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4 kittens

Yes! We have no toothpaste!

Posted on 2018.06.25 at 21:47
I am having a very dumb instagram problem.  When I try to sign up, it says my email address is in use already. When I try "forgot your password?" it says my email address is not in use and that I should sign up.

Jammies recommended that I go on Twitter and complain and just hashtag the general company, since there is no actual contact-us email address.  Surely ranting on this blog with its extremely small readership of 10 lovely souls will accomplish as much.


I am having a very dumb tattoo angst. I dislike the way Daddy Cat's face turned out:

Here's his whole body:

I fretted about it all week long. I revised his face:

and my mom also did a revision of his face:

I was not sure any of these revisions were practical. How much can you actually lighten a tattoo?

I had a session on Sunday. The tattoo artist was very reassuring that we'd be able to lighten his face up. She wanted to wait until the skin was more healed to work on it, though.  I started to feel better about it.



Yesterday was the day for Mama Cat to get inked.  I'm definitely not ready to post photos of her. I bailed halfway through - I literally left the tattoo parlor. Her upper torso looked like a bloody human leg and I panicked. (I didn't bolt in a haste - there was conversation first, where I said that I'd like to leave mid-session, so that I could take my time to ponder the cat.)

It is far from okay, but it's also okay.  Here's the sense in which it's okay: I have a rule that I'm not allowed to worry about a tattoo in the first three days. This is Day One. So sure, I'm having a big reaction, but my big reaction gets parked on the back burner for a little bit.

Here's the sense in which it is not okay: if she had continued on as she planned, it'd be awful. However - back in the "it's okay" column - I think there's a solution available. It just takes printing out a lot of copies, and getting the white-out and pencils going, and seeing what needs to be done.

I'm too tired from dealing with Daddy Cat to analyze Mama Cat yet. No reason not to take my time.


Hawaii had an absolute blast at YMCA sleepaway camp.

Hi Guys! Today is Monday. You'll never believe what clubs I got into. Like last year, I got into Owls. And Alex, who ws my counselor last year, is the new counselor for Owls. But here's the best part, I got into a brand new club called Drama! And I'm in Drama with B! Earlier today we had our swim test. I got Yellow. I have made many new friends. All the girls in my cabin are nice. My counselors are Taylor & Maddie. Harper from last year is still in blackfoot, and Virginia & Neva are in Delaware. I miss you all so much.  xoxo - Hawaii

Hi guys! Today is Tuesday. Drama club is awesome. We're doing a Charlie Brown Christmas. B. is Charlie Brown and I am playing Linus! Monday was Valentine's Day and today is Thanksgiving. We're doing the play on Friday because Friday is Christmas. I can't wait to see Daddy Cat. Our CIT is Trindadey but it's Trinadey. And our LIT which stands for Leader in Training is Haley. Yesterday we played Smugglers & Spies. It was awesome! I was on the Hot team and we won. So far I'm loving camp! xoxo - Hawaii

Pokey also had fun, but his is very short - he got picked up on Tuesday.

Dear Mom, the holiday on Monday was Valentine's Day. Yes, I did have fun. Love, Pokey

Dear Mom, No we did not get to go swimming on Sunday. Camp is good. The other campers are nice. Guess what I got a yellow band on swimming. Love, Pokey


Ordinary Tiger Tote font, very serious. No whimsy. Sans serifs, sans anything joyful.

Frolicking Tiger Tote font of delight!

What fancy pothead font you are!


Here is a story about me and Jammies both being at our worst. In different ways.

We were on our way to a pool party. There was a bug in the minivan, and the kids were losing their shit. Specifically, Hawaii was losing her shit, Pokey was enjoying escalating her panic, and Ace and Rascal were delighted to scream along with Hawaii for screaming's sake.

This all made Jammies lose his shit. He bellowed, "The next one who screams has to sit out 5 minutes from the pool!"  Now, I'm the one who was driving, and the screaming wasn't bothering me, but also 5 minutes isn't a terribly harsh  punishment, so.

We arrive, successfully. No one has screamed. We park. As Hawaii is exiting the minivan, Pokey says he thinks he sees the bug on Hawaii, and she starts screaming.  So Jammies starts screaming as well, in the parking lot.

At this point, some meddlesome 20-somethings are driving by, and they stop in the parking lot, and asked in a very judgey, scolding way, "Sir, are you okay? Do you all need help?" They clearly thought that perhaps the children were being verbally blasted, and that an intervention was needed, due to the amount of screaming. (We brushed them off.)

This was Jammies' low point - screaming at the kids until the 20-somethings stage a parking lot intervention. He and I then proceeded to squabble at the actual party about whether or not to enforce the punishment on Hawaii.

My low point came after the party. There was a lot of fussing about the bug when it came time to get back in the car, but eventually we got the kids in.  Eventually conversation moved off the goddamn bug and onto the other point of interest: our friend's kid R had broken her front tooth in half, dramatically, at the party.

By the time we'd gotten home, I'd had enough stomach-knotting discussion of R's broken tooth. I declared it over and done. No more talking about R's broken tooth, it's turning my stomach.

