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4 kittens

Like a postcard

Posted on 2018.06.17 at 22:24
Where to start? Well, Jammies got laid off on Tuesday. That's a good place to start.

(Origami bulldog by Pokey.)

We weren't blindsided. This boss has been sending signals for a while now that he was on the chopping block, mostly because he's a senior engineer and what a great way to save money. (I loathe this company even though they really just practice ordinary late-stage capitalism dehumanizations drills, nothing especially unusual.)

Jammies even told me on Monday that he strongly suspected that Tuesday would be the day, because his boss scheduled a 9 am meeting with Jammies and wrote that it absolutely had to be in person, and the tone was very clipped and formal.

(Jammies had been planning on watching the big kids on Tuesday, so we had a very peculiar Monday where we were desperately hunting for childcare for Tuesday, while at the same time acknowledging that Jammies could very well be free by 9:30 am, but of course we couldn't count on it.)

(and some bunnies.)

My parents flew in on Tuesday (again -  me:  "I'll pick you up during my lunch break, Mom and Dad, unless Jammies is, uh, unexpectedly free by 10 am"). The plan was for my West Coast brother and his family were to fly in on Wednesday. Then we were all to head to a fancy resort near Austin for three days.

However, on Tuesday,  WCB and wife noticed a bulge on my 5 year old nephew's torso. It turned out to be a hernia. It was determined over the next day that he didn't need emergency surgery, but they scheduled it for Friday, and either way our nice vacation was DOA.

Since my parents and Jammies and me are not resort-people without my brother and sister-in-law's encouragement, we cancelled the fancy resort and just stayed at our house.  (I had procrastinated on packing and got off scot-free, so that was a nice perk.)

(As it is now Sunday, the hernia surgery is over and was successful and the 5 year old feels much better. Also my East Coast brother had a hip replacement on Friday. Surgery twins! ECB is also out and doing well.)

We dragged my parents to various river and water park type activities in the blistering heat.

That's Landa Park, looking like a post card.

Swimming makes 'em hungry.

Jammies has been incredibly relaxed and happy since Tuesday.  We both are actually pretty pleased with this arrangement. He came veryclose to quitting last fall, due to the boss's signal-sending unpleasantness, and we wouldn't have had a very handsome severance package to buoy us. (Does the handsome severance package assuage my ire at them? A tad.)

The plan is to give Jammies a break for a few months. He has been overwhelmed by the backlog of house projects roughly since Ace was born.   His plan is to get the house in order until the house feels caught up, organized, purged, and fixed.

This means I get to come home and see neat ways that the house has improved itself during the day! It also solves a bunch of childcare problems we were facing throughout the summer.

We also dragged my parents to Schlitterbahn. They seemed a little beat up by the rides (my dad) and the heat (my mom) and the hard concrete (both, their poor bony feet), but they claimed to have had fun.

My parents, both sound asleep during storytime.  All tuckered out.

Anyway, this break is definitely very good for Jammies, and in the longterm it has the potential to translate into a happier work situation. We both value free time far more than money, so it's a matter of determining how frugal we can live without finding it overly stressful.

(It also doesn't hurt that he lost his job on the first day of the World Cup.)

I came across this scratchwork by Hawaii, on how she computed how many minutes she'd been reading.  I love how she worked it out so sensibly and showed her steps.

Also, if I may brag, we just got her STAAR test scores and she got in the 98th percentile on the math. I never did that well on standardized tests.

Ace, with snake bite.

A bullet hole for Pokey.

On Tuesday, I participated in an entirely underwhelming STEM Day for high school girls. I ran four math labs. Overall attendance was about 1/3 of what Heebie U had expected, which felt like a rookie miscalculation.  Mostly, the high school girls were fine, while my colleague and undergrad assistant drove me bugshit crazy. They kept smoothing over the "bumps" in my presentation, which weren't bumps but moments when the students needed to pause and take a moment to understand what was going on. Things like answering the questions that I posed to the group. C'MON. I'M NOT ASKING YOU.

The undergrad in particular kept standing very close to me, intercepting my body language the way you might square someone off at a party to hold their attention, and then she'd talk to me and share little jokes and thoughts she had. I kept having to step back, and walk away. All in all, it was a dumb day. (But my lab thing was neat.)

Some day I will make a flip book of all these portraits of the four of them all watching TV together.

We danced on the stage at our friend's new ice cream joint in Gruene.

Father's day loot for Jammies.

I almost forgot to call my dad: I had a cut on my tongue, which turned into a sore, so I gargled with Pepto Bismol to coat it and make it hurt less.

Mid-gargle, I remembered "OMG, I need to call Dad!" because he always gargled with Pepto for his canker sores.  I called and told him that, and he exclaimed, "I forgot about that! I haven't done that in 30 years. Eventually I just stopped getting canker sores every time I bit my tongue or cheek."

Also today I drove Hawaii and Pokey out to sleepaway camp, out west on the Guadalupe River.

We stopped for lunch and ate flower tortillas.

Pokey was successfully dropped off for (3-day) camp.  Originally his three friends were going to go, too. The twins dropped out last month, and then the remaining friend dropped out due to AllStar baseball. I couldn't get a read on whether or not Pokey was upset.

It turned out that there were only three kids in his cabin, and two counselors, and a counselor-in-training. The counselors were all acting a little rattled that there were so few kids, but I felt a bit relieved. Pokey does great when he's getting lots of attention.

Hawaii was successfully dropped off for week-long camp.  She was put in with 10 and 11 year olds in order to accommodate her bunkmate request. She and her friend B were very stoked to be together.

I just love explicit etiquette rules for kids like this. You might even have to flush twice!

"Ok, Rascal, do something cute!"

"Ok, Ace, do something spooky!"

The end!


(Anonymous) at 2018-06-20 02:04 (UTC) (Link)

Oh, man

Really sorry to hear about the lay-offs. Glad that it didn't come out of left field, for whatever that's worth. I certainly hope he is able to find something soon (or is able to enjoy a little time off, if y'all can absorb it). ~trumwill
heebie_geebie at 2018-06-26 02:53 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Oh, man

Well, thank you! He got a 6 month severance package, so we've got some breathing room. Honestly, Jammies was so burnt out on this job that his is a much needed respite. I think we have an opportunity to create a situation that makes him much happier. It's weird to say so, but this is a good thing.
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