she spoke "two" audibly, and then it struck her that we could all hear her, and she deceased after that. I'd been curious how that would play out.

Hawaii performed:

Who wrote that last song you played, Hawaii?

What the heck. No, it was the regular old Bach kind of Minuet in G.   (Pezold! You punk.)

Rascal did this during the performance:

and then they all did this:

afterwards. Well done, kids.


Who loves Pikachu?

Ace loves Pikachu! Does Rascal?

NOPE. He practically jumped into my arms to get away from Pika Pika. (This was at a birthday party.)

Ace showed Pikachu all over the new park, which opened up a few weeks ago.  If you recall, our beloved-but-dilapidated brown park was torn down at the beginning of the year, and this nice-but-conventional park was built in its place.

That poor person must have been dreadfully hot, at 1 pm. The spongy floor of the new park gets hotter and hotter, and you can feel it emanate up through your shoes.  Pika pika.

It is a good park, though.

There are water spray misters here and there, which is really helpful for the heat.


Let's play, "Which glasses shall I get?" !

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

If you chose, "I can't tell the difference," you're RIGHT! (None of the photos look quite right, for what it's worth.)

Nevertheless, I like Option 1 the best of all and bought them.

I finally got my vision officially tested, and it came back 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other.  Truly magnificent. I behold so well.  So I don't really need glasses, but the optomotrist said it would help with glare and halos when I'm driving at night, which I'd welcome.


I don't know if it feels like an increase in nature photos to you or not,

but there have been. The reason is because I get sedentary in the summers,

and so I've been taking morning walks to help counteract my slothy ways.

Then I snap photos of things I see. Like: what's that band-aid doing in the water?  Just some gross litter?

No way man, don't be such a downer. That's a little raft! for this little spider-dude:

Don't harsh his mellow ride.

This little bat got his mellow a bit too harshed, though:

Jammies disposed of him, the poor little furry dead guy, next to our driveway.


This week Hawaii made us banana bread:

and banana muffins:

They were legitimately fucking delicious.


From the annals of Jammies' handwriting, comes What Shall We Buy?

Whir soon?  Whin svrm?   No, don't be silly. White sugar!


Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2018-06-11 18:51 (UTC) (Link)


I too would have had a melt-down at Hawaii's age over the change in my schedule. Confession: I have to work hard not to have melt downs when my schedule is changed without warning these days. When there is a plan, I like the plan to NOT CHANGE.

I am better now than when I was ten, but geez.
heebie_geebie at 2018-06-18 03:40 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Hawaii

I am fairly rigid in this way as well, to be honest. But I wasn't at Hawaii's age - then I wouldn't have had any sort of attachment that distinguished Tuesdays from Wednesdays unless there was some additional factor. I also would never had filled in a calendar then, though, either! Mine came with age.
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