Up the stairs and into the house, Hawaii trailed behind me chanting, "R's broken tooth! R's broken tooth! R's broken tooth!"
Finally I whirled around and said, "There are SPIDERS IN YOUR BED!!"

...and Hawaii just crumpled, and I realized instantly, too late, how gigantically and disproportionately cutting that I had been. She sobbed and sobbed, and I bent down and hugged her and swore that there were no spiders in her bed, none, and that there never had been, and that I'd only said that to get her to stop going on and on about the tooth, and how sorry I was.

So that was my worst self!  Hey Heebie, you're not supposed to use the full force of your scathing tongue on your kid! That's verboten. Now we know.

Also, it's worth remembering that everything - imaginary and real - stings much, much worse when it comes from your mother. Since inevitably there will be plenty of slights, how about I don't intentionally tell my daughter there are spiders in her bed, hmmm?


How's unemployment going? I'll tell you:   Jammies has been so happy this past week. I've been so happy to see him so happy.

Our plan is to not think about employment until the fall, to just give Jammies the time around the house that he needs. But I'm already jumping the gun and trying to figure out how we could swing it financially, where Jammies wouldn't have to work, or at least not work fulltime.  I should probably calm down, let the summer run its course, and see how we all feel. But so far, it's been the best.


Ace asked if she could dye her hair purple. We said sure. (She then nagged us for a week until we got around to it.) We  bought Manic Panic Purple.

You smear it on:

In hindsight we should have just mushed it around with our gloved hands, instead of using their provided brush.

Sitting around for 30 minutes.  And...purple!

Hawaii asked for blue tips:

Getting tipped...

and blue!

I've actually never dyed my hair. Never bleached or redded or masked my gray hairs or anything. At some point it became a calcified fact about myself and now I'm commited to this position.

Therefore I found the dye process somewhat new and exciting.  Adventurous kiddos! Dress up and take risks!

Those ARE some nice risks you've taken there, sweetie!  Um.

Hawaii told Ace that she found a magic bean at camp, and ate it, and it gave her magic light-up nipples.


I forgot to write this story down back in May, but I'd like to record it:
Hawaii's friend B had a slumber party. Hawaii came home, all a-giggle over this story: apparently all the guests had all forgotten to bring toothpaste. In addition, B's older sister R (of the chipped tooth fame) had been farmed out to a different house for the night, and R had taken B's toothpaste. NO TOOTHPASTE FOR ALL THOSE GIRLS! O Calamity!

So they went to YouTube and watched videos for what to do if you have no toothpaste. You use water. So they all used water, and Hawaii recounted this gleefully.

I just want to note that in 2018, my sweet 9 year old daughter and her friends were all innocent and childlike enough to find transgressive glee in having to brush their teeth without toothpaste.

I also want to note that we are halfway done raising Hawaii. I keep forgetting to comment on this, but it has been true since her 9th birthday in April.  In some ways, she'd probably be fine on her own right now. But I'd miss her.


Eerie spur of stagnant water. Thar be snakes.

Regular old rushing river with pool noodle trapped in an eddy. It just lazily spun in circles.

Excavator hoisting spiral noodles.


OJ, our orange kitty, isn't doing well. Early Sunday morning he started throwing up, and by Sunday afternoon, his vomit was tinged pink with blood. I took him to the ER.  They gave us an anti-nausea pill, and said he had mega-tapeworms. Either he ate something, or the tapeworms were so bad they were making him throw up. They gave him tapeworm treatment.

He stopped throwing up, but hid all night long. (We trapped him in the bathroom in case there was a tapeworm explosion.) Jammies took him in, today. He's home, but still acting very sad. We don't really know what's going on, poor kitty.


Hey look, there's some yellow thing under the train bridge. What is it?

Hard to see. Let's go closer!

Oh...it's that.


Dear Grown Geebies of the Future,

This week in the world, Trump's administration infamously separated about 2000 immigrant children from their parents, in order to punish their parents for seeking asylum. They did not record the names or anything of the children, making reunification probably impossible in some cases.  Public outcry was severe, and the Trump adminitration noted that they'd need to be a hair's breadth less overt in order to maximize their racist policies.

As a resident of 2018, we can't really tell if this is a step in the way to the eventual fascist state which you now inhabit, or if we return to normalcy in the next few years, or if we continue to limp along somewhere inbetween. Did you know that Reagan invented the word 'normalcy'?

Love, Mom



Kelly Jennings
Kelly Jennings at 2018-06-26 04:25 (UTC) (Link)

Terrible Trump

This has been such a terrible week on the Trump front. The ability of the Trump supporters in my actual life to shrug off what he's doing -- it ought not to surprise me at this point, and yet.

Meanwhile, though! I also dyed my Kid's hair for the first time this week. (Previously they and their friends had all done it together.) It was pretty successful, so I'm pleased with myself on THAT front, if not the imprisoned toddlers front.
heebie_geebie at 2018-07-02 03:07 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Terrible Trump

The politics keeps getting more distressing, even though it seems impossible. I haven't had to intentionally compartmentalize my mind like this since the beginning of this administration.

The dye is almost all gone from our kids' hair after a week of swimming and 1 bath/shower respectively. We'll probably re-apply and let it soak a lot longer this time around!
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